How to resolve error caused by Microsoft Office update

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    What is the issue?

    Microsoft released an update that has affected all systems which use Microsoft Access Runtime, including Deggy Control. 

    Producing the following error:

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    What is the current solution?

    Microsoft already knows about this issue:
    "The Access product team is investigating this issue. Thank you for the report, we will update soon."
    For now, to solve this issue uninstall that update:
    KB5002121 and/or KB5002112

    Microsoft Community Forum Topic
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    Steps to pause update

    • Go to Start Menu
    • Open Settings (simply type settings and the option will become available) 
    • Click Update & Security
    • Select Windows Update
    • Choose Pause Updates
    • Save/Exit 
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    Steps to uninstall error causing Microsoft update

    • Go to Start Menu 
    • Open Settings (simply type settings and the option will become available)
    • Go to Update & Security
    • Go to Update Settings or Windows Update
    • Click on Update History (might be under Advanced Options)
    • Select Uninstall Updates
    • Select KB5002121 or KB5002112
    • Click Uninstall
    • Exit 

    Note: You may need to restart the computer