How to create a list of all registered Buttons on Deggy Control

Once your Buttons or AI Buttons have been registered (named) on Deggy Control tour management software you may create a report list. 

  1. 1

    Hardware List Report

    - Deggy Control software downloaded on PC
    - Buttons or AI Buttons registered on DC (Deggy Control)

    Create Report
    • Open Deggy Control 
    • Click on Reports (top menu)
    • Select Hardware (under section +List)
    • Click on Customize (right menu)
    • Select Site (drop-down) 
      • Selecting a site is optional
    • Deselect all hardware leaving only Checkpoint, Employee and Incident selected 
    • Click Print Preview 

  2. 2

    Print Preview options

    In Print Preview there are various options to review, save, print and email the visible report.

    1. Click 'Print' to print directly on the PC's default printer
    2. Click 'Email' drop-down, choose file format Word, Excel, .PDF to attach to email*
    3. Click 'Zoom' to view details closer
    4. Click 'Customize' to add filters to existing report
    5. Click 'Export' drop-down, choose file format Word, Excel, .PDF to save on PC
    6. Click 'Memorize' to save current report preferences selected e.g. date range, hardware, tours and to enable 'Scheduled Emails