How to install and activate Deggy Guard Tour AI

Deggy Guard Tour AI consists of the Deggy AI app installed on  compatible smartphone(s) and the Deggy Control AI tour management software which is installed on a Windows PC.
  1. 1

    Purchase Deggy Guard Tour AI App License - Activation

    Deggy AI app activation is sent via email to the purchaser. Alternate email contact(s) added upon written request.

    Contact Deggy Sales
     (305) 231-6323 ext. 3003
  2. 2

    Install Deggy Control AI Tour Management Software

    Deggy Control AI is the tour management software where data is registered and managed. 

    1. Download Deggy Control AI Installer v6.0.1 

    2. Run Installer default settings are recommended 

    3. Existing Deggy users choose “Migrate” when prompted 

    Helpful Information
    Existing Deggy Control users must run
    Update  to have previous software and AI working independently on the same computer.
  3. 3

    Register Deggy Control AI on PC

    Register the AI app code(s) and personalize company and site(s) on Deggy Control AI software for full accessibility to software and reporting options.

    Register Company
    1. Open Deggy Control AI
    2. Go to 'Home’ tab  
    3. Click ‘Settings’ - Select ‘Account’ 
    4. Enter your company information - Click ‘Save’ 
    5. Click 'Registers' - Select 'Companies' - registered companies listed 
    6.  Select your newly created company name, Click 'Edit' verify information, 'Save', to add additional companies to list Click - 'New'

    Register Sites
    1. In 'Registers' menu - Select 'Sites' - registered site locations (addresses) listed 
    2. Click 'New' to add Site, enter name and address; Click 'Get Time Zone' for accurate Smart Map function, Click Save

    Register AI app code
    1. In 'Registers' menu - Select 'Deggy Tour AI App' - Click 'New', fill out 'Code' with the activation code, fill out 'Name' for AI App activation
    2. Select 'Company
    3. Select 'Incidents Table' - add 'New' - enter all actionable incidents, 'Save'
    4. Select 'Time Zone - confirm all information - Click 'Save

  4. 4

    Install Deggy Guard Tour AI app on smartphone(s)

    Install the AI app on smartphones that will be performing the inspection rounds and/or viewing data online; logging and viewing data only

    1. Using a compatible smartphone access the Google Play Store  Apple App Store
    2. Search -  'Deggy Guard Tour'
    3. Install Deggy Guard Tour app
  5. 5

    Activate unique AI code for smartphone

    The unique activation code sent to you via email will need to be manually entered once the AI app is downloaded.

    App Activation
    1. Copy purchased Deggy activation code
    2. Open Deggy Guard Tour AI app on smartphone
    3. Enter purchased 'Code'
    4. Click 'Activate'