How to install & register Deggy Control

Deggy Control is a Management Software for Tour Data. It is used to collect and store the Steel Pen's data within a Microsoft Access database file. The raw data can then be used within the reports section of the software to create various reports with user specified parameters. 

Note: PRO Online Clients Do Not Download Deggy Control.

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    Download & Install: DEGGY CONTROL

     Installing Deggy Control is Fast and Easy!
    Before InstallationDownload Installer:
    ATTENTION                                                                       Clients who have an existing system will already have a database. Make sure to select 'Open Existing Database' after the software is installed and if it asks which database to open. ----  If Deggy Control opens to the dashboard (main menu) without asking for the database, make sure your data and registers are present before downloading data. Check Downloads menu and Registers/Buttons menu. 

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    Registering: Software , Company & Sites

    Register Software
    Registering your software is a way to authenticate the installation. 
    1. Open Deggy Control
    2. Go to 'Home’ tab  (if the Home tab isn't visible, select it, go to far right and click on the push pin icon to lock it in place)
    3. Click ‘Settings’ - Select ‘Account’ 
    4. Enter your company information - Click ‘Save’ 

    Register Company 
    Enter the company name which will be associated to the site(s) that will be registered in the next step. 
    1. Click 'Registers' - Select 'Companies' - registered companies listed 
    2.  Click 'New' enter company information - Click 'Save'
    3. To add additional companies to list - Click 'New'
    4. To change existing company - Click 'Edit'  
    Register Sites 
    Enter the site(s) name(s) where the Buttons will be located.
    1. Click 'Registers' menu - Select 'Sites' - registered site locations (addresses) listed 
    2. Click 'New' to add Site, enter name 
    3. Click drop-down to select 'Company'
    4. Enter phone, contact, email (optional)
    5. and address; Click 'Get Time Zone' for accurate Smart Map function, Click 'Save'
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    Installation Guide

    Installing DEGGY CONTROL: