How to uninstall Deggy Control

There may be various reasons for uninstalling Deggy Control, such as; moving computers, reinstalling hardware drivers or to resolve most software issues. A very important part to consider before all of this is verifying compatibility and permissions before installing the software. See important links below. 
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    Uninstall Deggy Control

    Uninstalling Deggy Control in order to reinstall it or move computers is done by removing the software program and Microsoft Access Runtime; which should have been installed with Deggy Control.

    • Write down database location 
      • Shown on the main menu of the Deggy Control software - bottom left corner
    • Close all open applications/programs
    • Go to Start Menu and type in Control Panel 
    • Select Control Panel 
    • Go to one of the following: add/remove or uninstall/view Programs
    • Select Deggy Control 
      • Uninstall 
    • Select Microsoft Access Runtime 
      • Uninstall
    •  Restart computer 

    Important Links 
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