Compatibility & Permissions

Deggy Control 5.3 (and above) Software 
Deggy AI App - Compatible Smartphones
  • Android 6.0 and/or higher (Google Play Store)
  • Apple iOS (The App Store)
  • Not thoroughly tested for iPad or Tablet (though client's are successfully using it) 

  • Install under Full Administrative Rights 
  • Limit Administrative Rights after installation & registration 
  • Full Administrative Rights over Deggy Control program files and Database (.MDB) must be maintained 
  • Firewalls on computer/network - allow outside connections to Internet ports 49150 and 9090

Microsoft 365 Mail Server Incompatibility 
Deggy Control does not support Office365 mail server. Use an email server such as Yahoo. EMAIL SERVER SETTINGS

Exporting Reports to Excel
Deggy Control does not support XLSX format. Deggy Control supports XLS Format which is compatible with most version of Excel.