How to setup Deggy Control for automatic data downloads and scheduled reports

Set automatic tasks on Deggy Control under 'Settings.' Activate and schedule when online data will be downloaded to the software and activate any memorized scheduled reports for distribution. Deggy Control must remain open in order for the downloads and emails to send/receive. 
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    Automatic tasks and requirements

    Deggy Control can perform tasks like downloading online data and emailing memorized reports automatically. It is required that the computer with the Deggy Control software remain on, online readers/downloaders are registered and email server settings verified.

    1. Open Deggy Control
    2. Click 'Settings
    3. Select 'Settings'
    4. Click 'Tasks'
    5. Select 'Send Scheduled Report' to enable all scheduled memorized reports to be sent per their scheduled times 
    6. Select 'Notification and Screen Alarm' to activate the on screen PC flash and sound as a missed activity notification/alarm 
    7. Select 'Scheduled Download' to enable auto-online-data-download at 9:00am default time 
    8. Click 'Advanced' to customize the data download time and days of the week
    9. Click 'Save'
    10. Verify all settings and 'Save