How to setup a user on Deggy Control for the Online viewer

Setup an AI Online user or basic Online user via Deggy Control. Choose what each user can view within their assigned viewer profile. 
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    Creating a viewer username and password on Deggy Control

    Create users with access to data that specifically applies to specific users or create a general login for company use
    1. Open Deggy Control or Deggy Control AI
    2. Click ‘Settings’ drop-down 
    3. Select 'Visualization Group'
    4. Click ‘New’ to create a user with specific access to data online
    5. Enter ‘Name’ for an individual user or a general name e.g. Site Supervisor
    6. Create a username and password – max characters 10
    7. Under ‘Group’ select the device group to view and choose from e.g. App/Wireless Deggy
    8. List on the left-hand-side will change according to your Group selection – choose devices that the user will be able to view
    9. Click ‘Ok’ to save
    10. Repeat as needed