How to read checkpoints with the Deggy Guard Tour AI app

  1. 1

    Reading Deggy AI Buttons

    1. Open Deggy Control AI app on your smartphone 
    2. Point your device at the Deggy AI Button's QR Code 
    3. Hold steadily for the camera to focus and recognized the QR code
    4. The AI app will emit a beep and a green check mark will flash; indicating a successful scan 
  2. 2

    Deggy AI Buttons - steps to consider

    For better reading results:
    1. Allow the smartphone time to focus on the QR code of the AI Button; tap smartphone screen gently to enable a specific focus spot 
    2. Change angles slowly and keep the camera steady 
    3. If the code is in direct sunlight, you may need to provide shade with your hand for the app to read it properly 
    4. If the code is in low light conditions turn flash on; flash may provide better visibility overall