How to create tour schedules on Deggy Control

Creating a tour schedule within the Deggy Control AI software allows you to enable filters which will provide more detailed and precise reporting; indicating success percentages and missing Button visits
  1. 1

    Edit/Customize - "Tour 1"

    Deggy Control is installed with an example tour named 'Tour1" which can be edited to create your own customized tour.

    Editing default Tour1
    1. Go to the 'Home' tab and click 'Tours'
    2. Select the default 'Tour 1' and click 'Edit'
    3. Rename 'Tour 1' e.g. 'Morning Tour'  
    4. Click and select from 'Site' drop-down menu - 'add new' if necessary 
    5.  Click 'Add/Remove' under 'Checkpoints' tab to 'Add' registered buttons to the schedule (or skip to Step 10, if Buttons are pending registration)
    6. Select registered buttons from the right, click 'Add'
    7. Select buttons from the right and click 'Remove' to undo 
    8. Click 'OK' once all scheduled buttons are listed on the right-hand side 
    9. Go to 'Checkpoints Rule' select the mandatory minimum for buttons being visited within a tour, e.g. All (requires all), At least (required number), No Rule (none required)
    10. Select the 'Schedule' tab, enter tour schedule, the start and end time of the tour e.g. 9am - 5pm, set the duration time required for personnel to visit all scheduled buttons e.g. every 1 hour, set 'Tolerance' to allow for an early/late start or finish per round e.g. 5 minutes, set days of the week under 'Weekday' e.g. Mon-Thur.
    11. Select 'Notify' tab, click to select preferred type of email alerts, click 'Add' to enter email recipient(s), click 'Set Alarm' to enable alarm report
    12. Verify settings, click 'Save'

    Helpful Information
    The 'Notify' tab options are available to clients who maintain their software running at all times, have setup their email server settings and require frequent data downloads to assure accuracy 
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    Creating new or additional Tours

    Create new or additional tours which can be accessed via reports to filter activity data.

    New Tours
    1. In the 'Tours' menu click 'New' - enter tour name 
    2. Follow Step 4 - Step 12 above in customize and edit 'Tour 1' 

    Helpful Information
    Creating tours will provide the filters needed to successfully use all tour based reports