Receive invoices at a new billing email address

When you first create an account, the account owner will receive all billing emails. If you'd prefer they go to a dedicated billing email or member then this guide will help

  1. 1

    Log in as the account owner

    Only the account owner, or current billing administrator may delegate the billing administrator role.
  2. 2

    Add the billing member to your SweetProcess account

    You'll need a real SweetProcess member of your account to handle the billing. They'll receive billing emails and be able to log into the billing section of your account.

    Simply invite the billing member to your SweetProcess account

    You can use the 'Add new Member' button on the member's page.

    Will this user count towards my total members?
    Not usually no. SweetProcess is different than other companies. We only charge for members who are actively using SweetProcess. The Billing Administrator may perhaps never log in, or maybe once a month only. This doesn't count towards your member total.

    More information about our active member billing here:
  3. 3

    View the member's profile

    Click to view the member's profile that you would like to be the billing administrator. On this page in the top right you'll see a checkbox for 'Billing Administrator'

    Check this box, and wait for the confirmation message.
  4. 4

    Confirmed email address

    Future emails about billing will go to this billing administrator. You should ensure they have confirmed their email address with SweetProcess, otherwise we may not email them.

    If the billing administrator hasn't confirmed their email address, or their email isn't valid they won't receive any billing emails. You'll see these warnings directly in the profile page.

    If there are no warnings, then you are finished!
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