Adding SweetProcess as Service Provider in Okta SAML

This is a procedure allowing you to setup Single Sign On (SSO) access to SweetProcess for Okta.

It is based on this helpful document from Okta:

Note: if you need to upload a logo for SweetProcess during your setup feel free to use the image in the link below:
SweetProcess Logo​​​

  1. 1

    Contact us

    Write us an email asking about a possibility of turning SAML SSO on for Okta!

    We will write you back with configuration data that is needed to finish the following instructions properly.

    After we write you back you can go to the next step of this instruction.
  2. 2

    Access your applications on administration page in Okta

    And click 'Add Application' (shown below)
  3. 3

    Click 'Create New App' button on the following page

  4. 4

    Setup initial configuration for SweetProcess app

    Everything should be setup according to the following picture:

    Make sure you are picking 'Web' for Platform and 'SAML 2.0' for Sign on method, then press the 'Create' button
  5. 5

    Fill the next page according to your preferences

    This is shown on the login page - visible to your teammates

    When you're finished press 'Next' button.
  6. 6

    Configure SAML according to the information provided by SweetProcess

  7. 7

    Configure advanced settings

    Press the 'Show Advanced Settings' button and configure the advanced options as follows:

    This is the current default settings for Okta. Make sure it is set as on the attached picture.
  8. 8

    Finish the configuration

    When everything is setup, click on the 'Next' button, and then on 'Finish'.
  9. 9

    Save the 'Identity Provider metadata'

    On the next screen, you will get an overview of newly created app. Click on 'Identity Provider metadata' here.
  10. 10

    Save the link and send it to us!

    You can send the link to us. We need it in order to finish the setup on SweetProcess site to connect you up.
  11. 11

    Add users to the created app

    Be sure to add users to the newly created Okta app, so that everyone that needs to - can login.

    This can be done in 'Assignments' section of Okta app settings:
  12. 12

    Try to login!

    After you receive an email from us, saying that we enabled Single Sign On (SSO) login, click the provided link and try to log in!
  13. 13

    Let us know if anything goes wrong!

    Contact us in case you have any problem! We'll be happy to help you out!

    Especially for previous point, if for some reason signup fails - we may be able to help you determine why it failed and fix it.
If you still have a question, we’re here to help. Contact us.