What is the Quickest and Easiest way to document a Procedure?

The quickest and easiest way to document a procedure for a repetitive task that you already knowhow to do is to create a Minimum Viable Procedure. It is a rough draft thathas only the title of the procedure and the titles of each step of the task. Essentially,you do not have to fill out the details of each step just yet, I will explain.

Just like when a house is being built, the builder first starts with the foundation; the title of the procedure,and then erects the wooden/iron framework for the house; the title of each step in the procedure.Then later they add in the walls and roof based on the framework; the details of each step in the procedure.

So whenever you are about to start working on a repetitive task, create a Minimum Viable Procedurewith just the title of the procedure and as you progress enter in the title of each step of the task.Do not enter in the details of each step.

When you are done with creating the Minimum Viable Procedure, you can get your experienced staff or managers to enter in the details of each step of the task for you.

Then once they are done entering in the details for each step, review the entire procedureand test it to make sure it delivers the results you want and it is easy to follow.

If you do not have an experienced staff or manager who can enter in the details, youcan complete the procedure by gradually filling out a step each time you carry out the task untilall the details for each step in the procedure are completely documented.

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