Deggy Guard Tour AI App Solution

Get started with the Deggy Guard Tour AI app by downloading both the AI app and the Deggy Control AI tour management software. Follow the steps below for setup, viewing and reporting options.
  1. 1

    Deggy Guard Tour AI - getting started

    Get started by downloading and registering the AI app(s) on smartphone(s) and the tour management software on a PC.

    App/Software Installation & Registration
    Deggy Guard Tour AI
  2. 2

    Deggy Control AI - tour schedules

    Creating tours is optional but if a tour is added it can be used in 'Reports' to filter downloaded data; accessing scheduled productivity and/or lapses in site requirements

    Register Tour Schedules (optional)
    Tour Schedules on Deggy Control
  3. 3

    Deggy Control AI - registering AI Buttons

    AI Buttons are placed on site around priority areas that require inspection or presence. Initial registration can be done before or after AI Buttons are affixed on site.

    AI Button(s) Installation 
    Register AI Buttons on Deggy Control AI
  4. 4

    Deggy AI app - reading AI Buttons

    Reading Buttons is fast and easy with the Deggy AI app which uses your compatible smartphone's camera to read the unique engraved code

    Scan/Read AI Buttons
    Using Deggy AI app to read AI Buttons
  5. 5

    Deggy Control/AI app - registering and reporting Incidents

    Incident names are registered directly on Deggy Control AI tour management software and accessed via the AI app which provides additional options e.g. notes and pictures.
    Reporting Incidents
    Register and report incidents using Deggy AI app
  6. 6

    Deggy AI app - Online Viewer & Smart Map

    The Online Viewer is accessible on the AI app and the Smart Map is accessible directly on the Deggy Control allowing registered users access to view AI data as soon as it is downloaded.

    Create user profile for Online Viewer 
    Deggy Control setup for the Online and AI Viewer

    Logging into AI Viewer
    AI Viewer app login 

    Viewing Tours on Deggy Smart Map 
    Setup and view tours with Deggy Smart Map

  7. 7

    Deggy Control AI - Reports

    Deggy Control AI offers various reporting options for thorough site activity assessments, memorized reports, scheduled emails and the full service solution of the PRO Service.

    Downloads Report
    Various schedule-based Tour Reports  
    Customized Incident Reports

    Memorize reports and enable Automatic Email Distribution

    PRO SERVICE (Professional Remote Operator Service)
    Deggy PRO details

  8. 8

    Deggy Artificial Intelligence Feature & Reporting

    This artificial intelligence-based feature audits tours, detecting possible counterfeited checkpoints.

    AI Checkpoint Fraud Detection Feature & Reporting