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"SweetProcess will help you upload your knowledge into your employees’ brains so they can grow your business."
Andrew Warner

How it works

Whether you manage a team or you’re hiring your first employee, SweetProcess gives you the systemization you need to scale and grow your business.

Document Procedures

Empower your team with all the information they need to do their job right. By documenting repetitive tasks in one place there's less emails and no more guesswork.
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Implement Policies

SweetProcess helps you create, share and ensure correct adoption of your businesses policies. Having the right policies in place is essential in maintaining standards and can help protect your business.
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Master Processes

An organisation should always be looking to improve their processes. SweetProcess gives you the platform to craft, collaborate and refine processes so you can continue to grow your business.
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Manage Tasks

Did Matt finish the weekly email campaign? Which step is Julia up to in the client discovery process?
Stay in the know as you track latest activity or look back in the history of any task or procedure.
SweetProcess tasks dashboard screenshot

Public or Private Knowledge Base

Turn your existing procedures and policies into a beautiful knowledge base for your employees or clients.
Your knowledge base comes built in with search, feedback forms, tracking and more!
SweetProcess knowledge base screenshot
Whether you manage a team or you’re hiring your first employee, SweetProcess gives you the systemization you need to scale and grow your business.

One plan with all the features

We don't have confusing levels of membership – being all-inclusive means every customer gets access to every feature.

Document those step by step procedures. Get them out of your head and into the hands of your staff.


Keep your company policies alongside your procedures and processes. Directly link to policies from within procedures and processes.


Combine multiple procedures together to make an over-arching workflow.


Quickly assess and enhance your team's grasp of company policies, processes and procedures.

Assign and track tasks

Turn your procedures and processes into actionable tasks for your staff and teams to follow; Track as every step is checked off until completion.

Teammates and Managers

Give every teammate the ability to suggest improvements and give managers the power to approve them.


Set up teams to reflect how your company runs. Restrict procedures, processes and policy access to just those team members.

Knowledge Base

Create beautiful public or private knowledge bases from the procedures and policies you already have. Hosted on your own domain.

Automatically write documents with Artificial Intelligence

Have policies and procedures tailored specifically for your situation; You just think of the document title, AI will do the rest.

Integrate with 1000+ apps

Connect with any other app directly via our API or through Zapier.

SCIM Integration

Effortlessly manage user identities and access with our SCIM integration.

Smart record your workflows direct to procedure

Transform every click into a streamlined smart procedure with our intuitive browser plugin.

Version history

See tracked highlighted changes for every change made to every procedure, process and policy. Roll back to any version at any time.

Process maps

Beautiful diagrams will bring your procedures to life, allowing you to visually explore every decision and step like never before.

Embed files and videos

Set your procedures, processes and policies apart from the rest with files, images and videos added to any step.

Collaborate in real time

Work as a team to update procedures, complete tasks, discuss changes and submit to a manager for approval.

Data Capture

Simple to use form builder to capture information as your team is filling out a task.

Two-Factor authentication

Keep access to your account locked down with two factor authentication.

Email and phone support

Let one of our team take a guided tour through SweetProcess; Email or call us if you any help.

Single Sign On

Use your existing single sign on system (SAML or Active Directory, email us if you have another) to give your team access to SweetProcess.

Image editor

Edit images and screenshots directly from within SweetProcess to draw arrows, add text, anything!

Print documents for offline viewing

Turn your SweetProcess procedures and policies into an offline manual, we can export to both PDF and Word format.

Fair and simple pricing

We truly feel it is unfair to charge you for a person who is not using SweetProcess... we are not that type of software company. You can add as many people as you want into SweetProcess and have the peace of mind knowing that you will only be billed for people who use it.

Also if a person who was using SweetProcess becomes inactive you will receive a prorated credit to your account... It is a SweetDeal!

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The SweetProcess Migration Service is the easiest way to move all of your existing procedures into SweetProcess. Why is it so easy? Because we do all the work for you!

Just send us whatever you have — documents, PDFs, screenshots... whatever! — and we’ll make sure all of your SOPs are migrated and organized in your new SweetProcess account. Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t lose any time during the transition.

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"SweetProcess allows me to create well-structured, visually-appealing procedures that I am proud to share with my teammates. Plus, it is super-easy to use."
Michael Hyatt
NYTimes Best Selling Author.

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