Tango Vs SweetProcess: Which Is Better For Creating How-To Guides?

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In the modern workspace, how-to guides have emerged as essential tools to navigate the convoluted paths of tasks and processes alike. Tango and SweetProcess are adept at helping you ace your workday in style. While Tango pirouettes gracefully with its spotlight on crafting how-to guides, SweetProcess steps in as the seasoned partner, emphasizing not just the moves but the entire routine of effective procedures.

Both platforms share several features, enabling teams to document, organize, and share processes seamlessly. Both also bring their own particular advantages for creating how-to guides and more.

But which one should you consider adding to your inventory? After all, purchasing a SaaS tool is no small feat. Between training your team, keeping the software updated, and integrating it with other apps in your tech stack, there’s a lot that you need to consider.

In the following sections, we’ll cover all that you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

What Is Tango?

What Is SweetProcess?

Tango vs. SweetProcess: Key Differences

Tango vs. SweetProcess: Key Similarities

How to Document and Manage Processes Using SweetProcess

Cons of Tango

SweetProcess: The All-in-One Process Documentation Software

SweetProcess vs Tango: Which Tool Should You Choose to Document Business Processes?

What Is Tango?


Tango was built from the ground up to make how-to guides without the need for complex coding and convoluted flow builders. The app makes it easy to capture any process seamlessly and document steps in real time without complications while keeping data secure and accessible.

Tango documents your processes by tracking your actions while you’re working through a Chrome extension. The app is somewhat similar to a video recorder. Hit play in the extension and carry on with your work as usual. Tango will track and document each action automatically. You can edit each step in the extension and add screenshots wherever needed.

You can also identify and blur personal, customer, or company data seamlessly embedded in text and images from the extension. Furthermore, Tango also makes it easy to share your interactive walkthroughs with your team. You can embed the document in a website or knowledge base or export them as PDFs. The basic version of Tango is free, but power users can opt for the Pro version ($20/user/month) or the Enterprise version.

  • Want to see Tango side-by-side with another popular screen recording tool? Check out this in-depth post we wrote about Tango Vs Loom

What Is SweetProcess?


While Tango is specifically geared toward making how-to guides and documenting SOPs, SweetProcess is a comprehensive solution designed to address the complexities of process management within virtually any business environment. As such, the software offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to policy, process, and procedure documentation. The primary goal is to enhance organizational efficiency by providing a clear and well-proven hierarchy that guides the flow of information.

SweetProcess offers a range of capabilities not available elsewhere. It starts with the establishment of overarching policies, providing guidelines that govern the organization’s behavior. These policies seamlessly transition into detailed processes, outlining high-level steps and activities required to achieve specific goals. The processes are broken into granular, step-by-step procedures, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of task execution.

But SweetProcess’s standout feature is its ability to transform documented processes and procedures into actionable checklists, facilitating easy distribution across teams, whether in-house or remote. With powerful features such as top-level task assignments, collaboration tools, version control, and notifications, SweetProcess ensures that these checklists remain up-to-date, actionable, and aligned with your organizational goals.

SweetProcess is ideal for a diverse range of industries. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both small and large teams. Pricing options are available to accommodate various business sizes, with flexible plans to suit the specific needs of each user. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish robust processes or an established enterprise aiming to optimize existing workflows, SweetProcess offers a tailored solution to meet your SOP documentation needs.

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Tango vs. SweetProcess: Key Differences


Method of Process Documentation

Tango uses a browser extension to record actions in real-time as you’re working. Users can edit each step and insert screenshots effortlessly within the extension.

SweetProcess, on the other hand, takes a holistic approach to SOP management, offering a comprehensive platform to document policies, processes, and procedures. Its structured hierarchy ensures clarity, guiding users from overarching policies down to individual task management.

Standard Operating Procedure

Tango primarily focuses on creating how-to guides with a straightforward approach, capturing processes without intricate coding or flow builders.

SweetProcess is specifically tailored to address SOP complexities, providing a systematic flow throughout your process documentation journey. Furthermore, your SOPs will not exist in a vacuum in SweetProcess since you can also add policies and processes to back them up. Lastly, documented processes can also be converted into actionable checklists for effective implementation.

Use Cases

Tango is ideal for creating interactive walkthroughs and how-to guides, simplifying process documentation without the need for extensive training. Given its simple layout, the app is ideal for small teams or individuals looking to document their processes quickly.

SweetProcess, on the other hand, is implementable across industries and suitable for small teams or large enterprises. SweetProcess also offers a holistic solution for establishing and optimizing SOPs, making it adaptable to diverse organizational needs.

Learning Curve

As a simple Chrome-based productivity app, Tango requires very little training to get it running.

Between the two, SweetProcess requires more time to learn. However, the tool balances simplicity with depth, ensuring accessibility for all users while accommodating the complexity of SOP management, suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.


Tango can integrate with apps like Notion, Google Workspace, Zendesk, Guru, Confluence, and Microsoft, among others, through iframes. You can also export files as PDF documents.

SweetProcess offers instant integration with a thousand different applications via Zapier or its proprietary API and webhooks. Each integration method offers distinct advantages. Zapier facilitates effortless click-and-connect integration, providing an out-of-the-box solution for linking with various applications. In contrast, webhooks allow for integration with virtually any application through tailored code.

Knowledge Base

Tango comes with a help section with information on how to get started, FAQs, billing, workspaces, and more. Each section has articles with screenshots on how to solve problems.

SweetProcess has a knowledge base accessible through the main menu after logging into the account. The app is backed by an exhaustive help section that is constantly being updated with the latest information. This includes in-depth guides on leveraging the application for documenting and utilizing procedural documents.


Tango works primarily through a Chrome browser extension. It has a web-based app where you can access all your documents and make changes to them.

SweetProcess can be accessed via its web-based app and Chrome extension.


Tango doesn’t offer any robust analytics since the app is specifically geared toward creating how-to guides.

SweetProcess provides features like version control and notifications, ensuring real-time insights into process evolution and compliance.

In summary, while Tango excels in simplicity for creating how-to guides, SweetProcess outshines as a comprehensive SOP management solution, offering depth, versatility, and advanced features for organizations seeking a robust and adaptable platform.


Tango comes in three flavors: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The Free version allows you to capture documents and share 15 of them with your teams. Pro version starts at $20/user/month and offers unlimited workflows, browser + desktop capture, and viewership insights. The Enterprise version has a custom pricing plan and has greater security features, real-time guidance, and dedicated onboarding/training features.

SweetProcess pricing starts with a free 14-day trial, followed by a 30 day, money-back guarantee. The paid plan is available for a flat fee of $99 per month for a team of up to 20 users, with every additional user costing $5 per month.

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Tango vs. SweetProcess: Key Similarities


Chrome Extension

Tango exclusively relies on a Chrome extension, allowing users to record processes directly from their browsers.

Similarly, SweetProcess offers a Chrome extension as part of its comprehensive service, catering to users who prefer a browser-based approach to process documentation.

Export and Sharing

In terms of export capabilities, Tango and SweetProcess are fairly similar. Both Tango and SweetProcess enable users to export their documented processes into PDFs, providing a standardized and widely compatible format for sharing and archiving.

Content Embedding

Tango and SweetProcess share a commitment to enhancing the comprehensibility of documented processes through content embedding. Tango allows users to embed multimedia content, such as images and videos, directly into their process documentation.

Similarly, SweetProcess enables users to embed videos or pictures directly into their process documents.

Version History

Tango, unfortunately, doesn’t offer any robust version control in its documents and has a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach. All documents only reflect the latest version.

SweetProcess, on the other hand, offers robust version control, enabling users to monitor changes, trace the evolution of documented processes, and revert to specific versions when necessary.

How to Document and Manage Processes Using SweetProcess


How to Document a Process on SweetProcess

SweetProcess makes it extremely easy to start documenting your processes. Upon logging in, click the “Add” button and choose “New Document.” Provide a title and select the document type (policy, process, or procedure). The document can be assigned to specific teams or folders here as well.


You can make any changes you want to the document in the SweetProcess word editor. Processes and procedures will have an accompanying flowchart on the right side of the screen to illustrate the workflow.

You can also use our SweetAI writer to speed things up here. At the click of a button, the AI writer can produce your business process document based on the provided keywords. SweetAI is a new addition to SweetProcess, and it takes into account your industry and document requirements to generate relevant content. You can refine the draft the AI writer produces to fit your requirements better.

An example of a typical procedure in SweetProcess:


We also invite you to try our “Record Procedure” Chrome Extension, which does everything that Tango can and then some more! The plugin uses AI technology to simplify data recording by recording your web browser activity in real-time. Like Tango, you can edit each recorded process or procedure after it has been documented.

How to Manage Existing Processes on SweetProcess

You can manage all your assignments and task progressions from the Tasks tab on the top menu. The Tasks menu shows all your current and pending tasks, as well as those that have been assigned by you to others on your team.


You can set the tasks to repeat one time, repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. SweetProcess sends out email notifications to document owners and assignees when changes are made to them.

How to Create a Process Map on SweetProcess

Process maps are automatically created with processes and procedures. The map appears as a flowchart on the right of your process creation screen, consisting of steps, decisions, and lanes.


Steps in a process or procedure are individual actions. Decisions are essentially steps with a choice. Lanes are branching vectors for different outcomes as a result of the decisions.

How to Assign a Process as a Task on SweetProcess

Documents uploaded to or created on SweetProcess can be assigned to any team member who has an account on SweetProcess. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to assign steps within a process or procedure to different people and issue alerts when their task starts or finishes.


How to Export a Process on SweetProcess

All documents can be downloaded in PDF, Doc, or HTML formats. You can export a document from the “Documents” tab. Click on the “Actions” button on the top right-hand side of the menu. Select “Export” and then click on the download format.


How to Monitor Process Activity on SweetProcess

All assigned jobs and process activities can be managed from the “Tasks” section on the top menu. Managers can set up, assign, and track tasks from this tab. To track delegated job activity, click “Assigned by You” under any of the three headers. Super administrators and managers can also see all task activity by clicking on the “All Tasks” tab.


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Cons of Tango


Not a Complete Process Documentation Tool


Tango’s limitations become apparent in its singular focus on capturing and data sharing while ignoring the collaborative aspect crucial for dynamic teams. Documenting processes is pointless if you can’t use them effectively. Modern SaaS products are expected to enable teams to implement their processes and refine them as they go. Unfortunately, Tango falls short here. Giving permissions and assigning documents/steps to team members is a little harder on Tango than it needs to be.

Available on Chrome Only


Tango’s exclusive Chrome dependency poses a significant inconvenience for users who are reliant on alternative browsers like Firefox, Edge, or Safari. This problem becomes particularly glaring when you consider that the chances of everyone in a team using only Chrome are less.

Process documentation software (or any productivity tool for that matter) needs to be browser-agnostic. For example, you can simply log in to your SweetProcess account and start working from another system without needing to install another browser you aren’t familiar with.

No Analytics in Free and Pro Versions


How much of a process remains to be completed? Which users have issues that need immediate resolution? How much of a project remains to be completed? A manager overseeing process implementation needs to answer all this and more every day. Tango does offer basic analytics, but only in Business and Enterprise versions, both of which are targeted to medium and large companies.

This means that Tango is only ideal for small teams or individuals looking to quickly document what they are doing. Anyone who wants to implement their process documents will need to invest in another process management tool, making things more complex.

Inefficient Process Capturing


Since the extension is automatically capturing data, it has a tendency to miss or add steps that aren’t necessary. Think about clicking on different tabs or transitioning to desktop apps while working in a browser.

Process recording tools like Tango have a hard time telling the difference between them and often end up recording stuff that has no business being on your document. This can lead to misunderstandings, errors, or a long time spent editing a document. For example, in the picture above, Tango added the “Click on Preview” step even though it wasn’t required.

Daunting Editing Process

It’s one thing to capture process information and totally another to capture useful data. And there is only so far an automated tool can go into helping you get the actual steps in the proper order.

This is primarily why the SweetProcess Chrome extension is backed by our exhaustive process management system. Any changes you need to make can be easily done in your user account by people who have access to them.

Some Tango reviews suggest that users face issues when attempting to refine or update documented processes. The interface’s complexity could result in employees spending more time navigating the editing tools than actually making improvements. This not only hampers efficiency but can also lead to frustration among users tasked with keeping documentation up to date.

By far, the biggest challenge in Tango is version control. There is none. You can edit a document to reflect the latest process, but Tango doesn’t show you previous versions. The only way you can go back to an earlier version is by having it on file with you, which defeats the purpose of having a process documentation tool in the first place.

SweetProcess: The All-in-One Process Documentation Software


Life would be much easier if you only had that one business process management software to manage everything. With SweetProcess, you no longer have to rely on other tools to manage parts of your process documentation or implementation strategy.

For example, IMS ExpertServices, a consultative expert services firm catering to top law firms, faced challenges with manual documentation, causing a knowledge gap among staff. Seeking to streamline processes, Mary Pittman, the process Improvement leader, discovered SweetProcess.

The biggest pain point was juggling multiple systems, leading to confusion and a tribal knowledge problem. SweetProcess offered a centralized solution, addressing these issues and making processes more efficient and accountable.

Mary chose SweetProcess for its user-friendly interface and ability to facilitate version history tracking. The platform’s 14-day trial, security, and continuous improvement met her criteria too. The positive impacts included simplified documentation, seamless employee onboarding, continuous improvement, and improved knowledge distribution and accountability. SweetProcess became the go-to resource, empowering employees to find information independently.

Mary highlighted SweetProcess’s role in simple documentation, efficient employee onboarding, continuous improvement, and knowledge distribution. IMS also plans to integrate the acquired company, Focal Point, into SweetProcess, showcasing the platform’s scalability for achieving business goals.

SweetProcess’s one-stop solutions for all process management–related issues have also proven to be transformative solutions for TechQuarters. The company was facing challenges with scalability and needed a tool to enable systematic growth, for which SweetProcess emerged as a critical tool.

SweetProcess’s core capabilities, like simplified documentation, transparent collaboration, centralized knowledge management, streamlined employee training, onboarding, offboarding, and robust document versioning, played a pivotal role in TechQuarters’ success. Says Mark O’Dell, operations manager at TechQuarters, “[It] allowed us to bring different types of media and different bits and pieces into the system. It wasn’t just a simple checklist thing. It allowed us to nest inside it.”

By transitioning from manual documentation methods to the user-friendly and comprehensive features of SweetProcess, TechQuarters experienced improved efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

A lesser-known issue in process management is ensuring that everything is in working order. Managers are all too familiar with the “What did I miss?” line of inquiry, which more often than not ends up taking way too long. For example, Craig Bayer, CEO of Optiable, faced the challenge of micromanaging processes and spending excessive time triple-checking work due to the lack of a streamlined system for documenting processes manually.

Optiable’s role in providing document management software for law firms made efficient workflow crucial, prompting Craig to seek a solution. The introduction of SweetProcess proved transformative, enabling Optiable to comprehensively document processes, organize workflow, and increase productivity.

Craig highlighted how SweetProcess reduced uncertainty, enhanced employee efficiency, and automated recurring tasks, allowing the company to break free from manual struggles and focus on scaling up its operations with the goal of adding 30 more clients in a year. Feel free to check out other SweetProcess reviews to see how we’ve helped companies scale and grow.

Simply put, SweetProcess is the ideal Tango alternative for teams that are looking for the most exhaustive solution out there.

SweetProcess Vs Tango: Which Tool Should You Choose to Document Business Processes?


We contend that both tools are perfectly ideal for their intended target markets. Granted, you can get all your process management tools in one place with SweetProcess, but if you’re a solopreneur or someone who just wants to quickly document their process data and get them all in one place, Tango may be a better option. That being said if you’re running a team, then you really are better off using SweetProcess, which offers all the tools you may need.

SweetProcess also enforces tested information flow hierarchy with a clear distinction between policies, processes, and procedures, something no other process management app out there offers. While many treat these as synonyms, they are very different tools with their own specific applications.

SweetProcess is also ideal for making any kind of process documents like tutorials, forms, and training manuals, as well as how-to guides. Each process and procedure document comes with its own flowchart to help with workflow optimization. All process and procedure documents are available as trackable checklists. Simply assign them to designated team members, and you will get consistent updates as tasks are completed in each document.

From comprehensive documentation to seamless employee onboarding, SweetProcess doesn’t just manage processes—it enables productivity. Need recurring tasks on autopilot? SweetProcess has it covered, so you can focus on the stuff that requires a human touch. It’s like having a personal assistant—without the need for coffee runs or awkward elevator small talk.

Lastly, SweetProcess uses a perpetual beta approach. It’s not a static tool; it’s a dynamic companion committed to constant improvement. We’re always adding the best of what modern productivity technologies offer. Our latest additions are the SweetAI writer and our very own Chrome extension for capturing processes while working.

SweetProcess isn’t just a platform; it’s a partner in your quest for operational excellence. So, if you’re looking to revolutionize your processes, bid farewell to chaos, and embark on a journey where simplicity meets sophistication, we invite you to try SweetProcess!

Stop wrestling with workflows—SweetProcess has your back! Sign up for our free trial and watch your processes waltz into perfection.


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