134 Productivity Apps to Help You Get More Things Done in 2022

134 Productivity Apps to Help You Get More Things Done in 2022

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You’re fidgeting on your phone all day. You have a job to do but you don’t know where to start, how to keep it organized, or how to finish it. The task’s deadline looms closer every day, but you continue to procrastinate. 

Let’s be honest, being productive can be hard. Many distractions take up our time. Sometimes, the tasks seem so overwhelming that we do not know where to start. Even though we try so hard to meet the goals we have set, we always seem to miss the deadlines by just a thin line—and worse, many times we do not get the results we desire. 

But there is good news.

It is absolutely possible to be and stay productive. How? With the help of productivity apps. 

Productivity apps help you stay focused and complete your work quicker. There are productivity apps for different aspects of your life. From completing projects at work to building new and healthy habits, productivity apps have got you covered. 

Why should you use productivity apps and which ones should you download? These are the questions this article will be answering. 

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1: What is Productivity?

Chapter 2: What Are Productivity Apps or Software?

Chapter 3: Productivity Apps for Task Management

Chapter 4: Productivity Apps for Note Taking 

Chapter 5: Productivity Apps for Time Tracking 

Chapter 6: Productivity Apps for Project Management

Chapter 7: Productivity Apps for Designing

Chapter 8: Productivity Apps for Habit Building

Chapter 9: Productivity Apps for Students

Chapter 10: Productivity Apps for Collaboration

Chapter 11: Productivity Apps for Offices and Businesses

Chapter 12: Productivity Apps for Web Automation

Chapter 13: Productivity Apps for Social Media

Chapter 14: Productivity Apps for Focusing

Chapter 15: How to Choose THE Right Productivity Apps for You

Chapter 16: How SweetProcess Can Help You Achieve Maximum Productivity



Productivity, simply put, is achieving the results you want, but with less effort and in a shorter period.

When you can complete everything you need to get done faster than you normally would without stressing yourself as much, you are being productive.  

Increased productivity equals more money, more products, more efficiency, more free time, and a more frequent feeling of fulfillment.

If productivity is this important, how then do you stay productive every single day? You guessed the answer right: through the help of productivity apps. 

Before we begin to talk about productivity apps and why they are needed to help boost your daily tasks, let’s talk about your productivity goals

What Are Your Productivity Goals? 

Your productivity goals will guide you in deciding what productivity apps you should go for. So, before you go shopping for a productivity app, ask yourself, “What do I want to get out of it?”

Create goals for both your personal and work life. For example, your goals could be to maximize profits, get a promotion, complete a passion project. Productivity should be about achieving your goals and using your time valuably.

Your personal productivity goal could be to create time for yourself so you can spend more time with family. 

A productive lifestyle keeps you focused and allows you to live life on your terms. Put all these in mind when creating your goals. 

Once you are done with the list of your productivity goals, you can move on to the next stage: picking a productivity app. 

It is time to introduce you to productivity apps. 



A productivity app or software is any tool that enables you to get more work done in less time, and in a very seamless manner. It makes work easier, whether personally or at the workplace. 

With the right productivity apps, it is easier to achieve your goals and meet deadlines. Before we get started on our list, let’s explore why you need a productivity app in the first place. 

The Importance of Productivity Apps or Software

Below are some reasons you should use productivity apps: 

  1. Productivity apps help you get quicker results: They simplify time-consuming tasks and make them easier to carry out.
  2. They increase the quality of your work: They give less room for human errors, so results are usually precise and accurate. 
  3. They allow for seamless collaboration between teams: No more frequent physical meetings or errors in communication. Teams can have real-time conversations and communication is streamlined. 
  4. They increase employee satisfaction: Since tasks are less complicated and easier to carry out, and problems are solved swiftly, employees can work with fewer challenges and can meet deadlines.
  5. They increase customer satisfaction: Customer relations management productivity tools make the interaction between you and your customers seamless. Clients can track project progress and make changes in real-time.

These are just a few of the reasons you should use productivity apps or software. But as you continue, you will understand just how important these apps can be. 

This article gives you the most comprehensive list of productivity apps you will find online. But so that you do not feel overwhelmed, these apps are broken down into categories. Just take a look at each category and fish out which productivity app you think suits your needs.

Categories of Productivity Apps

There are 12 major categories of productivity apps. They include productivity apps for: 

  1. Task management
  2. Note taking 
  3. Time tracking 
  4. Project management
  5. Designing
  6. Habit building
  7. Students
  8. Collaboration
  9. Offices and businesses
  10. Web automation
  11. Social media
  12. Focusing

Let’s get started exploring each category together.


First, let us begin with the best productivity apps for task management.

What are the apps you should use to manage your tasks (both personal and professional)? Here is a list to choose from: 

1. SweetProcess


SweetProcess is a project management software that allows you to carry out projects easily, beat deadlines, and achieve the best possible outcomes. 

It can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from little day-day operations to major projects. You can use SweetProcess for your personal projects or as a team. 

Its collaboration features allow team members to collaborate on projects in real-time, despite their location.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. SweetProcess provides you with a lot of features that help you get more things done, very quickly. 

Here are some of them:


  1. Document your procedures step by step
  2. Combine several procedures to form a workflow
  3. Turn your procedures into actionable tasks and assign tasks to team members. 
  4. Restrict access to selected members of your choice
  5. Get team members to suggest improvements 
  6. Create a decentralized knowledge base from your procedures and policies
  7. Integrate with over 1,000 apps
  8. Track changes made to tasks with version history 
  9. Embed files and videos to your tasks and procedures
  10. Collaborate in real-time with team members
  11. Secure your account with two-factor authentication
  12. Get access to email and phone support if you need help
  13. Edit screenshots and images right inside SweetProcess
  14. Print your documents for offline viewing.

Pricing: SweetProcess has a 14-day free trial duration. Afterward, it costs $99 for a team of up to 20 active members. 

Available on: Web, iOS and Android.

2. Any.do

Image credit: any.do

Any.do is a productivity app that provides you with options to swiftly get your tasks done. It is a fun and easy-to-navigate tool. 

It allows you to create a list of tasks you want to achieve for the week, with fun side notes of encouragement. You can add reminders to your tasks, create subtasks and share your list. 

You can also prioritize and organize your tasks with colors. 


  1. Switch tasks between different lists
  2. Upload or attach files to your tasks 
  3. Customize repeated tasks
  4. Discuss and share tasks with personalized notes
  5. Add reminders to your tasks
  6. Create personalized backgrounds

Pricing: Any.do has a free version, and its paid version costs $2.99 monthly 

Available on: iOS and Android

3. Things 3

Things 3
Image credit: theverge.com

Things 3 is a popular productivity tool.

According to Good Housekeeping, few apps are as comprehensive or aesthetically pleasing as Things 3. And Apple seems to agree with that because it won the Apple Design Award in 2017.


  1. Easily add tasks in your inbox
  2. The Gestures feature allows you to drag a task directly to your inbox or multi-select all of your tasks at once
  3. Create deadlines for the tasks in your project 
  4. Get reminders to complete the tasks before the due date  
  5. Create subtasks for your tasks to make them easier to manage and complete

Pricing: Things 3 has a 15-day free trial period. The app sells for $49.99 on macOS, $9.99 on iPhone, and $19.99 on iPad. 

Available on: iOS and macOS

4. FacileThings


FacileThings is an app that helps people organize and manage their tasks. 

It was designed based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method. This method is made up of five steps that help you keep your mind free, without anxiety and stress. These steps include capturing, clarifying, organizing, and reviewing your tasks. 

This app teaches you how to use this system and how to infuse it into your routines to achieve maximum productivity.


  1. Integration with applications like Outlook, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc.
  2. Easy activity tracking
  3. Adoption of the GTD method.
  4. Creation of unlimited tasks and projects
  5. 5GB storage space

Pricing: FacileThings has a 30-day free trial duration. Paid subscriptions start at $12 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

5. Monday 

Image credit: monday.com

If you need an advanced tool that can cater to your project management needs, you should check out Monday.

It helps you to break down complex projects into smaller tasks and simultaneously carry out multiple projects at the same time. It can be used for large teams.

It makes use of the popular kanban dashboard which allows you to manage your projects using multiple views.


  1. It has multiple views that allow you to track project timelines, individual workflows, reports, etc.
  2. You can easily track tasks, get notified when a deadline is near, and reassign your tasks easily.
  3. With Monday’s weekly overview, your team members can work on several projects without getting lost.
  4. You can easily upload and share files so every team member can have access to the resources they need for each project.
  5. It has a chart view and timeline view that make it easy to track the progress of each project. 

Pricing: Monday has a free plan. Its paid plans start from $8 monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Web, and Android.

6. Taskade

Image credit: taskade.com

Taskade is a project management tool, especially for small teams. It is excellent for collaboration. 

This tool presents the to-do list concept in a visual platform which can be used to track the progress of tasks within the project.


  1. You can edit your projects in real-time and communicate with your team members through live chat.
  2. It gives you access to a team calendar to help you keep track of tasks across multiple teams. 
  3. It provides you with a team roadmap that helps you visually assign tasks to team members and set deadlines for them.
  4. It has a live messaging and video calls feature. 

Pricing: It has a free version. The paid version starts from $7 monthly.

Available on: Web, iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. 

7. Serene 

Image credit: sereneapp.com

Serene is an application that helps freelancers, remote workers, and team members achieve productivity by staying organized, increasing focus, and improving individual habits. 

It organizes your tasks, prompts you to set a particular goal for each day, and then breaks this goal into smaller achievable tasks. Each task has a timed session with a break in between each one. 

So, you can hit your targets without getting overwhelmed with the tasks or sidetracked by other distractions.


  1. It allows you to block websites that distract you.
  2. It allows you to block apps that take your attention off work.
  3. It allows you to work in 20–60 minute distraction-free sessions with breaks in-between.
  4. It allows you to create to-do lists. 
  5. It has a background music feature that keeps you focused. 
  6. It automatically puts your phone on silent when you begin working.

Pricing: It has a free trial version. You pay $49 yearly. 

Available on: macOS

8. MindMeister 

Image credit: Mindmeister.com

MindMeister is a mind mapping tool that helps users to visually structure their ideas and share them with other team members so they can brainstorm together. It allows you to ideate and document your thought process. 

It also lets you build mind maps in the form of slides and share them with team members. Team members can make comments, vote on ideas and discuss important changes to be made. 


  1. Built-in presentations
  2. Shareable links of mind maps
  3. Customized themes
  4. Mind map templates
  5. File attachments
  6. History mode
  7. Meeting management 
  8. Integration with MeisterTask

Pricing: MindMeister has a free version. Personal plan is $4.99 monthly and pro plan is $8.25 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS.

9. nTask

Image credit: ntaskmanager.com

nTask is an online task management tool that helps to keep teams productive. 

It has a simplified interface, is easily learned, has automation sequences and can be used by anyone. It offers teams seven native modules ranging from project management to risk management. This prevents teams from spending money on multiple tools since you can access all functions in one. 

You can keep notes, create tasks, assign projects, track ideas, and monitor project progress.


  1. Two-factor authentication for security
  2. Team specific workspaces
  3. Task creation, organization, and sharing
  4. Simplified user interface
  5. Project reports
  6. Time tracking and timesheets management
  7. Third-party access
  8. Notifications and reminders

Pricing: nTask has a free plan. The paid plans start at $1 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

10. Apple Shortcuts

Apple Shortcuts
Image credit: support.apple.com

Apple Shortcuts is one of the best productivity apps for people who use an iPad or an iPhone.

It is simple to use, as simple as saying, “When my phone alarm goes off in the morning, play me a motivational song.”

Once your alarm goes off, the song comes on automatically. 


  1. You can create automations—sequence of events that occur automatically when they are triggered. For example, you can create an automation that ensures that once you get to work, your phone automatically goes on silent mode. 
  2. You do not need technical know-how to create these time-saving shortcuts. 

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS 

11. TickTick

Image credit: pcmag.com

TickTick is an advanced productivity tool that provides several tools to help you organize your workload and get your work done. 

Apart from that, it is a great platform with features that help you improve and build good work habits.


  1. You can easily set new tasks with voice input and turn your emails into new tasks. 
  2. It allows you to organize your to-do into four categories: folders, lists, tasks, subtasks. 
  3. You can see your to-dos in Smartlists and invent your own custom smart list. 
  4. You have achievement scores that increase with the number of tasks you complete on time. These scores decrease when you delay your tasks. 
  5. It gives you statistical feedback of your progress. 

Pricing: TickTick has a free version. Premium versions cost $27.99 yearly. 

Available on: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS

12. Todoist 

Image credit: todoist.com

Todoist makes task management easy by turning complex to-do lists into easily manageable tasks. It has a natural language engine that transforms a simple written thought into a one-off or recurring task.

Venture Harbour describes it as Trello for individuals. 

It allows you to create and organize tasks, set goals to accomplish, set deadlines, prioritize your tasks, and keep track of your progress with each task through productivity graphs.  

Todist also gives you access to shared projects. You can assign tasks to team members and receive feedback from them.


  1. It prioritizes tasks so you can get the most important things done first.
  2. It allows you to create and manage tasks. 
  3. It allows you to set project goals and track your progress. 
  4. It allows you to keep track of your progress through its measurement and reporting features. 

Pricing: The app is free. However, there is a premium subscription of $3.99 a month. The Business version is free for 30 days, and then you have to pay $60 yearly. 

Available on: iOS, Android and Web.

13. Trello

Image credit: trello.com

Trello is a project management tool for collaborative teams. It is simple and easy to use. It uses the Kanyan board philosophy which is a visual layout that was first initiated in Japan. 

With Trello, you can organize your files into “to-do,” “going,” and “done” statuses which makes it easy to track project progress. Team members can also join in for free. 


  1. It is very easy to use and simple to navigate. 
  2. You can create your to-do lists, add deadlines, assign them to team members and manage the tasks in your lists.
  3. You can invite anyone from anywhere in the world to help you complete your tasks. 
  4. Trello boards allow you to create a list of cards that contain your to-do lists. 
  5. It has instant messaging features that allow you to talk to your team members in real-time.

Pricing: Trello has a free version. Its paid plan starts from $5 monthly. 

Available on: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and web

Now you have a list of the best productivity apps on the market for task management. Let’s discuss note-taking apps next.


The following apps are the best productivity apps for taking notes: 

14. Evernote

Image credit: evernote.com

Evernote is a premier note-taking platform. It allows you to take and upload notes, audio, images, videos, sketches, and pictures, and organize them into notebooks. 

You can input important information into it. 


  1. It allows you to search for words or phrases and search on all file types until you get what you need. 
  2. You can collaborate with team members by collectively creating notes, editing, and sharing them. 
  3. Your information is stored in cloud notebooks that can be synced across your different devices. 
  4. It has great organizational features and cool formatting and sharing options. 

Pricing: Evernote has a free version. Premium version is $7.99 per user, monthly. The business version is $14.99 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Android and iOS

15. Microsoft OneNote 

Microsoft OneNote
Image credit: microsoft.com

OneNote is a note-taking and uploading app that syncs with the Cloud. 

It seems similar to Evernote but it has a completely different layout. Each note page looks more like a pasteboard than a Word document. You can add images, text, and other files onto the page and move them around the note, when necessary. 


  1. You can take notes and organize your ideas in one place.
  2. It allows collaboration between team members as multiple users can work on the same note. 
  3. OneNote integration with OneDrive is a great selling point, especially for Windows 10 users. 
  4. You can record audio while taking notes and when you play the audio, your notes show up in sync with the audio. 
  5. It allows you to search for files—audio, PDFs, digital sketches, and even images. 

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS and Android

16. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes
Image credit: otter.ai

Otter is a free productivity app that works on an algorithm of voice recognition to provide its users with note-taking solutions.

Instead of typing, you can easily record audio and it will transcribe it into smart notes for you.  This removes the stress of manually typing your notes. It can be used for personal and professional conversations.


  1. Create groups for teams and share voice notes with team members
  2. Create private and public notes
  3. Attach files to your notes
  4. Use the search filter to find your notes
  5. Import audio files with the audio importer
  6. Enjoy the app’s integration with Zoom

Pricing: Otter has a free version. The premium version costs $9.99 monthly.

Available on: Android and iOS

17. Standard Notes

Standard Notes
Image credit: standardnotes.com

Standard Notes is an open-source personal productivity app. Not only is it free, but it is also secure.

It has end-to-end AES-256 encryption that ensures that data sent through its servers is encrypted. So, it protects your information against manipulation and loss. 

It is simple and straightforward.


  1. It has two-factor authentication for security. 
  2. Your information is automatically backed up to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and email.
  3. It also lets you sync data across several platforms. 
  4. It gives you unlimited access to editors, extensions, and themes. 
  5. It allows online and offline access.
  6. It can be used on unlimited devices. 

Pricing: Standard Notes has a free version. The extended plan is $34.99 per annum.

Available on: Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android. 

18. Google Keep 

Google Keep 
Image credit: siliconvalleybusinesscenter.net

If you love sticky notes, then you should take a look at Google Keep.

It is a sticky note app powered by Google. Google Keep allows you to jot down your ideas before you forget them. It also lets you create a to-do list for your day and it is quick and easy to use.


  1. It has time-based and location-based reminders so you do not forget anything.
  2. It allows real-time collaboration with friends and colleagues. 
  3. Its quick search feature lets you search your notes instantly. 
  4. You can convert your notes to Docs.
  5. It is integrated with Google Drive. 

Pricing: It is free.

Available on: Android, iOS, and Web

19. Notion

Image credit: notion.so

Notion is a productivity tool that tries to replace different separate productivity apps with a single platform.

For example, instead of using Evernote and Google Docs, you can use Notion to get the same tasks done. It also has spreadsheets and databases that try to replace tools like Google Sheets and Excel.

If you are looking for a single tool that replaces half a dozen separate apps, then Notion should be your go-to app. 


  1. The Team Wiki feature allows you to create a central knowledge base of important information for all your team members.
  2. You can create and share notes, documents, and media files. 
  3. It is designed to enhance focused writing and easy editing of files.
  4. It features highly customizable kanban boards that can be easily adapted to suit your work.
  5. Its live collaboration feature lets team members work on tasks together in real-time.

Pricing: Notion has a free version. The paid version starts from $4 monthly.

Available on: Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows.

20. 24me

Image credit: twentyfour.me

24me is more like your smart virtual assistant. It helps you create appointments and makes your day-to-day activities at work easier. It combines to-do lists, note-taking, and calendar features. 

Its calendar syncs with several other calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. 


  1. Voice controls for taking notes and setting appointments
  2. Smart notifications; for example, when to leave for your next meeting based on weather alerts or traffic
  3. Reminders of the day’s task and events
  4. Calendar functions and sync with other calendar services 

Pricing: 24me is free

Available on: iOS 

21. Drafts 5

Drafts 5
Image credit: macstories.net

Drafts 5 is a cool note-taking and writing app. Its name is Draft, a creation of Agile Tortoise, and it is now in its fifth iteration.

It provides you with a blank page and a keyboard to help you take notes. Its app integrations make it possible to turn your notes into documents, emails, tweets or other social media posts.

It is more like post-its for smartphones. 


  1. Highly customizable text editor
  2. Super-fast response
  3. File importation and share extension
  4. Inboxed notes sorting, tagging, and archiving
  5. Integration with several apps and services

Pricing: Free. Premium subscription costs $2.99

Available on: iOS

These eight productivity apps will help you take notes faster and more efficiently. And like the previous ones, you can rest assured that these are the best in the market.

However, time, they say, is money. So without wasting any time, let’s head straight into discussing the best productivity apps for time tracking.


The following apps are the best productivity apps for time tracking: 

22. Toggl 

Image credit: toggl.com

Toggl is a simple time-tracking tool with impressive reporting that tracks how much time you spend on tasks.

It is also a great tool for teams: it measures the amount of time individual team members spend on tasks. This helps to identify what each team member is good at and who can get you specific results, even under pressure. 


  1. It tracks the time you spend completing tasks. 
  2. It helps to increase profits because you can check if you are charging enough money for the time it takes to complete clients’ projects. 
  3. It provides you with progress reports.
  4. This app works across almost any operating system and online. So, it is easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it. 

Pricing: Price starts from $8 per month. 

Available on: Windows, Android, web, Mac, and iOS. 

23. Engross

Image credit: engrossapp.com

Engross is a time management tool that helps you manage distractions and increase your focus. 

Its Pomodoro Timer is one of the most notable features. The Pomodoro Technique keeps you focused for 25 minutes at a time, and then you take a break for five minutes.

Engross, however, lets you customize your working and break intervals. So, you choose how long you want to work and how long you want to take a break. 


  1. Distraction tracker that helps you track when you were most distracted during the day 
  2. Day planner and calendar
  3. Time tracker
  4. Statistics and analysis
  5. Pomodoro Timer

Pricing: Free 

Available on: Android and iOS

24. Google Calendar

Google Calendar
Image credit: theverge.com

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps you can find. 

It is a great scheduling tool for tasks, events, and appointments. It is also great for Gmail users. It gets information from your email about your meetings and then creates them into events on your calendar. 

Apart from scheduling, it sends reminders for events and it is compatible with apps like Evernote and Todoist. 


  1. Schedule your events 
  2. Manage and respond to events invitations
  3. Create personal reminder
  4. Share your calendar and share other people’s calendar
  5. Customize your calendar 
  6. Access tasks and notes in Google Tasks and Google Keep

Pricing: Free 

Available on: Android and iOS

25. Fantastical 

Image credit: techcrunch.com

Fantastical is another great calendar app, but only for Apple users. 

You can create events with the help of a traditional menu-based interface. Apart from typing your events, you can also create a quick audio note and the app will automatically turn it into an event, which you can further edit to make sure it is exactly what you want. 

Also, Apple called it the best app of the year for 2020. 


  1. It unifies across all Apple devices from the iPad to Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. 
  2. The iOS version gives you the opportunity to switch to dark mode. 
  3. The Day Ticker feature allows you to view and manage your events. 
  4. The app reminds you of your events to make sure you do not miss them. 

Pricing: $4.99 monthly and $39.99 yearly. 

Available on: iOS and Mac

26. DeskTime

Image credit: desktime.com

DeskTime is a time-tracking tool that keeps track of the time you spend on your computer, especially the websites and applications you visit. 

It divides each website or app into three groups: productive apps, neutral apps, and unproductive apps.

It also calculates your overall productivity percentage and gives you a score. It compares your productivity score to that of your team members. 


  1. It automatically tracks time spent on your computer. 
  2. It keeps tracking time spent even when you are offline. 
  3. It has a Pomodoro Timer.
  4. It creates custom reports of time spent.
  5. It is integrated with third-party applications. 
  6. It provides you with a private time option. 

Pricing: DeskTime has a free version. The paid options start from $95.

Available on: Android and iOS

27. Kiwake

Image credit: kiwake.com

Kiwake has a specific purpose: to prevent you from snoozing when your alarm goes off. 

Snoozing is a bad habit which most times defeats the purpose of setting the alarm. Kiwake guides you through a process that helps you become fully awake every time until it becomes a habit. 


  1. It makes you prove you are out of your bed by taking a picture of an object that is far from your bed. 
  2. It makes you play a quick game that requires you to pay full attention to it. 
  3. It allows you to review your main goals once you are awake to boost your motivation for the day. 

Pricing: Kiwake has a free version. Premium version costs $1.99 monthly and $14.99 yearly. 

Available on: iOS

28. Clockify

Image credit: clockify.me

Clockify is a time-tracking tool, and it is free.

It makes it possible for you to show your client how much time you spent on their projects. This helps to increase the profitability of your projects. 

It is an easy way to monitor your working hours. It is useful for business owners, freelancers, developers, engineers, etc. 


  1. You can log in your time and mark the hours as either billable or non-billable when you assign them to projects.
  2. The Timesheet feature allows you to review your weekly activities and monitor time spent on each activity. 
  3. You can invite your team and log in the time they spend on projects.
  4. The dashboard shows you a summary of projects and total billable hours for the week, month, or year. 
  5. It has extra features like time audit, reminders, project templates, etc. 
  6. You can add items like location, estimates, notes, images, resources, etc. to your projects. 
  7. You can sync your data across several devices. 
  8. It integrates with many project management tools like Asana, Google Calendar, Notion, Jira, etc. 

Pricing: It has a free version. Paid options begin from $9.99 monthly. 

Available on: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Web, and Linux

29. Track.ly

Image credit: chrome.google.com

Track.ly, now known as Clockly, is a productivity tracker for personal use and team collaboration. 

It helps you keep track of the time spent on several day-to-day activities, especially if you have to do more than one activity at a time. 

It also analyzes your behavior patterns as regards the time you spend on each activity and helps you manage your time. This app is good for managers to help manage their employees. 


  1. Real-time reports
  2. Time tracking on any device 
  3. Timesheets 
  4. Employee monitoring 
  5. Streamlined invoicing and payroll
  6. Job and shift scheduling

Pricing: $9.99 per user, monthly

Available on: Android

30. Harvest

Image credit: getharvest.com

Harvest is a time-tracking tool but it also serves as an invoicing application.

It makes it possible for you to track your expenses and the time you spend on tasks, thanks to its timesheets.

It also helps you create invoices for your clients by recording your billable hours and the expenses it incurred. This provides a transparent approach to producing invoices. 


  1. Track your time and your expenses
  2. Create and manage invoices for your clients
  3. Get automatic reminders 
  4. Create notes within your tasks 
  5. Enjoy its multiple third-party application integrations
  6. Realize your actual working capacity by tracking your work time

Pricing: Harvest has a free version. Its pro plan is $12 per seat per month and has a free trial period of 30 days.

Available on: Android and iOS

31. RescueTime 

Image credit: rescuetime.com

RescueTime is another productivity app that helps you keep track of the time you spend. It works in the background of your device and tracks the time you spend on websites and applications.

It compiles your activities and shows you how you spend your time. It shows you sites you waste time on so you can block them to become more productive.


  1. Tracks your activity on websites and apps to measure productivity 
  2. Blocks out the websites and apps that you spend too much time on so you can get more productive work done
  3. Allows you set productivity goals and use its reporting system to see how well you are doing 
  4. Sets alarms to alert you when you have spent more than the allotted time you previously set using an app or website 

Pricing: RescueTime has a free version. The premium version is priced at $9 monthly and $72 yearly. 

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

32. TMetric

Image credit: tmetric.com

TMetric is a simple productivity tool that allows you to log your work hours and track your productivity.

It tracks your time, analyzes data in reports, and helps you manage your projects. Its free plan supports a team of five users. Its paid plans give you access to more features like payroll, time-off management, and screenshot capturing.

You can also use this tool in German, Russian, and English. 


  1. It supports mobile apps, web, desktop, and a browser plugin. 
  2. It gives detailed reports of time spent. 
  3. You can export your time reports to PDF and CSV formats. 
  4. It tracks your activities and time spent with a timer.
  5. It helps manage your projects and your teamwork.
  6. It creates invoices and payroll.
  7. It is integrated with over 50 tools.

Pricing: TMetric has a free version. The professional plan is $5 per user, monthly while the business plan is $7 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Android, Linux, Windows, Web, iOS, and macOS

We’ve discussed task management, note taking and time-tracking apps, but what are the best project management apps for increased productivity? Read on to find out!


Below are the best productivity apps for project management:

33. Hive

Image credit: hive.com

Hive is a productivity platform that helps you improve work ethic and productivity throughout the day.

It allows you and your team members to check your to-do lists, communicate in real-time no matter where you are, share files, and track your progress. Updates are reflected across all projects so everyone stays informed.

You can view your projects in multiple ways: through Calendar, kanban board, or Gantt chart


  1. Native chat
  2. Approval workflows
  3. Document and video proofing
  4. Project templates
  5. Timesheets and time tracking

Pricing: Hive is free to download. Its packages start at $12 per user, monthly.

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

34. Calendar

 Image credit: calendar.com

Calendar is a smart AI-powered tool that keeps on learning from you, for you. It studies your behavior and learns to carry out your repeated tasks on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. 

With Calendar, you can book meetings or choose times for engagements directly from the app. It eliminates the fear of overbookings because once you have an engagement booked for a particular time, it will not book any other engagement for that time. 


  1. No tasks repetitions
  2. AI integration
  3. Task control directly from the app

Pricing: Calendar has a free trial period. For paid options, contact the company. 

Available on: Web App

35. Dropbox

Image credit: dropbox.com

Imagine an online storage locker for your files—photos, documents, and other data. That’s Dropbox.

It is one of the best cloud storage solutions. You can access your data anywhere and on any device. You can even download your files for offline access. It can be used as a platform for sharing files (collaboration) and uploading new data.


  1. Compile all your files in one place
  2. Access your files from any device
  3. Backup important folders
  4. Create and edit work (Microsoft document and Cloud content) directly in Dropbox
  5. Keep your team connected with tools like Slack and Zoom without leaving Dropbox
  6. Get notifications and progress updates

Pricing: Free

Available on: Web, Android and iOS

36. Grammarly

Image credit: grammarly.com

Grammarly is a grammar and spelling check tool. It helps you find broken tenses, incorrect grammar, capitalization errors, and incomplete sentence structures. 

It gives you suggestions about your tone, clarity, style, word choice, and readability to make your writing more comprehensible. 

It helps improve your writing to make sure everything you write, from reports to emails, is grammatically error-free. This is a vital part of any official project.


  1. Vocabulary enhancement
  2. Genre-specific writing style checks
  3. Grammar and spelling checks
  4. Plagiarism detector
  5. Punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure checks

Pricing: Grammarly has a free version. The premium version costs $29.95 monthly. 

Available on: Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

37. Flow

Image credit: flowapp.info

Flow is a project management app that provides you with a hassle-free experience.

It allows you to delegate tasks, organize activities for your team, and monitor your projects. It helps you focus on work. Its collaboration suite is straight to the point and prevents you from having long discussions that have no end.


  1. Work swiftly in a virtual space that is clutter-free, thanks to its adoption of the latest agile methodologies.
  2. It reduces unnecessary communication among team members and keeps conversations on point.
  3. It has a separate client portal that aids easy project management.
  4. It allows budget and resource management.

Pricing: Flow has a free version. Paid plans begin with $6 per user, monthly.

Available on: Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS

38. GanttPRO

Image credit: ganttpro.com

GanttPRO is a project management app that allows you to plan, track, and manage your projects till you complete them within budget and before deadlines. 

With GanttPRO, you can create multiple tasks and assign them, track your progress, collaborate with team members, and create virtual resources. It is great for project managers, team leaders, CEOs, etc.


  1. Create tasks and assign them to other users
  2. Track each project progress
  3. Export your charts
  4. Save your projects as templates
  5. Share your projects through a public URL
  6. Check the history of changes within a project

Pricing: GanttPRO has a free trial period. Paid options begin from $5.90 per user, monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

39. Goplan

Image credit: goplanapp.com

Goplan is a combination of business and project management for both individuals and professionals.

It offers real-time access to timesheets, project statuses, and milestones through its built-in tools. It also has a calendar feature that does more than just scheduling meetings—it also helps you share notes and track project issues.


  1. It has an intuitive minimalistic web 2.0 interface.
  2. It was created to mitigate project management and business-related problems. 
  3. It lets you manage your project and communicate with your clients in one place. 
  4. It offers real-time collaboration between team members. 
  5. It has a time, budget, and milestone tracking system.

Pricing: Goplan has a free trial duration for first-time users. Paid options begin at $10 per user, monthly.

Available on: Android, Web, and iOS

40. HelloSign

Image credit:hellosign.com

HelloSign is an app that helps you sign documents easily without having to pull out a pen and scan documents. 

You can sign your signature on every page with a few clicks. It can also help you create a signature if you want. Then, all you need to do is click the signature field and then add it. 

You can also create template documents so you do not waste time creating new contracts and agreements.


  1. Signature requests
  2. Audit trail
  3. Signer fields
  4. Bulk send
  5. Reporting 
  6. Templates 

Pricing: HelloSign is free for three signed documents monthly. The pro plan starts from $15 monthly. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS

41. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks
Image credit: blog.hubstaff.com

Hubstaff Tasks is a project management tool that provides teams with a smarter way to get work done.

It has kanban boards that help team members organize their projects and efficiently complete tasks. With Hubstaff Tasks, you can create checklists and communicate with your team members using task cards. 

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate.


  1. Its custom workflows allow you to add tasks to team members and move your project to the next stage with one click.
  2. You can add followers to a task and assign tasks to team members.
  3. You can create task labels and add them to your task cards.
  4. Its Sprints feature helps you prioritize your tasks and complete them before the deadlines. 
  5. You can automate the process of assigning tasks to team members. 
  6. It is integrated with over 30 applications. 

Pricing: Hubstaff Tasks has a free version. The premium plan is priced at $5 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux

42. LastPass

Image credit: lastpass.com

LastPass is a productivity app that saves all your passwords for you. 

With this browser extension, you do not have to bother about remembering your passwords or go through the stress of manually inputting your passwords on an app. The application automatically saves your app logins for you.

It also has an in-built password generator that lets you create strong passwords that protect your account from being hacked.


  1. Password saver
  2. Password generator
  3. Data encryption
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. Fingerprint login
  6. Secure username generator
  7. Digital wallet for shopping online

Pricing: The premium plan is $3 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Web, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux

43. Nifty

Image credit: niftypm.com

Nifty is a combination of both team communication and project management functions. 

It gives you a bird’s eye view of your projects and your team members’ workload. It allows you to communicate, plan, and track your projects. It is suitable for agencies that have a lot of clients. 

It allows you to collaborate with clients and lets your clients track your progress on a project so you do not waste time giving them feedback on your progress.


  1. Nifty automates project status reporting.
  2. It has built-in Google Docs, Sheet, and Presentations.
  3. Its time tracker tracks billable work across your team members and projects.
  4. The team chats feature gives room for smooth communication and problem-solving.
  5. It allows for project discussions within tasks.
  6. It provides you with project templates to choose from.

Pricing: Nifty has a free version. Paid options start from $99 monthly. 

Available on: Android and iOS

44. 1Password

Image credit: 1password.com

1Password completely eliminates the frustration that comes with trying to remember your password and being logged out of your account because you cannot remember it.

It saves you the stress of trying to remember every single password you have ever created. With 1Password, you can store your passwords, bank account info, passports, licenses, credit cards, and many other things. You even get to create a secure password to protect this info. 


  1. Password generator 
  2. Password management
  3. End-to-end encryption so only you can see your password. 
  4. Third-party app integrations
  5. Two-factor authentication
  6. Reporting and analytics

Pricing: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

45. Drag App for Chrome

Drag App for Chrome
Image credit: smallbiztrends.com

Drag App for Chrome is a task management tool that helps you streamline your inbox for easier and more efficient communication. 

It is a Gmail add-on and it turns your inbox into kanban boards for easy accessibility and tracking. It is great for collaboration and allows teams to work faster.

This tool easily integrates with other Google apps which reduces switching between different applications to get things done. 


  1. Shared inbox for teams
  2. Organize your incoming emails on visual boards
  3. Assign emails to team members
  4. Monitor and manage tasks for each team member
  5. Automate your workflows
  6. Get reports on your team’s activities

Pricing: Drag App for Chrome is free

Available on: Google Chrome

46. Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Image credit: malavida.com

Adobe Acrobat Reader should be one of your go-to apps for viewing and signing PDFs. 

It allows you to open PDF files from the web, email or any app that allows sharing. You can make comments on PDFs using drawing tools and sticky notes. You can also mark up and highlight texts with annotation tools.

It also allows you to use your finger to e-sign your documents. You can then save and share these documents.


  1. View and edit PDF files
  2. Leave comments on your documents
  3. Sign and track your documents 
  4. Markup and highlight texts on your documents
  5. Share your documents

Price: Adobe Acrobat Reader is free

Available on: Windows, Android and iOS

47. Agilean

Image credit: getapp.com

Agilean is a workflow management tool that was designed for IT businesses.

It provides you with kanban boards for planning and executing several tasks and projects. It offers you analytics and reports for each task, which makes monitoring tasks very easy. 

It also provides you with features like Gantt charts, task dependencies, integration with other apps, etc.


  1. Automated follow-up on every action point
  2. Cumulative flow and burn-up
  3. Advanced reporting 
  4. Assigned user
  5. Identification of impediments
  6. Automated voice to text conversion
  7. Collaboration tools

Pricing: Agilean has a free version. Paid options start from $250 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Windows

48. Cloze 

Image credit: cloze.com

Consider Cloze your personal contact manager. It is an all-in-one social network, contacts, and email command center. 

This is how it works: It syncs details about your contacts from your email and social networks, making sure the information you have is always up-to-date.

It helps with social networking by allowing you to update your status, tweet, share links, and so on. It identifies “key people” from your interactions and brings up messages, tweets, and other related updates from these people.


  1. Unified contact management
  2. Open tracking and reply reminders
  3. Advanced integrations
  4. One view of everything
  5. Business-grade email
  6. Templates and mail merge
  7. Text message syncing 

Pricing: You can try Cloze for free. Its paid plans start from $17 monthly

Available on: Android and iOS

49. DejaOffice

Image credit: getapp.com

If you are a business that is looking for the security and privacy of your in-house database, then DejaOffice is what you need. 

Not only is it a great CRM solution, but it is also very affordable. It has several features for multi-users such as pop-up events and memos, multi-user scheduling calendar, etc.

Instead of going with the popular trend of making CRMs SaaS-based, it is based on a traditional contact-centric model that ties tasks, calendar, and history to a contact board.


  1. Telephone tech support
  2. Affordable one-time price
  3. Secure sync to DejaOffice on iOS and Android

Pricing: Mobile app is free. For Windows, the price range starts from $50, which is a one-time price.

Available on: Windows, iOS, and Android

50. Process Street

Process Street
Image credit: process.st

Process Street makes the project management process very easy, especially for team members who do not have IT skills as designers and developers have. 

This tool helps team members complete repetitive tasks easily and makes it seamless for new team members to take on tasks, without spending so much time on training. 

Your team members can complete every task by following instructions and ticking them off their list as they complete them.

Features: The collaborative checklist feature allows you to create checklists for your team and assign tasks to team members, as well as track progress. 

  1. You can create monthly, weekly, and even daily workflows and automated checklists that are repetitive. 
  2. It allows you to add multimedia files like images and videos to ensure proper communication of ideas between team members.
  3. It contains a library of templates for all kinds of processes, which you can edit to suit your personal preferences.

Pricing: Process Street provides a 14-day trial period. Paid options include $12.50 monthly for the business plan and $25 monthly for business pro.

Available on: Web app

We’ve discussed 50 amazing productivity apps so far, but the party is just getting started. 

Does your work involve designing? Or would you like to incorporate visuals in your work and collaboration? Next you’ll learn about the best apps to help you remain productive and put out your best work when designing.

 Let’s go!


When it comes to visual communication, designing plays a very important role. 

Team members, like graphic designers, experience a lot of productivity issues in portraying the right piece of information through design or diagrams, especially when they do not have enough design skills/experience.

Here are some productivity tools that can help you with designing:

51. Canva

Image credit: canva.com

Hardly can anyone talk about designing these days without mentioning Canva, and that’s for good reasons.

Canva is a design platform that offers simple and easy graphics design solutions to its users. 

It has several different sets of designing features which enables it to help users create professional designs easily and without wasting time.

It is good for beginners and those who do not have advanced graphics design expertise. 


  1. Design grids
  2. Photo editors
  3. Stickers and badges
  4. Custom graphs and charts
  5. Image transparency
  6. Photo frames
  7. Drag-and-drop functionality 
  8. Built-in design templates

Pricing: Canva has a free version. Paid versions start from $12.95 per month, per user.

Available on: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, etc.

52. Crello

Image credit: crello.com

Crello is an online design tool for anyone who does not want to spend countless hours creating great designs. You can use it to create social media designs and animated designs in a few minutes.

It has a huge library of premium photos, images, and illustrations, accompanied by numerous design templates.

It is a great tool for entrepreneurs, marketers, students, bloggers, etc. It is very easy to use and you do not need graphic design skills to use it. 


  1. It has an easy-to-use interface.
  2. You can create videos and animations. 
  3. It gives you access to countless free and premium images.
  4. You can upload your own images, fonts, and videos. 
  5. It has a large range of animated and graphic design templates.

Pricing: Crello has a free version. It also has a free trial duration for the pro plan. The pro plan costs $7.99. 

Available on: Android and iOS

53. CloudApp

Image credit: startupstash.com

If you want an application that will help you and your team collaborate visually instead of writing to each other, then CloudApp is what you need.

Thanks to its quick mode of information transfer, CloudApp helps you to save a lot of time, up to 56 hours weekly. 

This is not just great for teams but works for you and your clients too. 


  1. It has an extensive number of plugins.
  2. It has a drag-and-drop interface.
  3. You can view, track, and delete files from the menu bar. 

Pricing: Subscription cost $9 monthly

Available on: Windows, iOS, Mac, and Chrome

54. Lucidchart

Image credit: lucidchart.com

Lucidchart is software that helps teams create flowcharts for their project so they can easily visualize their processes. 

It is a diagramming tool that helps its users create and share professional diagrams. You can create flowcharts for all your business needs, ranging from simple diagrams to complex ones. 

Lucidchart makes the creation process easy. 


  1. Data flow diagrams
  2. Network diagrams
  3. Mind maps
  4. Process maps
  5. Organizational charts 
  6. Value stream maps
  7. ER diagrams

Pricing: Lucidchart has a free version. Paid options start from $4 monthly.

Available on: Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS

55. PicMonkey

Image credit: picmonkey.com

PicMonkey is an in-browser photo editing software and it is free.

It is great for creating high-quality designs for your social media pages or blogs. It is useful to small businesses and social media marketers. It helps its users create quality images they can use to promote their brand. 


  1. Create high-quality, creative designs
  2. Huge library of creative designs and templates
  3. Different gradients and filters
  4. Touch up tools and photo editors
  5. Huge library of stock photos
  6. Beautiful collage layouts

Pricing: Paid option begins from $7 monthly

Available on: iOS and Android

56. Pixlr 

Image credit: pixlr.com

Pixlr is a photo editing app that takes care of easy edits on your pictures.

You can crop, rotate, sharpen, heal, blur and fix your images with its core adjustment tools. It has Instagram-style effects, stickers, borders, and text to create fun graphics from your photos.

There are different versions: the Pixlr Express, Pixlr Editor, and Pixlr Pro. 


  1. Built-in templates
  2. Enhancement tools
  3. Social media integration
  4. Effects and filters
  5. Import and export options
  6. Batch editing

Pricing: Pixlr has a free version. The pro version costs $5 monthly.

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS

57. RecordCast

Image credit: recordcast.com

RecordCast is software designed for recording screen videos, creating screencasts, and editing the videos. You can either record with your webcam and microphone or record your desktop from Chrome. 

It is very easy to use, thanks to its interface. All you have to do is click “start recording” to begin and then press the red button to end the recording. 

After recording, you can edit videos, remove imperfections, add special effects, etc. 


  1. It requires no registration, login, or installation. 
  2. You can record both your screen and your webcam at the same time. 
  3. It allows you to control your computer microphone while recording.
  4. It lets you add special effects and animations to your videos.
  5. You can remove unnecessary parts from your videos. 

Pricing: RecordCast is free. 

Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows

It’s getting better. Now you can become faster when you manage your tasks and projects, take notes, track time and design your creatives or workflow. Now let’s take it a notch further with apps that help you become even more efficient, without which you’d only be wasting your time despite using other apps.


If you have bad or negative work and personal habits, no matter what you do, including combining a dozen productivity apps, your productivity and output will always remain low.

To prevent that, here are seven (7) of the best habit-building apps to help improve your productivity:

58. HabitHub

Image credit: thehabithub.com

This habit-improving app aims to be the only app people need to improve their habits and achieve their set goals. 

HabitHub fuses a system of goals, rewards, and feedback that shows you whether you are making progress or not.


  1. It organizes your habits into groups and categories.
  2. It has chains. A chain starts when you successfully complete a habit. You can grow these chains. 
  3. It has beautiful graphs that give you an overview of your performance and help you identify patterns that might be preventing you from developing a habit. 
  4. It allows you to set reminders so you never forget to complete a task. 

Pricing: HabitHub is free.

Available on: Android 

59. Habitica

Image credit: reddit.com

Let us start by saying that Habitica is not your typical habit-tracking app.

It gamifies your to-do list experience by asking you to create your avatar. You receive points and bonuses for each task you complete. 

As you win more points, your avatar becomes stronger and you unlock more in-game features and rewards. This tool was not created for work, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it to build work-related habits. 


  1. It transforms your to-do list into a mobile game experience. 
  2. You can create your own avatar. 
  3. It allows you to schedule good habits you want to cultivate and bad habits you want to get rid of. 
  4. You earn points and rewards for completing tasks, level up your avatar, and unlock new features. 

Pricing: Habitica is free.

Available on: Android, iOS, and Web

60. HabitShare 

Image credit: habitshareapp.com

If you want to build better habits but self-restraint or self-motivation do not come easy to you, then HabitShare is what you need. 

It keeps you accountable in your journey to developing good habits by providing external pressure that will keep you on track. 


It encourages you to share your progress with friends, just like on social media. This adds pressure to meet your target and makes it harder to bail out of tasks.


  1. Create custom habits that can help you achieve your habit goals
  2. Schedule reminders to help you remember when to carry out an activity that will help build your new habit 
  3. Share your progress with friends to boost your motivation and earn rewards
  4. Control which habits each friend sees (your habits are private by default)

Pricing: HabitShare is free.

Available on: Android and iOS

61. Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker
Image credit: loophabits.org

This Android-only productivity app aims at helping you spend more time forming good and beneficial habits. Loop Habit Tracker is unlike most tools in this category which try to keep you away from your bad habits.

It helps you stay focused while improving your bad habits. This makes it easier for you to do more of the habits that you consider beneficial in your life.


  1. You can make daily or weekly schedules to help make your goals easily achievable.
  2. The Habit score feature shows you how well you are doing with your habits. 
  3. It has detailed statistics and graphs that help you monitor your performance. 
  4. You can set reminders to keep you in check and prevent you from falling into old habits.

Pricing:  Loop Habit Tracker is free.

Available on: Android 

62. Strides

Image credit: mobileappdaily.com

Strides is another tool that allows you to set targets that gradually help you develop good habits.

It is a project management tool and helps you manage your activities to achieve a better lifestyle.


  1. It provides the basic functions of a project management tool.
  2. It provides detailed performance data that shows you how much progress you are making. 
  3. It provides in-depth reports throughout your day to help you stay on track. 

Pricing: Strides is free. 

Available on: iOS

63. Today

thetoday app
Image credit: thetoday.app

Today is a tool that helps you build habits that make your life better, and in the long run, make the world a better place.

It focuses on making you realize how much positive impact you can have when you develop the right habits. 


  1. You can set habits across areas including home, lifestyle, work, food, transport, etc. 
  2. It allows you to choose what aspect of your life you want to improve, and the app suggests actions that can help you make positive changes in that area. 
  3. It shows you just how much change you can cause in your environment when you do the right things. 

Pricing: Today is free.

Available on: iOS

64. Done


Done makes habit development very simple. From the visual design to the smooth user experience, you can feel the calming nature of the Done app. 

Once you begin using the app, you exhale with a breath of relief because it makes your development efforts seem easy. 


  1. You can track a habit several times a day. You also get to track your daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly habit goals. 
  2. It has streaks that tell you how long you have kept up with a good habit. 
  3. It allows you to study your weekly, monthly, and yearly trends so you can get an overview of your progress. 

Pricing: Done has a free version. The premium version is priced at $2.99 a month.

Available on: Android and iOS

With these apps, you can conveniently develop good habits.  

Our next stop is for students. Are you a student and you need productivity apps to help you study and stay focused? 

Read the next chapter.


These are the best productivity apps for students. Take a look to see which of them best suits your needs. 

65. Pocket

Image credit: getpocket.com

Imagine if you were able to handpick information from websites and apps, and save them in your pocket for easy access. Pocket makes that possible.

It allows you to save articles, links, pictures, and videos so you can easily access them later. This saves you the stress of going back to websites and social sites just to get this information. 


  1. It gives you offline access to articles and webpages.
  2. It automates syncs with your phone, computer, and tablet. 
  3. It saves information from several sources like your browser, apps, etc. 
  4. You can search for data through URL or title.
  5. It lets you backup articles and web pages. 
  6. You can sort your search results by date saved or relevance. 

Pricing: The premium plan is $4.99 monthly or $44.99 yearly. 

Available on: Mac, iOS, Windows, Web, and Android

66. Skitch

Image credit: pcmag.com

Skitch is an app you should try out if you prefer to pass ideas through shapes, sketches and annotations instead of words. 

It allows you to make presentations with screenshot annotations. You can hide or highlight texts, capture a part of the screen or the entire screen, and edit your presentation. You can even blur out information you want to keep private. 


  1. You can use Skitch on either your note-taking phone or desktop. 
  2. It has a smooth and responsive pen tool. 
  3. It allows you to swiftly focus on important information using annotation and markup. 
  4. Its Hold and Lock feature lets you lock presentations. 

Pricing: Skitch is free, with an in-app purchase option. 

Available on: iOS and Mac

67. Just Press Record  

Just Press Record  
Image credit: openplanetsoftware.com

Just Press Record is a one-tap recording app that makes note taking easier. 

You can record your notes with a long press on the app icon either from the notification widget or a lock screen. It transcribes speech with support for spoken punctuation commands and a number of languages. 

You can sort your recordings by date and time. You can also search for your recordings and sync them to iCloud. 


  1. Create audio recordings with just a record button
  2. Transcribe your speech into text
  3. Edit transcribed text easily within the app
  4. Store recordings on iCloud
  5. Share your audio and transcriptions 

Pricing: $4.99

Available on: iOS

68. Hypercontext

Image credit: hypercontext.com

Hypercontext is a meeting agenda app that enables managers and their teams to be more productive by streamlining meetings, morale, and goals into a workflow. 

It allows you to build collaborative meeting agendas for teams. It gives you access to conversational starters and holds team members accountable for sharing feedback during meetings. 


  1. Meeting agenda
  2. Action management 
  3. 360-degree feedback software
  4. Employee database
  5. Employee onboarding
  6. Chrome extension
  7. Third-party app integrations

Pricing: Hypercontext has a free version. Paid options begin at $7 monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Android, and Chrome

69. LiquidText

Image credit: liquidtext.net

If you are looking for a tool to help you work on documents on your iPad, then LiquidText is for you. It provides you with the workspace to annotate, search, and review documents. 

With this app, you can annotate directly on the document or make jottings on the side and connect them to snippets of the document just by drawing connecting lines. This creates connections across several pages or even several documents. 

It allows you to share your projects by exporting them in different formats like PDF, Word, or LiquidText files. 


  1. Note-taking and reading workspace
  2. PDF and universal document reader
  3. Connection maps
  4. Real-time sync across LiquidText devices
  5. Multi-device display
  6. Continuous backup to Cloud

Pricing: LiquidText has a free version. Pro upgrade is $9.99.

Available on: iOS

70. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

Dragon is a productivity app that is slightly different from the norm. 

Instead of typing and writing your tasks or thoughts, you can dictate them. If you think dictation can boost your productivity, then Dragon is for you. 

It is one of the best dictation software and it is very accurate. You might have to learn how to use Dragon. 


  1. It allows you to dictate your tasks and ideas. 
  2. It comes in different editions. The home edition is a good choice for general use. 
  3. It is designed to handle specific formats and terminologies like Dragon Law Enforcement and Dragon Legal Individual. 

Pricing: $150 for the home edition

Available on: iOS and Android

71. iA Writer

Image credit: ia.net

iA Writer is a simple plain text editor.

Its interface encourages you to write more.  It allows you to brainstorm in a distraction-free environment. There are no shortcuts to external programs or unnecessary icons. This helps to boost productivity. 

Its pro version has extra features like more fonts, typefaces, and workflow options. 


  1. It offers workflow options, text color, and typeface variance. 
  2. It provides a program interface that is distraction-free. 
  3. Its text editor allows you to easily write and edit. 

Pricing: iA Writer is free

Available on: iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android

72. Motion

Image credit: usemotion.com

Motion is not your typical motion graphics app—it is behavior driven. 

It can be used to create great imaging effects in real time for video, film, or broadcast projects. You can create cool effects and GFX that will immensely increase your video production quality. 


  1. Remove unwanted objects in your video
  2. Use great sound effects for your movie
  3. Use your digital camera for your videos 
  4. Animate your movie within and out points 
  5. Use green screen for video production
  6. Share your work with your network

Pricing: The price for iOS and Android is $4.99 while Mac and Windows are $9.99.

Available on: iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows

Whatever your goals are as a student, with these productivity apps, the road to achieving them becomes very easy. 

But there are more productivity apps for not just students, but teams in general. We will be exploring those next.


If you have ever been a part of a team, then you understand the importance of communication and collaboration between teams. Without these, mistakes occur and the output of the project is negatively affected. 

The following productivity apps give room for seamless collaboration among team members. 

73. Slack

Image credit: slack.com

Slack should be one of your go-to apps for collaboration. 

It is a messaging platform that is designed for team communication. The instant messaging function is organized into several channels which team members can join and exit when necessary. 

This way, everyone gets only messages that are relevant to them. 

Your team members can also chat about topics that are not related to the project in separate threads. So these chats do not interfere with the conversations about the project. 


  1. It has live and easy communication between team members for effective collaboration. 
  2. You can set availability statuses. 
  3. It allows drag-and-drop file sharing of images, videos, PDFs, etc. 
  4. You can make video and voice calls directly from the app. 
  5. The screen sharing feature allows team members to show their work to the rest of the team, in real time. 

Pricing: Slack has a free version; paid options start from $6.67 monthly, per user.

Available on: Windows, iOS, Android, Web, and Mac. 

74. Pushbullet 

Image credit: androidauthority.com

Pushbullet is your go-to tool for customized notifications. 

It also makes it easy for you to send push notifications with a text note from your phone to your computer or another device. This is an easy way to text between anything. 

Also, if your friend uses Pushbullet, you can message them the same way. With a paid plan, you get universal copy/paste. 


  1. Sending text messages
  2. Managing notifications
  3. Sharing files and links across devices
  4. Install a browser plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera

Pricing: Pushbullet is free for notifications and sending files up to 25MB

Available on: Chrome, iOS, Android, and Windows

75. WeDo 

Image credit: getwedo.today

WeDo is a work/life task management tool for both professionals and students. It emphasizes finding a work-life balance and making this easy for its users to achieve.

It performs the usual functions one would find in a task management app. However, it has an additional interesting feature. It asks you how long it took you to complete a task and how you felt about while doing it. 

These details are included in your reporting data and show you how your speed/mood affects your task and aspects of your life. 


  1. Create your to-do lists, set deadlines, and add reminders
  2. Group your list together in folders
  3. Breaks each task into more achievable sub-tasks
  4. Track how long it took you to complete a task, how important it was, and how it made you feel. 
  5. Create a list of new habits to develop, separately

Pricing: $4.99 monthly, $39.99 yearly, or a one-off payment of $159.99

Available on: iOS, Android, and Mac

76. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger
Image credit: troopmessenger.com

Troop Messenger is a chat application for teams that enhances communication and collaboration among team members, whether they are at work or at home. 

With Troop Messenger, you can send and receive files, texts, images, and other essential files. You can assign tasks, track your teams’ progress and manage their activities, even when you have a remote team. 


  1. Guest collaboration so your clients can also communicate with you easily
  2. Advanced filters
  3. Audio messaging
  4. Fork out (send messages to several people at once)
  5. Live location tracking and sharing
  6. Real-time screen sharing 
  7. Cattle call (video call feature for meetings, webinars, training, etc.)
  8. Integration with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive

Pricing: Premium plan starts at $1 per user, monthly

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android

77. Google Docs

Google Docs
Image credit: gadgets.ndtv.com

Google Docs is a great tool for collaborating with documents in real-time. 

It completely removes the need to save files and send them back and forth. You can easily share documents within and outside your organization. 

It allows team members to work seamlessly despite their location, reduces redundant documents, and reduces errors caused by miscommunications. 

You can make comments on your notes, determine who has access to your documents, and download your docs in several formats. 


  1. Download files in other formats
  2. Import documents with different file formats to make them instantly editable
  3. Share documents among team members
  4. Track changes made and undo anything you don’t want 
  5. Comment, chat and edit in real time

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS and Android

78. TeamViewer 

Image credit: teamviewer.com

TeamViewer is a powerful tool that allows you to access and use remote devices as if you were with them. As long as the app is running on the device, all you have to do is open the device with you, log in and get instant access to the remote device. 

With TeamViewer, you can host web meetings with video, audio, and text chat. You can also share files with other people. This tool allows you to collaborate with up to 300 people at once.


  1. Manage devices and users
  2. Log all connections with device reporting and user access
  3. Wake up a remote device and boot it to access your files and applications. 
  4. Turn your remote screen black to keep your work sessions private
  5. Collaborate with co-workers and team members

Pricing: TeamViewer is free for personal use. The business plan starts from $49 monthly. 

Available on: Chrome, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux

79. Memento 

Image credit: imore.com

If you are an iOS user who wants to improve the look of your reminder, then you should try out Memento

It allows choosing between a traditional vertical view of your to-do and a visually appealing grid look. It has a “For You” tab that provides you with an at-a-glance look at your important reminders. 

You can even create reminders from other apps with its share extension. 


  1. Seamlessly set up a fresh look for your reminders
  2. Get notified with its advanced time and location alerts 
  3. View your reminders in a more modern grid layout
  4. Use the app in dark mode
  5. View your reminders grouped in days, weeks, months, and the entire year

Pricing: $3.99

Available on: iOS

80. Asana 

Image credit: asana.com

Asana is a project management tool that eliminates the stress of keeping track of several email threads by putting your team’s project management and communication in a single place. 

It allows you to create projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, make comments and many more instead of coordinating countless messy email threads. 

This makes collaboration between team members very easy. 


  1. Organize and assign tasks
  2. Manage dependent, unscheduled and overlapping tasks with ease
  3. Define your progress and challenges team members are facing
  4. Stay connected with your team all in one shared space.
  5. Set up forms so team members can easily submit work requests

Pricing: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

81. Basecamp 

Image credit: basecamp.com

Basecamp is one of the top solutions available for managing projects. 

Its interface is a bit different from other collaboration solutions available. Instead of the usual top-down view of information similar apps have, Basecamp organizes information into small camps. 

It also provides the right mix of integration. This includes time tracking, automation, reporting, and chart-building tools.


  1. Create to-do lists
  2. Schedule tasks
  3. Access its documents and file storage
  4. Enjoy real time group chat
  5. Give clients access to projects and tasks
  6. Send direct messages
  7. Get project reports

Pricing: Basecamp has a 30-day free trial option. The payment plan is $99 monthly. 

Available on: Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS

82. Doodle

Image credit: doodle.com

Doodle can be your team’s companion when it comes to effective collaboration. 

It is a collaborative scheduling app that makes it easy for you to set up meetings between team members. 

Doodle makes meetings happen despite the large size of your team, how many teams you have or how many time zones your team members are spread across. 


  1. It allows you to easily set up meetings and video calls without the email back and forths. 
  2. It allows your team members to set their availability times which automatically adapts for time zones.
  3. You can set reminders for each meeting to avoid missing a meeting. 
  4. You can keep your private events, meetings, and tasks hidden from other team members so other people can only see the tasks that apply to them. 
  5. It allows you to integrate it with your calendar apps while keeping everything private. 

Pricing: Team package begins at $8.95/user/month for five users. 

Available on: Web

83. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams
Image credit: microsoft.com

Microsoft Teams is a platform that most companies have adopted as their organization’s global collaboration platform.

It meets the requirements of blue-chip conglomerates and SMB about working together as a team, especially with the current practice of social distancing.   

These organizations use the tool for texting, making video calls, and managing meetings. If you are already a fan of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, then you might want to try out MS Teams for your collaboration. 


  1. It allows you to have team chats and share files.
  2. It is highly customizable. 
  3. It is a part of the Office 365 business accounts. 
  4. It is fully integrated with other Microsoft Office apps. 
  5. It is connected to SharePoint. 

Pricing: Microsoft Teams has a free version. Paid options start from $5 per user, monthly.

Available on: Windows

84. Zoom 

Image credit:commonsensemedia.org

Zoom is a collaboration software that was specifically designed for making video calls within teams. 

This platform is great for virtual meetings among team members, professional webinars, online conferences, etc. It encourages productivity within remote teams. It has screen-sharing features coupled with a whiteboard and several other collaboration features. 


  1. Whiteboarding
  2. Group collaboration
  3. Screen sharing
  4. Drag-and-drop functionality 
  5. File sharing 
  6. Audio call
  7. Video calls
  8. Integration with third-party applications

Pricing: Zoom has a free version. Paid option starts from $14.99 monthly

Available on: Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, Chrome, and Mac

85. Cisco Webex Teams

Image credit: blogs.cisco.com

Cisco Webex Teams was formerly known as Cisco. 

You can arrange meetings, share files, message teams, and make video calls while integrating with WebEx all in one app. It does this while ensuring the security of your data. It ensures your data is protected from security threats and breaches. 

It is a wonderful collaboration app for more productive and easier teamwork. 


With Cisco Webex Teams you can: 

  1. Collaborate with team members through private messages, group chats, and video calls. 
  2. Switch devices during calls within the app.
  3. Brainstorm ideas with its built-in whiteboard.
  4. Make video conference calls of up to seven video feeds.
  5. Record your meetings (both audio and video).
  6. Access its features through its free mobile apps.

Pricing: Cisco Webex Teams has a free version. Premium plans start at $24 monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and Web

86. Gmelius

Image credit: gmelius.com

Gmelius is a fully-suited CRM solution that provides you with effective email integration to help you keep track of all communication with your clients. 

It converts the messages in your inbox into tasks and then transfers these tasks to kanban boards so you and your team can track them easily. This gives room for a seamless workflow among team members. 

It is integrated with G Suite and Gmail. 


  1. Shared inbox
  2. Shared Gmail labels
  3. Meeting scheduler
  4. Email notes
  5. Gmail templates
  6. Analytics
  7. Email sharing

Pricing: Gmelius has a 14-day free trial period. Its paid plans start at $12 per user, monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Windows, browser, and Android

87. Google Drive 

Google Drive
Image credit: aodocs.com

Google Drive provides you with reliable online storage for your files, both personal and professional. 

You can access all the files saved on Google Drive from anywhere and from any device. You can also invite people to view your files and make edits. It is integrated with Google Suite apps  (Docs, Sheets, and Slides). 

Once you have a Google account, you get 15GB of storage space for free. 


  1. You can attach files of all kinds including documents.
  2. It syncs with all your devices for easy access.
  3. You can share your files and folders with anyone for seamless collaboration. 
  4. It is integrated with third-party applications. 
  5. It backs up your files and folders.

Pricing: Your first 15GB of storage is free. 100GB storage costs $1.99 monthly.

Available on: Web, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac

88. Podio


Image credit: podio.com

Podio is a work management and business collaboration tool that gives you the freedom to decide what goes into it. 

Do you need new onboarding software? Or do you want tools for project management? It is entirely up to you to decide. It basically allows you to customize it. It gives the feel of building your platform to suit your specific needs. 


  1. Project management tools with customizable features
  2. Video and IM chat
  3. Webforms and email integration
  4. Content sharing and feedback workflow with your clients
  5. Sales and CRM tracking
  6. Automated progress reports

Pricing: From $9 per user, monthly

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

89. Airtable 

Image credit: airtable.com

Airtable is a suitable collaboration tool, especially if your team members prefer to manage projects on tools like Excel.

Its interface is similar to that of a spreadsheet and is easy to use by anyone with Excel experience. However, newcomers might find the functionality a bit much to adopt if they do not learn the formulas and functions.

It allows you to create and assign tasks, attach files, including notes, and set statuses. 


  1. It has the superpower of turning spreadsheets into a feature-packed project management tool.
  2. You can add attachments and links to your sheets, turn fields into checkboxes, text notes to fields, etc. 
  3. It allows you to manage projects in multiple views (through the gallery, grid view, calendar view, and the kanban). 
  4. It gives room for team members to interact with projects, update their task statuses, and prioritize individual workflows. 
  5. It has an instant messaging function for seamless collaboration. 

Pricing: Airtable has a free version. The plus version costs $10 monthly while the pro version costs $20 monthly. 

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

90. Ayoa 

Image credit: ayoa.com

Ayoa is an efficient project management tool, a fusion of Droptask and iMindMap. 

It has mind mapping features that help you plot out your ideas and convert branches of your mind maps into tasks. Its planning features allow you prioritize your tasks, set deadlines, and set reminders for your tasks. 

It also allows for great collaboration especially with its chat, sharing, and task assignment features. 


  1. Mind map sharing
  2. Gantt timeline view
  3. Video chat
  4. Real-time collaboration
  5. Quick onboarding
  6. Everything in one place

Pricing: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

91. Teamwork Projects 

Teamwork Projects
Image credit: pinterest.com

Teamwork Projects is a project management software that is not only affordable but very easy to use. It has a self-explanatory interface that makes it easy to navigate. 

On Teamwork Projects, each team member gets an account. The team leader is in charge of activities like setting the start date, end date, and milestones for each project. 

Every member of the team can use the app to track their important tasks and highlight how the progress of some tasks affects other team members. 


  1. Time tracking 
  2. Gantt chart
  3. Collaboration through messages, files, and notebooks
  4. Task management and optimization
  5. Kanban board view
  6. Unlimited free client users

Pricing: Teamwork Projects has a free version. The paid version starts from $5 monthly.

Available on: Windows, iOS,and Android

92. Wrike

Image credit: wrike.com

Wrike is a flexible project management solution for both big enterprises and small businesses alike. It is a great collaboration tool to track and manage projects.

One of its best features is that it lets you get up and running fast.

It allows people in the same team to log in to track their tasks, track the progress of other projects, and even watch how each task is contributing to the completion of the project. It can be integrated with other apps and its set up time is quick. 


  1. Customize tools for your team
  2. Enable seamless collaboration within the team 
  3. Gain 360° visibility on all your projects
  4. Customize features to suit your team’s exact needs
  5. Visualize your plans with Gantt charts
  6. Speed up projects with the help of built-in workflows

Pricing: Wrike has a free version. Business accounts cost $1,488 yearly for five people.

Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

93. Zoho Projects 

Zoho Projects is a  cloud-based project management software and a great productivity platform that allows you to manage your project seamlessly. 

Over the years, it has added features that make it very easy for teams to collaborate on projects.  It also has tools that will help you build your team or business. It has a free version that you can use forever. It offers a whole lot of features even in its free version. 


  1. Task management
  2. Zoho integrations
  3. Customizations and automation
  4. Time management
  5. User administrations
  6. Charts and reports 
  7. File imports
  8. Team collaboration

Pricing: Zoho Projects is free. Paid plans cost $25 per person, monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux

With these apps we have listed, you never have to worry about collaboration again.

Apart from adopting these productivity apps for your workspace, there are more apps that help you achieve productivity in your office or business. 

Keep on reading to find out. 


This chapter contains the best productivity apps for business and offices you will ever find. The best part is that they perform different functions, each tackling a different aspect of our worklife. 

Here they are:

94. Calendly 

Image credit: calendly.com

Calendly is a productivity app that helps you schedule meetings. 

It allows you to sync your calendar and choose your time slots, i.e,. when you will be available. When you need to schedule a meeting with a client, all you need to do is give the person your Calendly link and they can choose which slot works best for them. 


  1. Calendly workflows 
  2. CRM integrations
  3. Automatic reminder and follow-ups
  4. Browser extensions
  5. Multiple in-person and virtual location options
  6. Link sharing across several platforms

Pricing: Calendly’s basic plan is free. Premium plan costs $8 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

95. PhraseExpress 

Image credit: phraseexpress.com

PhraseExpress is a text expansion app that saves you the stress of typing the same things repeatedly. It can turn short snippets into full sentences. For example, it turns “addr” into your full address. 

The version with the most features is the Windows version. On Windows, it allows you to fill out forms and include Microsoft Word formatting in snippets. In its apps, you can add clipboard text into expanded text, send formatted text snippets and sync your text snippets across all your devices. 


  1. Snippet expander
  2. Customizable background color
  3. Free client manager software
  4. Text snippet organization
  5. Input forms
  6. Date/time stamps
  7. Random number generator

Pricing: Paid packages start from $49.95 yearly

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

96. Right Inbox

Right Inbox
Image credit: rightinbox.com

According to ntaskmanager.com, more than 250,000+ professionals have added Right Inbox to Gmail for next-level email productivity. 

Right Inbox is a Chrome extension that connects to your Gmail account. It helps you send better emails in less time, especially with emails that have to be sent repeatedly. 

It also helps you follow up with leads and track the number of email clicks and opens your email gets. Its reminder feature makes sure you never lose track of important emails. 


  1. Email tracking
  2. Reminders
  3. Follow-up email sequence
  4. Email templates
  5. Email scheduling

Pricing: Right Inbox has a free plan. The paid plan is $5.95. Team plans start at $4.95. 

Available on: iOS and Android

97. Salesforce

Image credit: salesforce.com

Salesforce is a great CRM application for growing businesses, both large and small. 

It has numerous features that can be accessed on a single platform. It is an ideal option for businesses that are expanding quickly because it is easily scalable. 

It has expanded its scope of streamlined options, making them easier and more affordable to make functional. It also provides third-party integration with thousands of software and apps. 


  1. Extensive business ecosystem
  2. Third-party integration
  3. Active online community
  4. Easy import process
  5. User-friendly productivity features

Pricing: There are a lot of options in its paid plan. Its paid plan begins at $25.

Available on: iOS and Android

X1 Search
Image credit: g2.com

Using X1 Search is one of the easiest ways to search for information on your device. It is a search software that provides the fastest and simplest ways to find the right information you are looking for. 

It searches for anything on your desktop and your email accounts. It eliminates the stress of searching for items manually. 


  1. It is easy to set up. 
  2. It works with SharePoint and popular email servers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail. 
  3. It can quickly find any email message or file on your hard drive.

Pricing: $79 per year

Available on: Windows

99. Strict Workflow 

Strict Workflow 
Image credit: pcmag.com

Strict Workflow is a productivity tool and a free browser plug-in that is based loosely on the Pomodoro Technique. 

This technique suggests that you work for 25 minutes and then take a short break of five minutes. This helps you stay fully concentrated. 


  1. Start a work/break timer with just a click.
  2. It automatically blocks popular distracting websites when you are working. 
  3. You can create personalized blacklists and lists of sites that are most distracting.

Pricing: Free

Available on: only Chrome

100. SwiftKey Keyboard 

SwiftKey Keyboard 
Image credit: swiftkey-keyboard.en.uptodown.com

SwiftKey Keyboard is a keyboard that is owned by Microsoft. 

This is not your regular keyboard. It is a custom keyboard. Instead of pressing each letter one at a time like regular keyboards, you type by swiping your finger around the keypad. 

It can be used to answer your emails, reply to texts and write documents. 


  1. It has a predictive text feature that tells you what you are trying to type, even when all you have are sloppy swipes. 
  2. It allows you to sync your information across multiple devices. 
  3. Its clipboard retains a copied text for up to an hour. 
  4. You can change your keyboard layout and undock your keyboard.
  5. It has plenty of free themes you can choose from. 

Pricing: SwiftKey Keyboard is free.

Available on: Android and iOS

101. Mopinion

Image credit: mopinion.com

Mopinion is a data analysis and reporting tool that helps you analyze feedback from the users of your mobile apps or websites. It does this with the help of real-time customizable forms and comprehensive data analytics. 

It collects data through in-page, email, and in-app forms. Apart from analyzing feedback data, it also analyzes text, emojis and commonly used words to figure out what the user wants. 


  1. Data analysis
  2. Dashboard
  3. Customizable feedback forms
  4. Text analysis
  5. Trend analysis
  6. Multi-channel feedback collection
  7. Sentiments analysis
  8. Integration with project management apps

Pricing: Mopinion has multiple plans with each plan having sub plans.

Available on: iOS and Android

102. Office 365

Office 365
Image credit: techrepublic.com

Office 365 is a full-featured suite of applications that help you streamline your work and make projects effortless. The tools in this suite include: Outlook, OneNote, Excel, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and others. 

Each tool has its own features. You can easily sync Office 365 across your devices to help you work wherever you are. 


  1. It is a suite of Office apps that help to increase productivity. 
  2. You can make real-time changes in Word documents.
  3. It is integrated with Skype to enable chat among team members. 
  4. It gives you offline access to the applications. 
  5. It allows you to edit and convert documents, slides, and spreadsheets into PDFs. 
  6. It syncs with mobile apps so you can work on the go. 
  7. It has 50GB of email storage. 

Pricing: The business plan starts from $5 per user, monthly. 

Available on: Windows, iOS, and Android

103. Onehub

Image credit: onehub.com

Onehub is a file-sharing tool that helps you share files seamlessly between team members within an organization. 

Even though the main focus of this tool is file sharing, it also carries out secure document management in the Cloud. All your files are managed with a sense of reliability and efficiency. 

But that is not all. You can also customize your virtual storage and file storage environment to suit your business needs. 


  1. It allows you to edit files with Google Drive.
  2. It has several preset limits for multiple users. 
  3. It secures documents by setting role-based permissions. 
  4. It allows invitation support for stakeholders. 

Pricing: Onehub has a free trial package. Paid options begin with the team package at $29.95 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

104. CloudConvert 

Image credit: chrome.google.com

If you are having issues getting a particular file format to work on your device and you want to convert it, CloudConvert is your best bet. 

This app supports over 200 different file types, from popular document files like .xls, .doc, to design files like .ai and .psd.

All you need to do is select the format you want, then convert and download. You can also convert your files in the background. It integrates with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive.


  1. Over 200 file formats supported
  2. Data security
  3. High-quality conversion
  4. Powerful API

Pricing: Monthly subscription starts from $9.

Available on: Chrome, Web, and iOS

105. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM
Image credit: hubspot.com

HubSpot CRM is a productivity app with a lot of automatic and intuitive features. It was designed with the modern world in mind. 

It makes your work as a manager easier by taking care of tasks like recording calls, managing data, logging emails, etc., and gives you more time to sell. 


  1. Contact database
  2. Content management
  3. Pipeline management
  4. Email tracking and archiving
  5. Shared history
  6. Task planning 
  7. Contact history
  8. Prospect database
  9. Lead timelines

Pricing: Free trial is available for HubSpot CRM.

Available on: iOS and Android

106. ABBYY FineReader 

ABBYY FineReader 
Image credit: pdf.abbyy.com

ABBYY FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software. 

It turns pictures of words into actual texts. It is one of the best OCR apps you can find. Other OCR software take pictures of pages and turn them to text but they can only do so for a few paragraphs at a time. 

ABBYY FineReader, on the other hand, can do entire books instead of just paragraphs. 


  1. It has the highest quality OCR in the software market.
  2. It has an editor that allows you to make corrections to the transformed texts. 
  3. It has a minimalist and straightforward interface.
  4. It is integrated with Microsoft applications like Word and Excel. 
  5. It allows you to scan and convert paper documents into electronic formats of your choice. 

Pricing: $199 for the standard version and $299 for the corporate version. 

Available on: macOS and Windows

107. Apple iWork

Apple iWork
Image credit:apple.com

Apple iWork is a complete office suite that is made up of three apps: Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes. 

Pages is for word processing, Keynotes is for presentations, and Numbers is for spreadsheets. If you have an Apple device, it is free to download and you can use it as a web app if you have an iCloud account. 

These three apps balance power with simplicity and ease of use.


  1. Create documents easily with Pages.
  2. Build spreadsheets with Numbers.
  3. Design presentations with Keynote.

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS and macOS

108. G Suite

G Suite
Image credit:r4ys.com

G Suite for Business (now Google Workspace) is the office suite for Google. 

It is the business version of Google Sheets, Docs and Slides. It also has other apps that ensure co-workers work productively. 

For example, Google Hangouts is a messaging app for teams. There are also video apps, voice conferencing tools, Gmail, shared calendars, and storage. These apps are collaborative. They save your work and sync them automatically. 


  1. Business-grade Google apps
  2. Professional email addresses
  3. Doubled Cloud storage
  4. User account management 
  5. Cloud search 
  6. Offline access

Pricing: Paid plans start at $6 per person, monthly

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows

109. Prezi

Image credit: support.prezi.com

Prezi is an online platform for making presentations. 

It has unique features that add fun and creativity to the process of making presentations. It uses a canvas-based approach to presentations instead of the traditional approach of switching between slides. 

You can create presentations on a wide canvas and zoom in and out on frames to shift focus. It is also an easy to use tool, and you have total control over how your presentations look, thanks to its customized templates. 


  1. Design templates
  2. Zooming in and out
  3. Add images and files
  4. Presentation analytics
  5. Charts and graphs
  6. Integration with Salesforce and Slack

Pricing: Standard plan is $5 monthly, the plus plan is $15 monthly, and the premium plan is $59 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

110. Screencastify 

Image credit: screencastify.com

Screencastify is a chrome extension that allows you to record a video of your screen. 

All you have to do is install the Chrome extension and begin to record videos of your device or any app on your device. You can record a presentation or a screencast. 

You can also edit your video after you are done recording. You can trim its length or crop the video. After your edits, it saves your recording to Google Drive.


  1. Create and share videos 
  2. Monitor engagement through the Watch page
  3. Add interactive questions to your videos
  4. Automatically save your videos to Google Drive
  5. Configure sharing settings and choose who can access your videos

Pricing: Screencastify has a free version. Its paid plans start at $29 yearly. 

Available on: Chrome

111. Snagit

Image credit: support.techsmith.com

Snagit is in the business of screenshots. It helps you capture the best screenshots and share them with your team members effortlessly.

It has an in-built screenshot editor which helps you make instant changes to your picture. You can also record yourself while working—thanks to the screen recorder feature—and share it with your team.


  1. Screenshot editor
  2. Screen recorder
  3. Audio recorder
  4. Video clips trimmer
  5. Image combiner
  6. GIF creator
  7. Integration with third-party apps

Pricing: Snagit’s pricing plans are dependent on your industry. Five main paid plans include individual, business, education,  government, and non-profit. 

Available on: iOS and Mac

112. Spark 

Image credit:sparkmailapp.com

Spark is a smart email tool that helps to transform your inbox into a productivity booster. 

Its Smart Inbox functions automatically group your emails, helping you separate the emails that are not important and prioritize those that are.

You also get to snooze particular emails for later, assign emails to team members, share drafts, set reminders for follow-ups, and schedule these emails to send them at a later time. 


  1. Smart Inbox allows you to find emails quickly with Smart Search, clean up your inbox and snooze not-so-important emails.
  2. Its Smart notification system notifies you of only the important emails.
  3. You have access to team emails where you can make private team comments, share drafts and template replies. 
  4. You can set reminders to follow up on important emails at the appropriate time.
  5. It allows team members to work on a particular email at the same time.

Pricing: Spark has a free version. Premium version is priced at $6.39 per user, monthly.

Available on: iOS, Mac, and Android

113. Spike

Image credit: spikenow.com

It is no news that taking notes is a major pain for remote professionals and workers, especially making sure they capture important ideas during a call or meeting. 

Spike makes this easy to do by allowing you to collaborate on notes in real-time. You also get to see how other team members interact with the notes, chat about specific information and streamline workflow thanks to its extensive toolset. 

It also allows you to schedule notes and share your notes with team members. 


  1. Real-time collaboration with notes and docs
  2. Assigning tasks to other team members
  3. Instant file sharing 
  4. In-app video and voice calls
  5. Integration with popular email providers
  6. Live sync across several platforms

Pricing: Spike is free for personal accounts. Business accounts cost $6 monthly. It also has a free trial option for business accounts. 

Available on: iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android

114. Fyle

Image credit: softwareadvice.com

Fyle is an expense-management software that is designed to boost productivity by taking over tasks like management tasks, tracking, and reporting mundane expenses. 

It allows you access to all your employee’s expense reports and other important documents in one platform. This reduces the time spent on collating physical records for tax payment. 

It has a policy check tool that can audit the expense reports of employees in real time. It also reconciles expenses and credit card transactions, and files business and receipts automatically. 


  1. Expense report creation via Gmail, text message, WhatsApp, Slack, and Outlook 
  2. Automation and scheduling of expense report creation and submission
  3. Integration with accounting and travel tools
  4. Corporate card reconciliation
  5. Auto-flag violations against company rules
  6. OCR-based receipt scanning
  7. Carry out bulk payments to several employees simultaneously

Pricing: Standard plan costs $4.99 per user, monthly. Business plans cost $8.99 per user, monthly. 

Available on: iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows

115. Foxit 

Image credit: foxit.com

Foxit is a productivity app that allows you to work with PDF files from any device. 

It lets you view or edit PDFs with its online editor, convert files to PDF format and sign your PDF documents. If you have issues to fix in your PDF file, you can edit it in Foxit’s mobile apps or online. 

This app has a lot of PDF-powered tools for several business needs. 


  1. Easily create PDF documents and forms
  2. Easily and quickly edit your PDF files
  3. Share and collaborate live with team members
  4. Export PDF file to popular file formats 
  5. Organize your PDF to support your workflows 
  6. Secure your documents with password encryption

Pricing: Business plan costs $8.99

Available on: Web, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

116. Scanbot 

Image credit: scanbot.io

Scanbot is a productivity app that stores important information through single scans. It digitizes images, documents, and pages of a contract. You can send these scans to fax in more than 50 countries. 

This app is smart. It automatically adjusts images taken in a hurry through perspective correction so your document is properly positioned before it is converted to a PDF file.


With Scanbot, you can:  

  1. Scan several types of documents including newspaper articles, receipts, business cards, whiteboards, etc. 
  2. Find QR codes for locations, URLs, contacts, etc. 
  3. Save documents to folders.
  4. Share your documents through email.
  5. Save scans in JPEG and PDF formats and save them to Cloud service.
  6. Play with multiple themes.

Pricing: Scanbot has a free version. The paid plan is $6.99

Available on: Android and iOS

117. Zapier 

Image credit: zapier.com

Zapier is an automation tool that saves your team time that would have been spent on repetitive tasks and switching between different apps.

It has thousands of automation available which make it easy for you to manage repetitive tasks between different apps.

With these automation in place, your team spends a lot less time on menial tasks. Instead, they can focus on more important tasks. 


  1. You can link your favorite apps together so they can share data which makes you spend less time switching between apps. 
  2. You can automate repetitive tasks between apps. 
  3. It contains a library of pre-built automation workflows for your apps. These are called Zaps.
  4. You can build your automation if you can’t find it in Zaps.

Pricing: Zapier is free for 100 tasks per month. Paid options begin at $19.99 monthly for 750 tasks.

Available on: Android, Web, Windows, iOS, and Mac

Your office work just got a lot easier. Cheers!

We know it has been a long read but do not worry. We are gradually getting to the end. 

But before we get there, we have another category you should watch out for. 


It is no news that automation eliminates the need for carrying out redundant tasks and gives us more time to carry out productive tasks. 

When it comes to web automation, these productivity apps should be your companion: 

118. IFTTT

Image credit: resources.com

IFTTT is an integration tool that integrates several applications for you based on the cause-and-effect principle. 

You can easily connect devices and applications. These combinations are called Applets.

When you create an Applet, you connect two devices and prompt IFTTT to complete the task for you. With IFTTT, you can pre-define a task and let it finish it on one app based on the conditions on the other app.


  1. Pre-built Applets
  2. Activity dashboard
  3. Custom notifications
  4. Simple-to-use user interface
  5. Over 300 application integrations

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS and Android

119. Semaphore

Image credit: semaphore.com

Semaphore helps to define your workflows and focus on developing your app. It allows developers to adopt continuous delivery by removing technical restrictions. 

This is done to reduce the number of employees needed and the need to purchase expensive infrastructure. 


  1. Programming pipelines
  2. Customizable scaling
  3. Incomparable flexibility

Pricing: Semaphore has a free plan. 

Available on: iOS and Android

Now that you have gone through both apps, pick whichever you think is best for you. You can even go for both. 

After you are done with that, it’s time to up our social media game with productivity apps. 


Let’s talk about how you can upgrade your social media experience with productivity apps. Here are some apps that can help you get more done and get more out of your social media activities and platforms: 

120. Hootsuite 

Image credit: hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is one of the oldest and most productive social media management platforms. 

You can access all your social media accounts from a single platform. You can monitor all your activities and get updates as they come in. 

It also allows you to schedule posts, assign tasks to your social media team, and measure the performance of all your social media handles. 


  1. Connect over 20 social networks
  2. Image, text, and video sharing
  3. Schedule and publish posts
  4. Social streams
  5. Analytics and insights

Pricing: Hootsuite has a free version. The professional plan is $19 monthly. The team plan cost $99 monthly. Business plan costs $599 monthly. 

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android

121. Buffer

Image credit: buffer.com

Buffer is one of the best social media management software there is. 

It helps you share content through several social media sites and stay connected to all your social accounts from one platform. You can also schedule your posts on your social media sites. Do all of this without having to manually log in to your social media sites. 

It also has advanced data analytics. 


  1. Two-step account login 
  2. Customized scheduling
  3. Send multiple posts in one click
  4. Profile management
  5. Social profile sharing
  6. Analytics and insights
  7. Multi-media format sharing
  8. Team collaboration
  9. Statistics monitoring and comparison

Pricing: Buffer has a free plan. Paid options start from $15 monthly. 

Available on: iOS and Android

122. Edison Mail

Edison Mail
Image credit: mail.edison.tech

Edison Mail is an all-in-one mobile email app that boosts your email management efforts. It supports several email clients and has a handy smart assistant. 

This app provides you with configurable swipe controls, handy bulk unsubscribe feature, auto-sorting of emails, and many more. You get real-time travel notifications that tell you about any travel-related messages like flight delays, gate changes, etc. 

It supports a lot of email platforms such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, and others. 


  1. Dark mode
  2. Smart notifications
  3. Custom swipe actions
  4. Built-in smart assistant
  5. Everything in one place

Pricing: Edison Mail is free

Available on: Android and iOS

This category might not have a long list but these three apps help you create a more productive social media experience, especially for your business. 

We are almost done. And here is our final category…


Finally, we have gotten to the last category of the best productivity apps. We are ending with a very important factor needed for optimal productivity—staying focused. 

What productivity apps can help you to stay focused?

123. Focus

Image credit: downzen.com

Focus helps you stay focused by blocking websites, applications, and even specific URLs. Even when you stray into your blacklisted pages or apps, it presents you with motivational quotes that give you the motivation to get back on track. 


  1. Block websites, specific pages, and applications
  2. Schedule your block durations and breaks for the time you need to rest
  3. Track how much you have saved through custom graphs and set new targets for productivity
  4. Choose what motivation quote you want to see when you visit a blocked site or app. You can even create your own quotes.
  5. The break mode feature allows you to take breaks after long work sessions. 
  6. Work with its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality to build your block lists

Pricing: Paid options include $9.99 monthly and $99.99 yearly. 

Available on: Mac

124. OmniFocus 

Image credit:omnigroup.com

OmniFocus is a productivity tool that helps you get more productive tasks done every day.

If you find it difficult to complete actions without the help of set goals or a to-do list, then this app is for you.  

It is a web app and a native app for iOS and Mac. It is also updated regularly by a team of developers.


  1. Add actions that help you remember what you need to do 
  2. Categorize your actions by projects and add tags for things like energy level, location, people, and priority 
  3. Review your actions and projects to keep you on track
  4. Put on notifications to remind you when an action is coming up 
  5. Sync your data to all your devices

Pricing: OmniFocus is priced at $9.99 monthly and $99.99 yearly. 

Available on: Web, iOS,  and Mac

125. StayFocused

Image credit: ccm.net

Considering that Stay Focused is free, this Chrome Extension has some great blocking abilities. Though you can’t block apps or use any browser apart from Chrome, you can enjoy cross-device website blocking as long as you are signed in to Chrome and Stay Focused is activated. 


  1. You can block the entire web, websites on your blocked list, or all websites except those listed on your exceptions list. 
  2. You can also block specific web pages or specific types of content. 
  3. The time-limit feature gives you room to spend a particular amount of time on websites you blocked if you still want access to the website. 
  4. It allows you to schedule a certain time for blockings or block sites immediately. 

Pricing: Free

Available on: Chrome

126. SaneBox

Image credit: sanebox.com

If you are interested in improving your existing email account, then you should take a look at this.  

SaneBox is an email management software. It goes into the backend of your email and rearranges your emails by sorting the unimportant ones away from your inbox. It also hides distractions. 


  1. The SaneLater feature holds up all emails that are not considered important.
  2. It syncs your organized emails across all your devices. 
  3. The SaneReminder feature notifies you when an email you sent has not been responded to. 
  4. It allows you to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and IBM Cloud to store and share large attachments that would normally not fit into an email. 
  5. It respects your privacy. It does not look at the content of your emails while sorting them out.  

Pricing: Payment starts from $7 monthly.

Available on: iOS and Android

127. Be Focused 

Be Focused 
Image credit: lifehack.org

Be Focused is a productivity app that is greatly influenced by the Pomodoro Technique. 

Just like I explained earlier, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management concept that encourages you to work in sessions of 25 minutes, after which you take a five-minute break. 

It gives you full customization throughout your focused sessions. 

The goal is to stay focused for 25 minutes and give your mind a break before it goes back to its focused state again.


  1. You can manage your tasks easily, time your work sessions and breaks. 
  2. It allows you to track your goals and see how well you are performing. 
  3. It gives you reports to show how productive your days are.

Pricing: Be Focused is $4.99 for Mac and $1.99 for iOS

Available on: Mac and iOS

128. Forest

Image credit: forestapp.cc

Forest is a very unconventional productivity app.

It is designed to prevent you from spending too much time on your phone and the entire process is gamified. 

This is how it works.

When you want to focus on a task, you plant a tree. The more you spend time away from your phone, the more the tree grows. Your tree can grow to become a forest. 

You also get virtual coins for staying focused on your tasks. 


  1. It adds a touch of fun to your efforts of staying focused. 
  2. You get to plant actual real-life trees in places where they are needed.
  3. You can track your progress, thanks to the trees, and see how long you stayed focused.

Pricing: Free

Available on: iOS and Android

129. Y-Productive 

Image credit: y-productive.com

Y-Productive is a fully-featured productivity tool. It tracks the time you spend working, what actions keep you from making progress with a task, and lets you block out distractions. 

It is also an app and website blocker.

The goal of the app is to make you more productive by identifying your distractions and getting rid of them. 


  1. It carries out a behavioral analysis on your actions by logging your web activities as either “productive” or “unproductive,” tracking time spent on these sites, and identifies your distractions. 
  2. It blocks websites that distract you with an in-built automatic website blocker which is accessible on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  
  3. It allows you to allocate your tasks under important projects.
  4. Get summarized reports that cover your performance and time spent on tasks, daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Pricing: Free trial is available for Y-Productive. Monthly payments start from $7. 

Available on: Mac and Windows

130. Zero Willpower 

Zero Willpower
Image credit: shaadlife.com

Zero Willpower is a website blocking app. It is that simple.

You are, however, limited to just the Safari browser on iOS and you can’t block apps. So, if you have the Safari browser and want to stay focused, you can easily block distracting websites with this app. 


  1. It allows you to block websites on the iOS Safari browser. 

Note: This app does not have a lot of features. This main feature is all you get. 

Pricing: One-off payment of $1.99

Available on: Safari on iOS

131. Mindful Browsing 

Mindful Browsing
Image credit: chrome.google.com

Mindful Browsing is an open-source extension for Chrome that helps you reduce your online activity and be more productive. 

This takes a detour from the norm of blocking websites and apps. Instead, it asks you if you are sure you want to move on to the websites on your list. You can decide to click yes or no. If you click through to one of the websites on your list, it will remind you after 10 minutes that you should be doing more productivity.

You also get to create a list of productive tasks you would rather be spending your time on. It reminds you of the tasks you should be completing. 


  1. It pops up with a question asking you if you want to access websites that you have listed as distracting. 
  2. It reminds you to get back to a more productive task when you are on a listed website. 
  3. It does not track your online activity. 
  4. It is open source so you have full access to the code and you can confirm that you are not being tracked. 

Pricing: Mindful Browsing is free

Available on: Chrome

132. Cold Turkey 

Cold Turkey
Image credit: getcoldturkey.com

Cold Turkey is a richly featured app and website blocking tool for both Windows and macOS. It is a great choice for laptops and desktops but since it does not work on mobile devices, you still have to battle with distractions on your mobile. 


  1. Enjoy unlimited apps and website blocking on the tool
  2. Block the whole internet without putting off your internet connection if you want to work offline 
  3. Create whitelists that serve as exceptions—productive websites you do not want to be blocked
  4. The Frozen Turkey feature allows you to lock your computer for a particular period for when you are taking breaks from the screen. 
  5. It has motivational block pages that contain motivational quotes which encourage you to get back to productive tasks. 
  6. Keep track of the distractions and update your lists 
  7. Add time limits to websites and apps instead of blocking them completely

Pricing: Cold Turkey is free or a one-time payment of $39. 

Available on: Windows and Mac

133. Noisli 

Image credit: noisli.com

When it comes to helping you relax and stay focused, Noisli does this with the help of specially curated sounds that fulfill this purpose. 

This app has sounds of the oceans, the rainforests, birds singing in the forests, rainfall, etc. You can even create your own mix of these sounds. 

It erases the need to play distracting music just to drown out the noise from your environment. 


  1. It has a random selection of sounds played through extended loops. 
  2. The sounds are recorded specifically to help you relax. 
  3. Create a playlist of sounds that promote concentration and give you a productivity boost. 

Pricing: Noisli has a free version 

Available on: Chrome extension, iOS, Android, and Web.

134. Freedom

Image credit: freedom.to

Freedom allows you to block distracting apps and websites so you can focus on the activities that matter most and stay productive. 

It is a productivity app that understands how simple actions like opening an email can make you lose concentration and take you minutes before you regain focus on the important job at hand.  

It is a very good app and website blocking tool but doesn’t have all the features of a productivity app. 


  1. You can block countless websites and apps that waste your time and distract you, from games to social media sites. 
  2. You can block the entire internet with just a click. 
  3. It allows you to sync blocked websites and apps across all your devices. 
  4. You can schedule your blocks in advance or in the moment. 
  5. The locked-mode feature stops you from ending a block session before the scheduled time elapses. 

Pricing: Free trial is available. There is a one-off fee of $129 and the monthly payment options begin from $2.24. 

Available on: Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS



This list seems long and we know it might be easy to get overwhelmed. 

But it is easy to get your preferred tool to suit your productivity needs. To make it easier, we will give you a summary of the best apps in the following categories. 

Best Apps for Pure Productivity Features 

Tool Activity tracking Time sessionsTimesheets Project management Task management Reports
Focus Booster
Be FocusedBasic

Best Apps for Cross-Platform Ability 

Let’s look at apps that are available on most platforms and can be used on any device. 

Tool DesktopMobileWeb App
SweetProcessWindows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
Todoist Windows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
WunderlustWindows, MaciOS, AndroidChrome, Safari
TrelloWindows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
Slack Windows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
MondayWindows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
TaskadeWindows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
TogglWindows, MaciOS, AndroidChrome, Firefox
PocketWindows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App
Zapier Windows, MaciOS, AndroidWeb App

Best Value for Money

Since value is subjective, we will be giving each app a score out of ten. Three major categories come into play: features, cost, and cross-platform ability. 

Tool Cost FeaturesCross-platform
SweetProcess$99/month for up to 20 active members10/108/10
RescueTime$9 monthly8/108/10
Focus Booster$4.99 monthly6/108/10
Toggl$18 monthly9/109/10
Be focused$4.9997/105/10
Monday$35 monthly8/108/10
Todoist $5 monthly7/109/10
Wunderlist$4.99 monthly8/109/10
OmniFocus$9.99 monthly6/109/10

Steps to Choosing a Productivity App

  1. Figure out what your needs are. 
  2. Access the tools that you are using currently and check if they meet your needs.
  3. Define the features you need in your productivity app. Create a list of criteria. 
  4. Identify the productivity apps that best suit your needs and criteria. Make a list.
  5. Study each app and choose the right one for you. 
  6. Test the productivity app to be sure it is the perfect choice for you
  7. Start your journey to increase productivity with your productivity app. 

These steps will guide you to finding the right productivity app for you and your business. If you are finding it hard to make a decision, then you need to read what we have for you next. 

Chapter 16: How SweetProcess Can Help You Achieve Maximum Productivity 

How SweetProcess Can Help You Achieve Maximum Productivity 

Getting a productivity app to suit your goals can be very tricky. Even though there are several apps for several purposes, you do not want too many apps on your phone. That would be another source of distraction, and in the long run, reduce your productivity. 

If you are looking for a productivity app that will help maintain that work-life balance, then SweetProcess is the productivity app you need. 

Not only does it help you carry out your daily tasks seamlessly, but it is also a great collaboration tool for teams. Apart from being a productivity tool, it takes things a step further: it helps you to grow and scale your business. 

Let’s take for example how Optiable improved their performance and increased productivity with SweetProcess. Before they began using SweetProcess, Craig (the owner) and his team found it hard to execute tasks effectively. There was always something amiss at the end of the day. 

They realized that the process of sorting out hundreds of items on their checklist was the problem. They began using SweetProcess and things changed. First, they could document their business processes comprehensively, and this improved employee efficiency. 

They were also able to organize their workflow and automate recurring tasks. What seemed overwhelming became easy. 

Things took a productive turn once they began using SweetProcess

The story is almost the same for Everywhere Wireless who decided to scale their business but could not meet operational demands. With the help of SweetProcess, they were able to onboard and train new employees, and scaling became much easier. 

SweetProcess provides you with a lot of tools to stay productive. With SweetProcess you can: 

  1. Document your procedures step by step.
  2. Combine several procedures to form a workflow.
  3. Turn your procedures into actionable tasks and assign tasks to team members. 
  4. Restrict access to selected members of your choice.
  5. Get team members to suggest improvements.
  6. Create a decentralized knowledge base from your procedures and policies.
  7. Integrate with over 1,000 apps.
  8. Track changes made to tasks with version history.
  9. Embed files and videos to your tasks and procedures.
  10. Collaborate in real-time with team members.
  11. Secure your account with two-factor authentication.
  12. Get access to email and phone support if you need help.
  13. Edit screenshots and images right inside SweetProcess.
  14. Print your documents for offline viewing.

You enjoy all of these and more with SweetProcess. But do not just take our word for it. Experience it for free. You get a 14-day free trial period to use SweetProcess (including its premium features) and determine if it is a good fit for you. 

You do not need a credit card to apply. And when you decide SweetProcess is your choice, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. 

Click on the link below to start your journey toward achieving maximum productivity


Now you have everything you need to get the best productivity app for you. All that is left is for you to make a decision. 

Do not get overwhelmed by the many options, however. 

Remember that with apps like SweetProcess, you can get most of the functions of each category in one app, whether it is creating a more productive team or getting your personal life in order. 

Also, you can choose more than one productivity app, depending on your preference and what your productivity goals are. 

To make things easier for you, we have created a cheatsheet of all 134 productivity apps. You can easily skim through the cheatsheet to see each app, its major function, its price, and what platform it is available on.

You can always quickly run through each app to make the right decisions on your next productivity apps.

Instead of going through this article again when you want to get your productivity app, the cheatsheet will guide you. 

To get your copy of the cheatsheet, click on the link below.

Get Our Cheatsheet on The Best 134 Productivity Apps!

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