How to Use CRM Software to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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How to Use CRM Software to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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If you are looking for a useful tool to help you and your marketing team then look no further from a good CRM software system. Not only is it incredibly important for sales, but for customer support, interdepartmental communication as well. It can automatically store huge amounts of data which can and will help you retain old customers plus attract new ones.

CRM software is designed to follow your sales journey from the very beginning. At its core, CRM is a data management system that helps you better connect with your customers. It’s no wonder the projected market value of CRM software is set to reach $96.39 billion by 2027, with a growth rate of 11.1% annually from 2020 to 2027.

 Here we will explore some CRM features which will vastly improve your company’s connection to its customers.


One of the biggest hurdles a marketer faces is looking through all that data they have about their potential customers and tailoring the right message so that their pitch has the maximum effect. Using a CRM simplifies the process where you have all that info in one place and can easily see which prospect has the biggest potential of becoming your customer. Especially if your business isn’t a big-size one, you should consider a small business CRM to attract more customers and grow your brand eventually.

You can look at an individual prospect’s company size, the base of operation, demographic, interests, etc. Then you can identify relevant patterns and target more people that are most likely going to use your product/service.

With this wealth of information, you can not only target your potential customers in a meaningful manner but also disqualify the people that will never use your service/product. This way you can increase your potential customer base in a way that’s fast and much more impactful.


One of the biggest problems a company can have is communication within its own departments. Sometimes marketing doesn’t talk to sales, sales don’t talk to customer service and a lot of useful information just gets lost somewhere in between. However, if you have all of these departments cooperating and communicating easily, through a CRM system, you can discover a lot more customer insights where you will have even more personalized interactions.

Social Networking

There are currently almost 3.78 billion active social media users worldwide today. And most of them use social media to communicate not only with their friends and family but with their brand or service as well. So it is of incredible importance to have your customer support work hand in hand with every major social media platform. And since you will be using CRM software each time a customer reaches out through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. or LinkedIn you will have all the relevant info about them on hand.

Not all of these interactions will be positive as people will interact with a company on social networks to complain, but if you can turn those complaints around you will have a customer for life. Not only that, but all of their online friends and family will see the interaction as well, making them better potential customers.

Retain Customers

Every marketer knows that getting a customer is only half the battle, the important thing is keeping them. When you have a high retention rate you can more easily predict growth and plan expansion more coherently. Whatever kind of CRM you may be using, be it cloud or mobile, you have to have your customer’s data accessible in the palm of your hand at any time and any place.  What links are they visiting? For how long? What are they finding on your site that drives their interest? When do they need to resupply? How often do they order a new product? You can automatically send them any discounts or sale offers and help them get the most value out of your professional relationship.


 When you have a thorough and detailed sales history of your clients you can increase engagement and sales with your customers. It’s simple, CRM systems will allow you to view your client’s entire history of interactions with you so that you can send them offers of any additional new things related to the product or service they already have. Also when it’s time to resupply you can send them a special discount on the related new offerings you might have.

If you’re working with clients or companies that buy the same thing every time or need to confirm a subscription payment, recurring payment platforms can get that initial step out of the way. Then, you can use their details to match them up with similar products or a better plan, depending on their needs. Don’t add anything new to the order without their consent.


We live in the world of the individual, and having a catch-all generic message just doesn’t attract customers as well as it did. Now those kinds of marketing campaigns make you seem boring and out of touch. The value of having insights into your prospect’s purchasing habits means you can more easily convert them into customers and even retain them long-term. This is why more and more companies rely on CRM systems, the combined ease of use and the personal touch they offer to every customer makes them the future of marketing.

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