How to Use Video Messages for HR and Sales for Small Businesses

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Video marketing is sometimes a sales channel overlooked by small businesses, mainly, because they do not understand it. Video ads are sometimes considered only for creative ads or information, but something out of reach for the small entrepreneur. These days even the HR team uses them for short but creative company updates.

Video Messages

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Video Messages for HR

Modern Human Resources teams need to communicate online now more than ever. While app texting is the most common format, sometimes company updates require a more personal approach through video messaging. While it is easy to use tools like Loom for quick and short recordings, HR teams who really wish to make an impact should learn a few but easy editing skills to record engaging update videos. Not only do you want to record yourself, but to broadcast charts, secondary recordings, and some visual effects here and there.

Tools Required

Camera – There are no big equipment requirements. A small personal quality camera does the job. A 360 camera like the Insta360 with a creator lite kit has all the equipment required. Produces 360 shots that are crucial for the upcoming VR market, invisible selfie stick, and a placeholder.

Video Editor – A simple yet rich online video editor like the one from Movavi is easy to use without any expertise in editing. It allows you to make quick cuts, video enhancements and includes a music library.

Video Ads for Small Businesses

Video ads are at present a trendy low-cost advertisement channel for all types of businesses. One of the best tools out there to transform interest in your product or service into a sale. Video ads can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Search, newsletters, and on your own product page.

 Here are some basics of what online video ads can achieve.

  • Brand recognition
  • Powerful traffic channel to your website
  • Very informational
  • More powerful as a trust source than articles

The following are a few tips that can make your video ad really effective.

First 10 Seconds Are Crucial

Attention needs to be retained as quickly as possible. Spark interest with a surprising and engaging statement so the potential customer does not bounce back. For this, you really need to know your target market and their needs and wants with respect to what you offer. Reproduce that fear or need that they have very graphicly. It can be a scenario acted out, say for example someone is jogging and it’s about to fall through a coverless sewer and then a black screen introduces an insurance policy because you never know what could happen.

It doesn’t always have to be fear, but it has to be powerful imagery in order to demand attention.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

One of the advantages of videos compared to other forms of advertising is how they can position your brand more easily. This is a format that is visual and audible. You have the room to reproduce as many things as you want related to your product or service. Let your potential buyers know why your brand is better compared to others, and that can be achieved without even being direct. It can be expressed with track records, industrial accolades, time in the market, customer testimonials, or compare your product performance against the competition directly, just like this Clickup vs Jira campaign.

The 30 Second Mark

Your video should not be longer than 30 seconds, especially when we are talking about an ad. Brand positioning positions can touch this limit or more while a sales pitch should be 10 to 15 seconds, it should not require more than that to deliver your message. If you have lots to tell and pitch then consider fragmenting your campaign into a series of ads. This works really well with Google video ads since tracking cookies make sure your ad series follows around those who watched the first video. In the context of video ads for small businesses, consider using Ssemble YouTube Shorts Maker to easily create engaging YouTube Shorts from existing videos.

Focus On That CTA

Think well about how you are going to use the call to action. It can either be filmed or expressed through text. Many companies prefer to use text to make sure the viewer understands clearly the message instead of trying to solve what the ad is pitching them. Be very direct.

Sales and HR are just some of the application videos that can be used to scale your online business. They can also be used to support user manuals, customer service, enrich the knowledge base database, and onboarding tutorials for new employees.

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