Tips On Planning & Monitoring Enterprise Product Development Project

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Enterprise Product development is the process of keeping track of software development that completes the user’s specific requirements. The final product developed under this process is fully customized to enhance the user experience for the B2B or B2C company’s clients. Enterprise product development is mainly used by businesses. Product development is the process of converting a client’s idea and their requirement of a product or service into a workable software application.

What Is Product Development?

Product development or Enterprise Product development is a complete process including all stages covered in the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). In simple words, it encompasses the complete product management process starting from the concept of the product to launching the product in the market. This process includes the following different stages of the Product development life cycle.

Understand The Market Need

Your product is a solution you give to your users for the problems they might be facing. You can understand the problem by doing surveys, having conversations with ideal customers, or using other research methods.

Demand For Products

Before starting the development make sure that your product will help a higher number of people to solve their problem. The more your product is in demand, the more you will grow your business with this product.

Authenticity Of Product

Before spending too much time on designing and development, create a small prototype with limited features or beta version of your product including your problem-solving solution in a basic manner and offer this prototype to some selected customers for their feedback. This feedback will help you to understand whether your product is helping them to solve their problem or not? If their feedback is positive you can move further for the development process, but if not, then you can redesign your product according to the feedback.

Strategy Planning

When your initial version of the product with enough functionality will solve the user’s problems is in the market. You will start getting enhancement, changes, and suggestions via user feedback and after a particular time, this feedback will help you to plan your product’s development life cycle and strategy for marketing your product to attract more users who face the same problem.

What Is Product Planning?

The most successful product development starts with the proper planning phase. The more your idea gets clear during this planning phase, the more it will get easier to build and complete the project. For proper planning, you need to do these two things.

1.   Write Down Your Ideas

When you write down your ideas, you are able to get a clear picture of the concept. It’s like giving a roadmap to the ideas that were running in your head. Once you put everything on paper, you will be able to find a way to get to the next level.

2.   Look For What Is Already Built

Once you are done with putting your ideas on paper, you should go for some research instead of designing or developing from scratch. Find inspiration from something that already exists and how would you like to modify it. You can use this research result for an easy development process.

Following are some tips that will help you properly plan a project development.

●      Get Clear Vision

In the planning phase when you write the complete concept on paper, you will be able to envision the product clearly and you can move to the development phase.

●      Role Assignment

Gather a team who are experts in their particular domain. Have a detailed discussion about the project and assign them their role and responsibility for that particular project.

●      Work Process & Tool Selection

There are lots of work process methods. Ask your team and take their opinion on which methodology they are comfortable with while working on the same project. You should also select the best practice tool for development purpose

●      Set Meetings And Deadlines

Schedule follow-up meetings at a particular time. You must set a deadline for final product delivery as well as for every development level. So you can complete each development level in a particular time effectively.

What Are PowerPoint Timeline Templates And What Is Their Role in a Product Management Project?

A timeline displays a complete representation of information or incidents in chronological order. A PowerPoint timeline template is one of the most popular templates used by businesses to pitch their projects to their clients.

PowerPoint timeline templates are utilized by business and project management experts because they are easy to understand, present information in a succinct, professional, and intuitive way, and keep the audience engaged and focused.

The minimalist format allows you to focus on vital information while still presenting it to the audience in a visually appealing manner. This timeline structure is ideal for organizing project stages into time series sequences.

What Is Product Monitoring? How Is It Important In Product Development?

Product monitoring starts from the initial phase when a developer starts building the design with an idea. It includes project cost, development level, timeline, user requirement, and other things. It can be done by monthly or weekly follow-up from the development team. It will help management to point out the problems that occur during different development levels. Effective monitoring helps you to know if your development fulfills user requirements or not.

Monitoring a single task in product development is easy. But monitoring different projects which are on different development levels and having different visions is one of the challenging tasks. Keeping everything on the scheduled timeline is not an easy task and that’s where monitoring comes into action.

Product monitoring helps you to keep track of development progress. With this information, you can set meetings, reschedule deadlines, more focus on bug solving, and meet the client’s expectations.

Following are some steps that guide you to monitor your project development.

Plan Your Monitoring Process

While planning your development process you must plan your monitoring process about how you are going to monitor every development process. You can use different tools or flags to monitor every task by using working, done, issue/bug, not started, or any other flags which you find adequate.

Responsibility Assignment

There is always a team of experts to monitor the product. The team will be responsible for monitoring the entire project and reporting it to management with all the details. These details must include deadline completion or overdue, issues faced during the development, solutions for that issue, and the changes required.

Report management

Maintaining the report at each stage of development as well as monitoring to understand the overall progress of the product development. The report will tell you real-time problems your team has faced, deadline completion for each level, completion of the product development within the given time, and most importantly, whether your product matches the customer requirements or not.


Planning and monitoring the project development process at the enterprise level is not an easy task. You have to be skilled to handle the different projects at the same time. You can use some well-known tools like Jira, Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall to be your helping hand. These tools will help you to keep track of your work. As the planning and monitoring task is done manually, these tools will come in handy to keep a proper record of each phase.

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