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Ryan Dibble, COO and founding member at Flyhomes

Building Customer Trust With Effective Problem Solving Skills

As the chief operating officer and founding member at Flyhomes, a real estate agency, Ryan Dibble adopts a customer-centric approach in his operations with an emphasis on effective problem…

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Carlos Amaya, director of operations at Corvia

Increasing Business Profits With Sales-Driven Operations

Gaps in an organization’s operations reflect in its sales and lead to low revenues.

As the director of operations at Corvia, a payment solutions provider, Carlos Amaya streamlines the…

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AnneMarie Witecki, hospital administrator at Arkansas Children's Northwest

How to Identify and Develop Competent Leaders Among Your Team

Employee motivation acts as a driving force for an organization’s success.

As the hospital administrator at Arkansas Children’s Northwest, AnneMarie Witecki implements processes that enhance employee motivation and…

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Isaac Vaughn, chief operating officer at Zenefits

Improving the Customer Experience With the Right Processes

A great customer experience builds trust and loyalty for long-term engagement.

As the chief operating officer at Zenefits, a workflow software, Isaac Vaughn implemented processes to continuously improve the…

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Rohit Sharma, chief operating officer at ThriveDX

Scaling Your Operations Systematically for Optimal Performance

Scaling business operations is counterproductive without the right systems and resources.

The chief operating officer at ThriveDX, Rohit Sharma, adopts a systematic approach to scaling the organization’s operations effectively…

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Mike McCarthy, the chief financial and chief operating officer at Northern Essex Community College

Building a Conducive Environment for Collective Success

Making a career shift from the public sector to the private sector, Mike McCarthy finds that trust is a constant variable for success. As the chief financial and chief operating…

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Jennifer Templeman of Jumpstart

Creating a Strong Employee Support System for a Successful Business

Are you confident in your team’s ability to deliver great results on the job? Empowering team members with the right knowledge and equipment enhances their competence. 

As the chief…

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Kristen Harris of Portfolio Creative

Onboarding New Employees Remotely With Purposeful Virtual Interactions

Onboarding new employees remotely is challenging for many organizations due to the absence of physical and in-person interactions.  

As the chief operating officer at Portfolio Creative, a staffing and…

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Natalie DiBattista of DiBattista Consulting

Creating a Positive Work Culture to Promote Employee Retention

A  high level of staff retention enhances an organization’s capacity to accomplish its goals. 

As a hospitality business consultant, Natalie DiBattista helps businesses to resolve the biggest challenge of…

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