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Dr. John Tupponce is the chief operating officer at City Year, a nonprofit. He’s an experienced senior leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. A doctor of education (Ed.D.) from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. John Tupponce is passionate about building common learning experiences for leaders. His skills include strategy development, nonprofit organizations, team building, coaching, and instructional design.

Building Effective Teams in a Competitive Market

There’s no limit to what an organization can achieve with the right people.

As the chief operating officer at City Year, a nonprofit, Dr. John Tupponce accomplishes the organization…

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Tim Lantz, chief operating officer at Caresyntax.

Aligning Your Team With Your Organization’s Core Values for Sustainable Growth

People are an essential asset of any business. How you manage them determines your organization’s outcome.

As the chief operating officer (COO) at Caresyntax, a surgical healthcare software and…

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Chad Pytel, founder and chief operating officer at thoughtbot.

Creating a Standard Framework for Remote Team Success

Transitioning from his role as the chief executive officer to the chief operating officer at thoughtbot, a software design and development agency, Chad Pytel enhances the organization’s operations across…

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Drew DeWalt, chief operating officer at Rhumbix.

Growing Your Business With Relevant Feedback

Feedback helps in creating better products and services. But if you aren’t careful, you might waste time and resources implementing misaligned feedback.

As the chief operating officer at Rhumbix…

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Chris Kline, chief operating officer at Bitcoin IRA.

Scaling Your Business With Effective Documentation

Effective documentation gives businesses a clear blueprint for operations.

As the chief operating officer at Bitcoin IRA, a financial services platform, Chris Kline implemented regulatory standards and scaled up operations…

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Omer Granot, CEO at Localize

Emerging Into New Markets With Results-Driven Strategies

The quality of your team can either make or break your business expansion.

Coming on board as a chief operating officer at Localize, a real estate tech-focused company, Omer…

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Chip Hardt, chief operating officer at dscout

Debottlenecking Processes for Improved Operations

Continuous improvement is the pathway to sustainable business growth.

As the chief operating officer at dscout, a consumer-insight company, Chip Hardt sets the pace for continuous improvement by creating…

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Ryan Johnson, regional director of operations at Castle Group

Managing Employee Needs for Improved Business Operations

As the regional director of operations at Castle Group, Ryan Johnson understands the relationship between employee motivation and customer satisfaction. He prioritizes the well-being of his team members so…

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Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder and chief operating officer at DrChrono

Driving Success via a Collective Team Effort

Success in business is most achievable when the entire team is on the same page.

Doubling as co-founder and chief operating officer at DrChrono, a healthcare software provider, Daniel…

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Rajaa El Oualidi, senior director of operations at UDR

Developing a Customer Service–Conscious Team for High Performance

Effective customer service is a collective effort of every employee.

Rajaa El Oualidi brings her wealth of experience in customer service to the table as a senior director of operations…

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