How Awesome Dynamic Cut Down on Their Onboarding and Training Time by 50%.

How Awesome Dynamic Cut Down on Their Onboarding and Training Time by 50%.


Awesome Dynamic is a B2B eCommerce consulting company with 20 full-time employees. They are an Amazon consulting agency that helps clients understand how to sell on the Amazon platform. They work with businesses of all sizes and manage their Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts as well as offer training.

Awesome Dynamic chose to work with SweetProcess to help identify and streamline their employee onboarding process. Now that this ‘Sweet Process’ is in the works they are looking forward to implementing our tools for every process and procedure that their company follows.

Highlights of Results Awesome Dynamic got from using SweetProcess:

  • They cut down on onboarding and employee training time by 50%.
  • It is easy to search and located the necessary documents as they are all in one place.

Listen to the audio interview:

Hurdles to Keeping Process and Procedure Documents Organized

Timothy Dworianyn is the senior Amazon consultant,

Timothy Dworianyn is the senior Amazon consultant at Awesome Dynamic.

and Nicole Terborg is the director of marketing at Awesome Dynamic.

Nicole Terborg is the director of marketing at Awesome Dynamic

As a G Suite organization, they were initially trying to use Google Sites and Google Docs to keep process and procedure documents organized. But they quickly found that it was difficult for their team members to search and find relevant information, as there was no standardization.

Another effort to organize essential information for employees was to utilize Google Sites as an intranet option. What started out as a clear and organized operation turned into a struggle because the staff all had a different method of documenting procedures and the most up-to-date documents weren’t all located on this site.

“There were a lot of different struggles with that platform,”

added Dworianyn.

Initial struggles included the time spent trying to keep all their documents organized. There was also low adoption and usage of the tool by employees. That was prompt to find a new solution instead of trying to solve problems on their existing platform.

“We couldn’t see ourselves scaling with the systems we were using,”

noted Dworianyn.

Why SweetProcess?

Awesome Dynamic’s biggest pain point was constantly having to train new people on the same things over and over.

 “We worked with different process consultants and understood that systematizing was a key part to us growing and expanding as a company,”

said Dworianyn.

Dworianyn and Senior Amazon Consultant Spencer Tintorri were tasked with finding a solution that was better than what they were using. They Googled solutions and read several blog comparisons. They narrowed their choices down to four tools, which they quickly whittled down to two—SweetProcess and Process Street. There were things they liked and didn’t like about both but ultimately felt SweetProcess would be a better tool for their needs.

They were initially skeptical about SweetProcess because they didn’t find much documentation on how to use the tool. But when they spoke with Owen, he did a great job of demonstrating the tool, offering to show examples of processes and procedures.

They also noted that the website did not instill a lot of confidence because they got the sense that SweetProcess was a new company. But as a startup company—nine years in the making—they understood the benefits of working with a new company. New companies are generally willing to listen to customer feedback and adapt.

Dworianyn said,

“We thought it would be great to grow with a company that’s also growing.”

Talking to Owen, they also discovered that SweetProcess was transparent about current shortcomings and features to be added. That and the fact that the cost was practical gave them the confident reassurance to take the plunge.

Improving by Leaps and Bounds

Dworianyn and Terborg always wanted to make themselves available to employees who had questions. But they soon discovered it was empowering for team members to be able to find what they were looking for in SweetProcess. Part of their hiring process involves finding people who are good at problem-solving and finding solutions on their own, and they’ve found SweetProcess to be a valuable tool to that end.

One of the biggest results Awesome Dynamic has achieved with the use of SweetProcess is cutting down on employee onboarding and training time by 50%.

Terborg said:

“The other item that it has helped with is lessening the amount of time we search for a document. When we were using Google Sites, there were copies of copies of edits. With the business we’re in, things are constantly changing. We are having to change our procedures to keep in line with Amazon’s website or dashboard changes. Now we can go into a single document in SweetProcess, update it, and everyone has access to it and knows where it is.”

Dworianyn also commented on how robust the search is within SweetProcess. With Google Sites, they found that employees couldn’t find documents unless they knew exactly what they were called. SweetProcess allows employees to search for similar terms and still get relevant results so they can find what they need.

Terborg added,

“The search tags are amazing. People’s brains work in different ways and they will name something in a different way, or they’ll go to search for something using different terms, and they can still find what they’re looking for. It’s really nice to have those search tags.”

Finally, Dworianyn shared,

“SweetProcess is a great drag and drop, or copy and paste interface. There are things that can be improved upon, but it’s leaps and bounds ahead of what we were using previously.”

Want the same results or better for your organization?

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