How AEJuice Used Optimal Training and Knowledge Base to Build a More Effective Customer Support Team

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Jacob Syrytsia, Chief Executive Officer at AEJuice, is the go-to person if you want to create videos to promote your business online. Today, his business is worth $2 million in revenue, but it didn’t happen overnight. He had to build his business from scratch. 

Getting buy-ins from customers presented a challenge. Despite having a good product, Jacob wasn’t getting the desired patronage. He and his team had to go back to the drawing board to figure out the missing puzzle piece. 

Part of the missing puzzle was a streamlined business process. His commitment to streamline his business processes led him to SweetProcess. It’s been a core part of his company’s growth. Jacob gave a window into his journey with SweetProcess. 

Jacob Syrytsia - Chief Executive Officer at AEJuice
Jacob Syrytsia – Chief Executive Officer at AEJuice

About AEJuice

Established in 2015 by Jacob Syrytsia and Mark Duval, AEJuice consists of motion designers and software engineers that create videos for business promotion, especially on social media. 

Based in Florida, the organization offers a drag and drop feature that simplifies the video creation process for entrepreneurs who want to get hands-on and create their own videos to promote their products and services. 

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The Pain of Answering Unending Questions 

Customer support is a huge part of AEJuice’s business as they help their customers use their products effectively. Everyone on the support team has to be on their A-game to be efficient.  

In the absence of documented procedures, Jacob had to explain everything to his support team members. But with his explanation came tons of questions; they always needed more guidance on their tasks. 

“We had the support team and it was growing. We didn’t have any documented procedures for internal processes and it was pretty painful when somebody joins and you have to explain it all over again.”

He figured that documenting the procedures would help. He did that and gave his employees the document, but they always came back with more questions even with the document in their hands. 

Answering the same questions over and over again was a huge part of Jacob’s responsibilities at work. There was little or nothing that could be done in his absence so he had to always be available for things to get done. 

SweetProcess Came Highly Recommended 

Jacob is one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to look too far to find SweetProcess. The software came highly recommended by his tutor in an online course. 

Given the credibility of the source, he believed that SweetProcess would be worth it so he gave it a try. And by the end of his 14-day free trial, he signed up for the product. 

Jacob is glad that he signed up because, according to him, SweetProcess allowed him to go on a vacation without worrying about his business. 

“With SweetProcess, I was able to take a vacation. I didn’t have to be there all the time. It allowed me more free time.”

How SweetProcess Impacted AEJuice Tremendously 

When tedious and cumbersome business processes are streamlined, you have the time to focus on other important areas of your business. It wasn’t long before Jacob and his team began to enjoy the benefits of using SweetProcess. 

1. Effective Documentation 

Your business operations consist of various processes and procedures that your employees must master. You could explain these processes and procedures to them over and over again. Or you could streamline the process and document them for your employees’ use.  The latter is a better option because employees can better perform their duties independently with all the information that they need at hand. 

“We had a basic guide on the website and that was pretty much it, I’d say study it and go figure it out. But they came back with questions. Every day I’d get like 5, 10 questions.”  

With SweetProcess, Jacob found a better way to address the unending questions from his teammates. 

“Whenever I get a question and I see that it could be asked more than a few times in the future, I try to document each step that I do to solve it. Let’s say we need to add a new member to our support team, I take screenshots, point arrows of where to click, and import it to SweetProcess. When somebody needs to add a support agent, they can do it without me.”

Documenting business processes and procedures is so easy with SweetProcess, thanks to an array of documentation features including texts, videos, charts, and graphs to create action-based instructions. 

2. Employee Onboarding and Training

Employees often get blamed for their inability to execute their tasks effectively. But an organization can’t exonerate itself from the incompetence of its employees if it didn’t train them adequately. 

Without the necessary resources for the job, it’s only expected for new hires to seek guidance or do the wrong thing when the needed guidance isn’t available. 

With SweetProcess, the organization makes provision for all the information that new employees need to perform optimally. 

“When somebody joins, I send them some links to the SweetProcess and say just watch this, read this and get back to me when you are ready. It’s like self-based training,” explained Jacob. 

Jacob understands that all his support agents don’t have to come ready with all the needed skills. With SweetProcess, he’s able to train them on all the skills that they need to be efficient. 

“We have a guide about how to use all our products. We have almost 15 of them and it explains everything about them. We have a training about basic aftereffect knowledge. I don’t expect all the support agents to know about aftereffects, that’s why we need to train them.”

3. Centralized Knowledge Base 

A workforce is effective when every team member knows their onion and can deliver great results. When knowledge resides in the heads of just a few, a team can’t be said to be well-grounded. What happens when the knowledgeable ones are indisposed? Your operations stop at your expense. 

There’s a need to create a centralized knowledge base where team members can access work instructions. 

“For every department, we have a separate knowledge base and there’s a manager for each department. Either the manager or I keep it up to date. Whenever someone asks ‘how do I use this tool?’ I just send them a link and it saves me about an hour of explaining.”

A Different Ball Game  

It’s no longer business as usual for Jacob. Implementing SweetProcess changed his typical day for the better. 

“I can now spend more time on bigger problems. SweetProcess frees your time.”

With that in mind, Jacob reveals that his next big goal is to scale up his business and enter new markets. 

What You Must Do To Streamline Your Business Effectively 

If you are looking to streamline your business operations, Jacob advises that you get SweetProcess first and then write down all the common questions that get asked in your business.

“You don’t need super details and explanations from the beginning. You can document the basic processes, send it to your team and see if someone comes back with questions and grow it as you go.”

Your Chance to Transform Your Business

Sometimes, using the right tool is a game-changer in business. In Jacob’s case, SweetProcess helped him to create a more competent support team, increasing the satisfaction rate of his customers. Here’s your chance to replicate his success story in your business. It gets even more interesting as SweetProcess offers a 14-day free trial without a credit card. If you are pleased with the system at the end of your trial, you can sign up. If it’s not a good fit for you, you can end the trial at no cost to your business.

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