5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the HR Department

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Everyone knows the HR or Human Resources Department when they apply for work and get hired. Aside from being part of the interview process, only a few have a deep understanding of the functions of this department. Most of the time, the company’s HR department is feared by many.

Most of the time, people associate a visit to HR with company violations or infractions. The HR department isn’t just about hiring or firing employees in a company.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the HR Department

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The Function of HR in an Organization

The HR department of a company plays a crucial role in the growth and success of an organization. Remember, each employee in your company plays a vital role in your climb to success. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a strong HR team to manage your employees.

No matter where you are in the world or whatever culture you are accustomed to, having an excellent HR team is a must for your company. There is an HR consultancy firm that will be glad to extend their help to your company and assist you in achieving your goal.

If your company is in Australia, you might want to check out the top Perth HR Consultants to help get improvements for your HR department. The same goes if your organization is located in the US or UK. Check out the top local HR consultancy firms you know can provide you with what you need.

It is also vital that you educate your workers and let them understand the role of HR in your company. If you don’t know what other functions your HR has, here are some that you should know about:

Feeling Unsafe Within the Workplace

Not all places will feel like a haven for some of us. If you are in a great workplace now and feel safe working in that space with different people, consider yourself lucky. However, not everyone is as fortunate.

Some employees don’t feel safe in their workplace and go to work every day feeling uneasy. If you or a colleague is experiencing this, you should discuss it with your HR. No matter where you’re working, every company’s HR department will love to help you with such issues.

You can talk to HR if you are concerned about your private space, physical safety, or mental distress. It can include notifying the HR team about a toxic working environment or unhealthy office statuses, such as poor ventilation, mold infestation, and unfriendly workmates.

Filing for Leave

Every one of us has multiple responsibilities in and out of the workplace. Although attendance is vital in assessing an employee’s performance in a company, giving them time off is crucial for improving their performance.

So, if you are an employee looking to file for a leave, you must talk to your HR. HR is the one responsible for allowing you to take that time off for whatever reason you may have. In addition, they are the ones who will reassign your tasks to other workers while you are away.

They will also check if you are eligible for paid leave and make sure you get compensated accordingly. You can even discuss your leave with HR before deciding to take it so that you will know what is in store for you, and you can plan accordingly.

If You Experience Discrimination in the Workplace

You can experience discrimination anytime and anywhere, especially in the workplace. Discrimination in an employment setting occurs when an individual or group is unfairly treated based on certain characteristics.

If you happen to be a victim of discrimination in your workplace, you should talk to your HR manager as soon as possible. You can voice out to your HR manager and tell them what was happening inside the office to address it appropriately.

To Resolve Any Conflict and Improve Employee Relationship

One of the job functions of HR is employee mediation. Workplace conflict is inevitable. Putting strangers together with different beliefs, upbringings, and personalities can often create conflict in the workplace. If left unresolved, the conflict will eventually grow and blow up.

If you have any misunderstanding with your co-worker, you must visit HR and ask for help to resolve whatever issue. Putting an end to any conflict in a workplace is vital to ensure that you are creating a healthy working environment for everybody.

Witnessing or Being a Victim of Unjust or Illegal Act Inside the Workplace

Are you a victim or a witness to an illegal act that occurred inside the workplace? It would be best if you discussed it with HR immediately. There are also many employees, especially women, who have been sexually assaulted in the workplace.

Remember to document all the happenings in the HR department. It is considered the proper place to discuss and document any illegal and unjust act inside an organization. The HR team will help you look for solutions to your issues. They might already have the solution, and you only need to ask them to share it with you.

End Note

Now that you know some situations where a visit to HR is beneficial, it’s time to start treating them more as friends than something scary. An excellent HR not only helps improve employee morale. It also helps the company to develop further.

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