How Resolute Legal Successfully Scaled up by Creating a Structure for Its Business Operations

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How Resolute Legal Successfully Scaled up by Creating a Structure for Its Business Operations

Founder and managing lawyer at Resolute Legal David Brannen was inspired to establish his business due to an unpleasant experience he and his family had with the law when he was a child. 

His fisherman grandfather and other members of his family were out fishing when they sighted a boat coming in their direction. When all efforts to alert the boat to divert proved abortive, his grandfather brought out a short gun and fired shots at the boat to get it to divert. A court case ensued afterward. Technically, his grandfather won the case, but he did not get any compensation. David would later find out that his grandfather was not compensated because his lawyer did not present his evidence properly.

He established his organization to help people in similar situations, but had a hard time finding his footing due to the many moving pieces. He recognized the need to create a structure and bring other people on board to assist him in moving his company forward. He sought the right system for the job, and SweetProcess came in handy. David gives us insights into how SweetProcess has been a significant part of his business growth.

David Brannen, Founder & Managing Lawyer of Resolute Legal
David Brannen – Founder & Managing Lawyer, Resolute Legal

About Resolute Legal

Resolute Legal is a Canadian-based law firm specialized in helping Canadians win compensations and payments regarding disabilities from parties involved, such as their employers, insurance companies, workers’ compensation programs, and the CPP Disability Program.

Committed to giving clients value for their money, the organization works on a contingency fee basis. It only gets paid a percentage if the client wins the case. The organization’s focus on only disability claims has sharpened its expertise in that area and gives it an edge in handling cases. Having handled and won several cases, its lawyers understand how to present clients’ cases in court to get favorable outcomes.

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The Biggest Pain Point

David was driven by the passion to help people with disabilities to get the compensation they deserve, but he needed to get his business up and running to achieve his goal. He was doing everything all by himself when he started his company in his bedroom, and he didn’t have to think and plan about scaling up his business.

The absence of a structure in his business was a hindrance for David to achieve his goal, and that became a serious concern. He was in a frantic state, thinking about all the things that could go wrong if he did not figure out his business soon.

Discovering SweetProcess

As David struggled with juggling all the tasks on his hands in the early days of his business, he was advised that he would not be able to grow unless he created a structure in his business.

“I had someone tell me probably in the six months to a year before I got SweetProcess that I would never be able to be successful or grow this business if I didn’t get out of my own way. Basically, what he told me is: you got to systematize things.”

Caught up in the disorganization, David saw reason in the advice and decided to take action by looking for an effective system. A fellow lawyer who was conversant with SweetProcess mentioned it to him, and David checked it out.

“I looked into it and I evaluated some other competitors and I saw this is just simple. I needed something simple and easy to use and SweetProcess fit the bill.”

How SweetProcess Helped David Become Successful in Business 

“SweetProcess is sweet for sure…it was responsible for me scaling up from a lone dude doing his own thing to having a real business with a bunch of employees and going from the guy trying to do everything in a crazy frantic state to someone who’s actually pretty comfortable right now.”

From what David says, his experience with the system has been great. We take a look at some of the specific ways that SweetProcess has impacted his business.

1. Employee Onboarding and Training

The moment David implemented SweetProcess in his business, he got the push to hire employees who would champion his business goals. He started with hiring lawyers who would work along with him, and documented all their duties in the system without having to teach them every little detail in person. They were able to run along with the processes once they saw them.

“I knew I needed to bring people on, and I had SweetProcess built by the time they arrived. I had SweetProcess with the combination of videos—some of them embedded in SweetProcess. I had most of it built out by the time they started and that was what they relied on for how to do everything.”

It means more free time on David’s hands. He can now focus on building and growing his company.

“It just frees me up. I don’t have to worry that things are going to be done the right way and it helps with the onboarding of staff so I’m not involved with any of that anymore. I’m at a point where I don’t even think about it anymore. I just direct people to go check out SweetProcess if they have questions about things.”

2. Central Knowledge Base

SweetProcess has also been beneficial to the company regarding the transfer of knowledge beyond employee onboarding and training. 

Knowledge acquisition is a continuous process in the workplace. Changes are made to existing processes to adapt to new terrains, making the old knowledge outdated. Sometimes employees take up new roles that they have no idea about. David has been able to build a knowledge base that helps employees to be in touch with the latest work-related information with SweetProcess.  

“I took all the duties that I had to do as a lawyer and did a SweetProcess of them…. We used it for other staff as well and that did help expand their productivity with the other staff because they’re not constantly asking how do I do this? We just started doing “how to do.” We had every possible thing and we got staff then put the new “how-to” things in and it just sort of built over time, and now we have a monster. We’re constantly updating it. We have this huge repository now of how to do stuff.”

3. Quality Control

An organization’s ability to be consistent in its services wins customers’ trust and loyalty as they are guaranteed good results every time. Employees are left to do things however they please in the absence of standard operating procedures (SOPs). No matter how good their individual efforts might be, the results will be inconsistent.

“If you give people a blank sheet and say, “document your processes,” everyone is going to do it differently. It’s going to be all over the place. SweetProcess forces people to use step one, step two. It forces an outline or kind of a structure on it and that’s invaluable if you’re going to hand this off.”

Maintaining consistency at the organization has never been easier with SweetProcess. All that is needed is a SweetProcess of the procedures in question and the rest will follow.

“Recently, we hired a videographer for our content, and I told her, “You need to build out your SweetProcess for everything you’re doing.” I could just hand it to her and give her the SweetProcess on how to do a SweetProcess and she’s just documenting it out. It forces people to follow what they need from you.”

4. Streamlining Workflow

The many activities going on in the workplace could cause disorganization and confusion if not managed effectively. Employees could get distracted from what they are supposed to do when they come across other moving pieces. SweetProcess helps David and his team to focus on what is important to them at every point. They can simply search for the specific procedures that they need, and have access to only the tasks that concern them so they do not get overwhelmed.

“The good thing about SweetProcess, it’s searchable. You can assign it to team members like a position or team so you cannot overload people. They don’t have to see the procedures for the whole firm. They only see the procedures that are assigned to their position or to the teams they are on, and that is actually quite good too because it doesn’t overwhelm people.”

A Word of Advice if You Want to Streamline Your Operations

The first step to streamlining your business operations effectively is adopting the right mindset, David says. Delegation is important as well. You need to be ready to delegate tasks and not be stuck on doing things your way. Dedicate your time to creating your procedures for each task.

“If you try to implement something like this without making that decision, it’s not going to work. You have to decide that you’re going to do this and understand that you’re going to get out of your own way and then you have to block time. I used to block time to get this SweetProcess done. I blocked half a day on Friday mornings where nothing else could be booked.”

Get the Plug to Streamline Your Business Operations 

Deciding to streamline his business operations was a watershed moment for David. Not only was he able to create a structure in his organization, but he was also able to scale up and achieve his business goals. 

Here is an opportunity for you to take your business to where you want it to be. Sign up for a 14-day free trial on SweetProcess. Thankfully, you do not need a credit card to get started!

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