NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: What You Need For Better Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Documentation

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Ninjaone vs. Sweetprocess

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Efficient and well-documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) are crucial in ensuring smooth operations and consistent organizational performance. Consider a scenario in a manufacturing company. The organization aims to streamline its production line, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

However, there’s a lot of confusion, and employees keep missing critical steps in the procedures leading to production errors. The company’s failure to document step-step procedures for each task affects their consistency and the employees’ ability to perform their duties accurately.

To overcome these obstacles, the company must adopt software that transforms its manufacturing operations, such as SweetProcess and NinjaOne.

The real power of NinjaOne and SweetProcess lies in their ability to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency. By implementing either of these platforms, the manufacturing company can simplify the process of creating and managing SOPs and ensure that every employee follows standardized procedures. But which one is the better option?

This article will delve into the features, benefits, and differences between NinjaOne and SweetProcess to help you decide which tool is better suited for your organization’s SOP documentation needs.

With SweetProcess, you can try out the software before paying for a subscription. You won’t need to provide your credit card details to test it out. Start the 14-day SweetProcess free trial today. No credit card is required!

Ninjaone vs. SweerProcess SOP guide – Table of Contents

Chapter One: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: At a Glance

Chapter Two: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Top Features Compared

Chapter Three: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Rave Reviews

Chapter Four: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability

Chapter Five: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training

Chapter Six: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Pricing

Chapter Seven: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Mobile Accessibility & AI

Ninjaone vs. SweetProcess: Which One Should You Use?

Chapter One: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: At a Glance

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: At a Glance

If you are looking for business documentation software to effectively manage all your SOPs, two popular options are NinjaOne and SweetProcess. However, these platforms offer distinct features that set them apart. When deciding on the ideal platform for your business, it is essential to understand their differences and determine the best fit. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison between the two.

What is SweetProcess?

What is SweetProcess?

If you are looking for business and workflow management software for your organization, you need SweetProcess. This tool allows you to document all your SOPs, procedures, and policies in one place. As a cloud-based software, SweetProcess can be used by all types of businesses, whether you are hiring a new team or managing the existing one.

SweetProcess provides the systemization you need to scale your organization for small and large companies. Professionals can also use it for product development, financial planning, accounting management, customer support, and human resources.

Businesses that incorporate SweetProcess into their activities can enjoy several services. This tool offers unique services:

  • Business leaders can turn existing policies and procedures into a knowledge base for employees and clients.
  • You can create, share and adapt your business policies which help you maintain standards that will protect your business.
  • SweetProcess helps you empower your team members with all the necessary information they need to do their job right. All repetitive tasks can be documented in one place to avoid guesswork.
  • Business leaders and supervisors can track and monitor the progress of all tasks.
  • The platform helps you master processes if you seek ways to improve your existing processes.

SweetProcess is ideal for both the tech savvy and the less familiarized with SOPs. The interface is easy to navigate, even if your team lacks advanced tech skills, and it works well with existing solutions, as it seamlessly integrates with more than 1,000 apps. Users can take advantage of the all-inclusive and transparent pricing.

You don’t need to commit to a subscription right away! SweetProcess has no credit card, 14-day free trial—more than enough time to move your processes over and easily navigate the platform to its fullest.

What is NinjaOne?

What is ninjaone?
Image source: NinjaOne

NinjaOne is a management solution used by managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals to modernize operations, monitor, manage, and support all your devices and users from one place. The platform has an easy-to-use dashboard that modernizes IT management.

With NinjaOne, companies can better manage their IT procedures and turn them into a source of growth and innovation. The platform is intuitive and offers a modern experience for companies with a remote workforce because it’s cloud-based. Organizations can use this tool to identify and troubleshoot IT issues and simplify complex tasks. In the long run, this reduces the cost of training and onboarding.

NinjaOne integrates with about 27 apps. Businesses can use it for SOP documentation if they have existing systems. Additionally, NinjaOne has a free trial period for new users to test the software.

Although NinjaOne has features that your company can use to document, it has some limitations, such as a poor reporting system, minimal integration, a confusing UI, and users needing training to use the tool. Due to these challenges, companies need a tool that won’t present such problems. This is where SweetProcess comes in.

Chapter Two: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Top Features Compared

Ninjaone vs. SweetProcess: top features compared

Documentation of SOPs is very important for any organization. Therefore, before choosing software for your business, you must confirm whether it has the right features. While SweetProcess and NinjaOne have features that businesses can use, they are not the same.

In this section, we’ll compare the features of each tool to help you select the best option:

SweetProcess NinjaOne
Common Features
  • 14-day free trial period
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Email and phone support
  • Task monitoring
  • Cloud-based access
  • Free trial period
  • Workflow management
  • IT documentation
  • Timely alerts
  • Asset monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Service desk
Different Features
  • AI integration
  • Process maps
  • Single sign-on
  • Printing for offline viewing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Image Editor
  • Version History
  • Embed videos and files
  • Integration with over 1,000 apps
  • Patch management
  • Integration with less than 40 apps
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Now that we know the features of each platform, which is the best option for documenting SOPs, policies, and processes? Here is a breakdown.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: For Documenting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

If your company needs to document SOPs, SweetProcess makes the process easy. You can start creating and uploading procedures as soon as you log into your account. This ensures that all your procedures are accessible from one location.

Here’s how to document procedures:

  • Once you log in, click the “Procedures” tab on the main menu.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 1
  • Select “Create Procedure.”
  • Add the procedure title on the next page.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 2
  • Add more information about the procedure.
  • Include tags, embed videos, and assign them to the respective team members.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 3

NinjaOne does not provide a tab for new users to create and manage procedures directly.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 4

Image source: Capterra

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: For Documenting Processes

When you have different company procedures, you can put them together as processes. SweetProcess makes it easy to document processes. Follow these steps:

  • Select “Processes” on the main menu
  • Click on “Create Processes” at the top right corner.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 5
  • Include the process title.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 6
  • On the next tab, add the procedures, steps, tags, and texts, then click “Finished Editing.”
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 7

NinjaOne has no tab to create processes, making it more challenging for new users.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: For Documenting Policies

On top of SOPs and processes, you can also use SweetProcess to document policies. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Log in to your SweetProcess account.
  • Select “More” on the main menu and click “Policies.”
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 8
  • Tap the “Create Policy” button on the next tab.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 9
  • Add a policy title and assign the policy to your team members.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess – top features 10

After adding the title, you can add the content. You can also attach files, add tags, embed videos, and then save the policy for all your employees or clients to access.

On the other hand, NinjaOne’s dashboard does not provide a tab to add policies.

Features Verdict

If you compare SweetProcess and NinjaOne, it’s clear that SweetProcess is the ultimate winner. It offers more features that make it easy for users to document SOPs, policies, and procedures. It also has additional important features in today’s business landscape, like AI capabilities.

Once you log in to SweetProcess, you can start documenting your SOPs. On the other hand, NinjaOne does not provide any direct tabs to start the SOP documentation process. This means that users have to get routine training for the complex parts of the platform. This tells you that SweetProcess is the better alternative for your business.

Chapter Three: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Rave Reviews

Chapter Three: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Rave Reviews

Before choosing a tool to document your company’s SOPs, checking customer reviews is essential. This customer feedback provides more information about the platform to help you identify any issues that may affect your company. Let’s take a closer look at the customer reviews from both platforms.

NinjaOne Reviews

Here are the main problems with NinjaOne:

It has a poor reporting system

NinjaOne users have a problem with the platform because it has a poor reporting system. According to reviews, the reporting system is quite underwhelming and requires options. Some customers say that if the features were available, it would make quarterly business reviews with customers easier. This is a major problem because companies need a tool with a robust reporting structure to help identify areas of improvement.

The tool is missing some important features

According to multiple users, NinjaOne is missing key features that organizations need for their daily operations. For instance, NinjaOne lacks features like remote file transfer, a mobile app, Teamviewer deployment to Macs, AD integration, and maintenance windows. Many of the features are still in development.

Issues with remote connectivity

Although NinjaOne is meant to help businesses connect easily and quickly remotely, some users have issues with the platform. User reviews show the remote connections on NinjaOne often don’t work the first time. This is a problem for most companies that need to monitor systems all the time. It can affect overall efficiency.

Minimal integrations

Integration with existing business systems is important for most organizations. Although NinjaOne uses an API framework that allows the tool to partner and integrate with third-party providers such as antivirus partners, remote access tools, and antivirus partners, some customers need more integration for their companies.

NinjaOne fails to meet customer needs because its integration portfolio is not as extensive. Therefore, businesses still have to use other tools to accomplish tasks.

Confusing UI

As a company, you need business management software with a responsive UI. This makes it easy to use and to complete tasks much faster. However, according to some reviewers, NinjaOne UI is quite confusing. Due to this, clients have to check the FAQ section or contact the company for solutions which can be time-consuming.

Users need more routine training

An ideal documentation tool should have a very fast learning curve. This does not apply to NinjaOne. Users have onboarding challenges because they must undergo training to understand how the platform works. According to NinjaOne users, this tool is problematic because there is no routine training for the more complex aspects of the program.

It has a lot of areas that need learning; therefore, if you have new hires, you have to spend some time training them.

SweetProcess Customer Reviews

On the other hand, SweetProcess gets positive reviews from users. Here’s some feedback:

It makes process documentation easy

According to customer reviews, SweetProcess is the best tool for documenting policies, procedures, and processes. Users love having features like the copy-paste function for visuals and the option to embed videos into processes and procedures. This makes onboarding much easier.

It keeps employees accountable

With SweetProcess, it becomes easier to track who is working on a particular project. Additionally, it sends email alerts to remind employees to work on a project. Because of this, projects progress more seamlessly.

Best tool for hiring new and training employees

Users can easily navigate the platform and create visually appealing documents. Creating documents and using the available features to create training documents is easy.

No learning curve

SweetProcess has almost no learning curve; therefore, users can sign up, jump in, and start creating procedures and processes. You don’t need technical knowledge; you can easily drag and drop items to rearrange them.

Customer Reviews Verdict

Based on customer reviews, SweetProcess is the ultimate winner. NinjaOne users encounter multiple challenges that can affect the company’s operations. The poor reporting capabilities, confusing UI, and lack of key features are not ideal for an organization looking to scale its operations.

On the other hand, SweetProcess does not have complexities that require users to get training. It can be used to train employees and keep everyone accountable for their tasks, which is good for collaboration. Therefore, if you want the ideal tool to document your SOPs, SweetProcess should be your go-to.

Chapter Four: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability

Chapter Four: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability

Your choice of software should be easy to use. This factor is important because all employees can access and use it to document the company’s SOPs. So, which one is the best tool to use? Here’s a comparison.

SweetProcess Usability

With SweetProcess, you can navigate all the tabs from the dashboard. Let’s look at how easy it is to use this software.

How To Get Started

New users can start with the free trial period, which makes it easy to learn more about how the platform works. To get started, tap the “Try it Free” button in the top right corner of the main menu.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 1

You’ll then be prompted to add your details, including full name, email, company size, and password. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 2

After adding the details, you can take the dashboard tour or do it later. This tour displays all the functions you need to know about SweetProcess to help you start the documentation process.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 3

How to Access Documents

If you need a comprehensive documentation tool, SweetProcess is ideal because the documents are arranged in a way that’s easy to find. The dashboard is equipped with a search button that you can use to find all documents. The available filters allow users to look for a document based on the tag, relevance, approval level, or document name.

The advantage of using SweetProcess is that you don’t have to switch tabs to find documents. All of them are on the dashboard, making it easy to select what you need.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 4

How to Assign and Monitor Tasks

Companies are constantly looking for ways to ease task assignments and tracking. Fortunately, SweetProcess helps companies monitor these tasks from one platform. Therefore, team leaders and supervisors can clearly view pending tasks and what’s due. It’s also possible to view the task history and get information about what each team member is working on.

So, how do you assign tasks using this tool? Follow these steps:

  • Select the “Tasks” button on the main menu.
  • Tap “Assign Task.”
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 5

Choose the team members and assign each task. Additionally, you can also include the team member’s name, due date, task name, and time.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 6

To monitor all your company tasks, check under the “My Tasks” tab. This section shows you tasks that are overdue or what’s due soon.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 7

How to Create a Knowledge Base

Once you have policies and procedures in place, you can turn them into a centralized knowledge base for your clients and employees. A knowledge base is important because it holds all the necessary information, especially if you need to onboard new hires or clients. Your company needs a knowledge base that all employees can refer to when executing tasks.

As you create a knowledge base, you can also use features like feedback forms, search functions, and tracking that make it easy to find your documentation. If the knowledge base is for internal purposes, you can make it private, but for external stakeholders, you can make it public. Here are the steps to follow to create a knowledge base:

  • Open the main menu
  • Click the “More” button on the main menu and select “Knowledge Bases.”
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 8
  • Select “Create Knowledge Base” and add a title.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 9

Once you finish creating the knowledge base, you can add more details like category names, controls, and a public URL if you need to share the information with external partners. This step is important because it ensures that only the right people access your company details.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 10

How to Import Existing Documents and Procedures

It’s possible that your company already has existing SOPs. But how accessible are they? Most organizations store information about their procedures in Microsoft Word, PDF, or Google Docs. While this information is important for the company, it can’t be used because it’s inaccessible to most employees.

In most cases, the documents are stored by one person; therefore, other employees have to always refer to the team leader or supervisor to get details about how to perform specific tasks. This will slow down company operations and affect productivity in the long run.

With SweetProcess, you can import all the documents to a centralized location, making it easy for all team members to access.

Follow these steps to import documents to SweetProcess:

  • Select the “Procedures” tab on the dashboard.
  • Tap on the down arrow button to the right of the “Create Procedure” button.
  • Select “Upload document.”
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 11

After selecting “Upload document,” you can choose to drag and drop the specific document. Alternatively, you can select the “Browse” tab to upload a document from your computer.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 12

How to Export Documents

If you have external consultants, you might need to share some of the company procedures and policies with them. SweetProcess allows you to export documents from the platform and convert them into different formats, including PDF, HTML, or Word.

Here’s how to export documents:

  • Click on the “Documents” tab on the main menu.
  • Tap the three dots on the right side to choose the specific document you want to export.
  • Tap “Export” and choose the document format.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 13

How to Access SweetProcess Templates

If it’s your first time using SweetProcess for documentation, they make it easier by providing templates. These templates give you a head start when creating SOPs. To access them, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the “Templates” button.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 14

SweetProcess offers different types of templates. You can select and add any of them to your account.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 15

NinjaOne Usability

If you are considering NinjaOne, here’s how the platform works.

How to Get Started

To register, click the “Try it now, FREE” button on the homepage. On the next tab, you’ll be redirected to fill in more details, including the names, company name, business email, phone number, and country.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 16

Image source: NinjaOne

You’ll also need to include details about whether you are an internal IT professional, MSP, or reseller and how many devices you manage.

However, unlike SweetProcess, which allows you to start documenting your SOPs as soon as you register, NinjaOne has more steps. You’ll receive a message or email to wait for the team to contact you.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Usability 17

Image source: NinjaOne

On the other hand, NinjaOne is not as easy. Although they offer a free trial, it’s not straightforward. You have to wait for the team to contact you to proceed. The same applies to the demo. If your company needs to start documenting SOPs ASAP, NinjaOne’s multiple steps may slow you down.

Chapter Five: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training

Chapter Five: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training

To document your SOPs more efficiently, you need a tool that offers enough support and training. Before selecting the software for your business, confirm that the team is available when you need support. In addition, you should check whether they have a blog, FAQs, or a resource page to provide more information about how to use the platform. Let’s take a closer look at how these two tools compare.

NinjaOne Support & Training

From the NinjaOne website, you can access an FAQ section with answers to the most asked questions. This section covers questions about the company, sales and pricing, and support services. Additionally, users can visit a resource center to get more information about the tool.

NinjaOne also has a blog section that covers different topics. These blog posts are tagged to allow you to search for what you need. If you can’t find what you need in these sections, you can contact the team via phone or fill out a contact form to get support. NinjaOne is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As a new user, you might need a demo to get details about how the tool works. However, NinjaOne does not have a live demo on the website; you must fill in your details and submit a form to the team.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training 1

Image source: NinjaOne

SweetProcess Support & Training

SweetProcess provides comprehensive support and training resources to its new users. For starters, there’s an FAQ section on the homepage that addresses different questions, including:

  • Free trial
  • Security details
  • Billing details
  • Software installation
  • Importation of documents
  • How to get more support

In addition, you can check the blog section, which contains articles on different topics. As a new user, you can read these articles to learn how the software works. Some articles show how SweetProcess outsmarts other tools

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training 2

Unlike NinjaOne, which requires users to schedule a demo, SweetProcess has a live demo on the website, making onboarding much easier. To access this, check the main menu and tap the “Live Demo” button.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training 3

The live demo page shows how to create processes and procedures, and assign tasks using this tool. You won’t miss any steps if you follow this demo.


NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Support & Training 4

If required, contact the SweetProcess team via social media, email, or phone.

To talk to the team you can:

Customer Support & Training Verdict

You don’t have to register and wait for feedback from the team to access the demo. NinjaOne makes it hard for users to get information; therefore, it might take longer to finish the onboarding process.

Chapter Six: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Pricing

Chapter Six: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Pricing

Software pricing is very important because it helps you stay within the budget. Let’s compare SweetProcess vs. NinjaOne pricing.

SweetProcess Pricing

SweetProcess stands out from other SOP documentation tools because it has a single pricing structure for all its users. Once you sign up, you start with the SweetProcess 14-day free trial that gives you access to all features. You are also not required to provide any credit card details.

This period is important because it lets you confirm whether SweetProcess fits your business perfectly. You can also cancel the subscription anytime after or before the free trial. When the free trial is over, you’ll pay $99 per month to cover 20 active members. However, if you need to add more team members, you’ll pay $5 per person.

Unlike other tools, SweetProcess is transparent; you’ll only get billed for active members.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Pricing 1

If you choose to pay annually, it will cost you $82.50, saving you by 16.67%. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not getting any measurable growth in your organization. On the other hand, if you have a smaller team, you can request a special quote from SweetProcess.
NinjaOne Pricing

If you are considering NinjaOne, you won’t access the pricing directly on the website. With this tool, you have to provide your details to receive a custom quote for your business.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Pricing 2

Image source: NinjaOne

Pricing Verdict

SweetProcess is more transparent than NinjaOne when it comes to pricing. While SweetProcess provides all the details on the website to help you decide, NinjaOne requires customers to request a custom quote. Therefore, you can’t budget for NinjaOne right away until you get the payment details from the team.

Chapter Seven: NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Mobile Accessibility & AI

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Mobile Accessibility & AI

According to data by Statista, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is valued at about $100 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach approximately $2 trillion by 2030. In today’s business landscape, technologies like AI are becoming crucial because they help with automation.

Apart from AI, businesses are also paying more attention to mobile accessibility. Mobile capabilities are important because they allow employees to work remotely. So, how do SweetProcess and NinjaOne compare when it comes to AI and mobile integration? Let’s take a closer look.

SweetProcess Mobile Accessibility & AI

SweetProcess has AI capabilities for its users. You can use SweetAI to help you automatically write your documents. Once you add the title of your SOP, AI will fill in the details. This comes in handy for new users looking to document their first procedure.

Let’s say you want to add a procedure to onboard new clients. Here are the steps to follow to use SweetAI:

  • Click on the “Procedures” button on the dashboard.
  • Select “Create Procedure.”
  • Add the procedure title.
  • Instead of drafting the details, click on the “Write with SweetAI” button.
  • Give SweetProcess a few seconds to generate the information.
NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Mobile Accessibility & AI 1

Once the content is generated, you can edit and add more information before saving it.

On top of AI, you also get mobile accessibility with SweetProcess. The app is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. Every employee or partner can download the app and use it to document SOPs on the go. The advantage of having this app is that you can easily collaborate if your team is mainly remote or involved in field activities.

NinjaOne Mobile Accessibility & AI

NinjaOne provides a mobile app for its customers. Therefore, users can download it to use on the move. However, there’s no evidence that the platform has AI integration. This can be a turnoff for companies that need to automate most of the processes using the latest technologies.

Mobile Accessibility & AI Verdict

If you compare the two, SweetProcess is a better alternative than NinjaOne. While both tools have a mobile app, SweetProcess has an advantage because it offers AI integration. Therefore, users can automate tasks when creating procedures. This saves time spent creating the SOPs and boosts productivity.

NinjaOne vs. SweetProcess: Which One Should You Use?

Ninjaone vs. SweetProcess: Which One Should You Use?

Choosing software for your business is a very important task. You need to pick one that aligns with your needs. Some key things to look at are the pricing structure, features, AI capabilities, and customer support services. If you compare the two platforms, SweetProcess is the best alternative; it’s feature-rich, has an all-inclusive pricing plan, support services, and works with the latest technologies like AI.

Business Success Stories Using SweetProcess

If you want to start using this tool in your business, here are some companies that have successfully adopted SweetProcess.

Carter Harkins, the co-founder of Spark Marketer, was succeeding in his business that provided marketing services for chimney businesses. However, after a meeting with a business consultant, they identified some operational loopholes because the business did not have any SOPs.

Employees could not execute their tasks properly due to a lack of documentation. Because of this, there was a lot of disorganization at the company. They could also not track employee performance. They started creating SOPs on Google Docs, but with time they realized it wasn’t helping the company. Things changed when Carter came across a podcast where Owen, the co-founder of SweetProcess, was talking about the platform.

Thanks to SweetProcess, the team created a simplified documentation process. They now have a centralized knowledge base that all employees can access. Employee training has become more seamless.

Another testimonial on SweetProcess is by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the co-founder of Rise25. The company’s focus is connecting businesses and their clients using podcast and content marketing strategies. To achieve this, Jeremy and his team had designed SOPs; however, they were all documented on Google Docs. This presented a problem due to a lack of access, which negatively affected the task execution of the company.

Whenever employees wanted to work on a task, they had to consult Jeremy. This significantly slowed down operations. Since the documentation was flawed, he had to look for an alternative, which led him to SweetProcess.

Since the company adopted SweetProcess, the documentation is now located in one place; therefore, employees can access it easily. Additionally, all team members can refer to it to view company procedures. This means that they didn’t have to consult Jeremy every time. Because of this, it also became easier to onboard new employees.


After evaluating NinjaOne and SweetProcess, we have a clear winner. SweetProcess is the better option because it has no learning curve and can be used by all types of businesses. It’s also intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, you can receive excellent support whenever you encounter any challenges.

Are you looking to start documenting your SOPs, processes, or policies from a centralized place? Then sign up for a free trial of SweetProcess today. No credit card is required.

Ninjaone vs. SweetProcess – Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial!

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