Top 9 Process Bliss Alternatives to Streamline Workflow

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process bliss alternatives to streamline workflow

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Process documentation is a crucial component of business process management. It entails a thorough breakdown of all steps in a process from start to finish demonstrating how it is carried out. Process documentation increases productivity and equips businesses to serve customers’ needs successfully.

You can use Process Bliss to analyze and streamline workflows into phases that can then be assigned to appropriate team members. Not everyone is excited about Process Bliss since it has a steep learning curve and lacks flexibility. Its interface can be a little confusing and can’t be customized to the needs of each team. It may also take time to become used to the layout, folders function, and permissions. However, there’s no substitute for personal experience when distinguishing between a tool that works well and one that is likely to be frustrating. 

Look no further if you’re seeking the best Process Bliss alternatives and competitors to help you streamline workflow seamlessly. This article will examine nine alternatives to Process Bliss streamlining workflow and onboarding new employees. We’ll also review their key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

The best alternative to Process Bliss is SweetProcess. Sign up for a free trial to learn more about how SweetProcess can help your business.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why You Are Looking For an Alternative to Process Bliss?

Chapter 2: The Top Nine Alternatives to Process Bliss to Streamline Workflow

Chapter 3: Which is the Best Alternative to Process Bliss?

Why You Should Get a Software to Document Processes

Chapter 1: What Makes Process Bliss So Challenging to Use?

challenging to use

When there is a problem, employees can’t tackle it. It’s hard to remake the whole system if something goes wrong. Businesses have to have the Process Bliss person who understands the ins and outs of the software. Each of these costs money to get and maintain. Process Bliss is not that flexible. The person who administers Process Bliss will have to be trained, and they might not understand the procedures flawlessly. The platform’s limitations in terms of business process management are listed below.

  1. Steep Learning Curve

The majority of people criticize how challenging it is to use Process Bliss. This implies that it can take some time for employees to fully grasp how to use Process Bliss when you enroll them. A business manager complained it takes a little time to get used to the layout, folder work, and permission.

  1. Lack of Flexibility

You cannot delete or edit tasks on Process Bliss. You can only archive them. You can use many file management options for good organizational efficiency and productivity. Some users complain about this problem because their drafts are not needed or are irrelevant.

Another user complained about the lack of ability to edit tasks quickly without going back to the template.

  1. Has Few Integrations

Process Bliss does not have many integrations. You will be restricted from using these tools and can’t use other tools to complement your workflow. Process Bliss can be connected to only one external app: Zapier.

  1. Does Not Track Users Individually

Process Bliss fails to show what is on each individual’s plate. The inability to track individual users’ tasks can be a big problem if you are trying to find the right people to complete a project. This can lead to mismanagement or undesirable outcomes. Some users needed features that show reports on who is doing their job and who needs help.

Chapter 2: The Top Nine Alternatives to Process Bliss to Streamline Workflow

nine process bliss alternatives

Process Bliss is a very complex and detailed software designed for documenting processes, but it is also challenging to use, rigid, and offers a limited range of features. Take a look at nine possible alternatives that provide an improved workflow. They all have pros and cons, but they are superior to Process Bliss in various ways.

1. SweetProcess: The Best Alternative to Process Bliss for Improved Workflow


SweetProcess is a simple, easy-to-use software that helps you manage your workflow and document processes. There are no third-party plugins, external services, or complicated setup processes to worry about. It’s designed to help you get the most out of your team while handling those secret marketing plans and significant deadlines.

SweetProcess will eliminate the stress of managing projects by automating your workflow. You’ll be able to focus on getting your project done instead of worrying about how you will get it done. The process starts when you create a project and assign tasks to people working on it. Once they finish their tasks, they can mark them as done to keep a tally of everyone’s progress. Once everything is done, you simply enter a status and move on to the next project.

Find below some of the best features of using SweetProcess.

create SOPs
  • Create standard operating procedures: With SweetProcess, you can create a standard operating procedure. These procedures are documented for ease of workflow in your organization. This repetitive workflow would greatly be of value in dealing with specific tasks and onboarding new employees or customers. 
  • Document processes: With SweetProcess, you can save all your documents. Documenting processes make it easy for you to access them when needed. You can easily organize documents into folders via drag and drop. For document management, SweetProcess has a built-in scheduler for recurring tasks. You can also use this feature to auto-send important notifications regarding projects and tasks.
document processes
  • Create and document processes: With SweetProcess, you can easily create a workflow to save your current processes. Its main features include an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can define multiple tasks per page and define the required workflow to get support for recurring tasks.

When creating a process, you will encounter an easy and intuitive interface. First, you create a process.

create process

Add a title for the process you intend to create.

process title

Add new or existing procedures to the process.

add new or existing procedures

You can add steps to a procedure that are in a logical order.

add steps to procedures

Manage tasks: With SweetProcess, you can easily set up your tasks and track the time spent on them. You can do this by creating tasks within the application.

manage tasks

You may decide to assign tasks from existing processes or procedures.

assign tasks

One great thing about SweetProcess is that tasks are editable. You may edit or reassign, revoke access, make it repeatable or even cancel the task.

tasks are editable

Create and document policies: Workplace policies are essential to the survival of any business. With SweetProcess, your important documents will be safeguarded and kept safe. No need to panic through files looking for specific policies crucial to your organization’s operation.

create and document policies

You can also add a tag to a policy.

add tag to policies

Manage employees effectively: Give your employees all the information they need to do their tasks effectively. When routine procedures are documented in one place, fewer emails are sent, and there is no longer any doubt. You can also track employees’ login and log-out times.

manage employees effectively
manage employees effectively

Create teams: You can create teams for easy management of documents. This gives access to employees added to the team to be able to edit and view specific processes and procedures contained in the team.

create teams

Create knowledge base: You can create a knowledge base for all customers and suppliers to have access to. This knowledge base makes it easy to find files or documents you would like to share with new clients or employees.

create knowledge base

Import and export documents quickly: You can embed a procedure or policy through an external link. This allows you to import documents you may want to upload seamlessly. You can also export documents from SweetProcess easily.

import and export quickly

Support services: SweetProcess offers excellent support services. It has a knowledge base where you can get support through the website’s navigation. Demo videos are also available, and you can send an email for a prompt response to your query.

support services

Flowchart feature: A flowchart is a diagrammatic presentation of the workflow process. SweetProcess offers a flowchart feature to visualize all the activities carried out. 

flowchart feature

Supports version history: This feature lets you see all the previous tasks that your employees or team members have completed. You will be able to see who edited or approved what.

supports version history

With SweetProcess, you can accomplish much more and verify this for yourself by beginning the 14-day FREE trial.

The pros of using SweetProcess include:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Business process automation
  • Graphical workflow
  • Flexible platform
  • Free trial with no credit card required
  • Integrations with other platforms such as Zapier and mobile platforms
  • Workflow configuration
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Customizable notification
  • Great customer support
  • The use of two-factor authentication
  • Import and export documents with ease
  • Image Editor
  • Simple data capture form
  • Supports version history

SweetProcess Reviews 

SweetProcess has numerous great reviews. Many users love the accountability to which the platform holds users. Some have called it easy to use, while others have testified to its lack of learning curve.

Pricing: How Much Does SweetProcess Cost?

It begins with a $99 monthly subscription for a team of 20 active members. A $5 monthly additional fee is provided for each new active team member. However, a 14-day free trial is available to try out the site.

how much sweetprocess costs

Pricing for SweetProcess is determined by the total number of documents being processed. Payments may also be halted if there hasn’t been any action.

2. Trainual


Trainual is an app that enables creating training manuals for new or existing workers, clients, contractors, interns, and volunteers easier than ever. Using the platform, you can organize operational information, document standard operating procedures, create repeatable, scalable processes, define roles-based duties, and assign training workflows with built-in accountability.

trainual features

Trainual Core Features

  1. Centralized knowledge: Trainual stores all knowledge on the hows and whys of a firm in one location by centralizing organizational knowledge.
  2. Automates training and onboarding: Trainual automates enterprises’ time-consuming training and onboarding procedures.
  3. Performance management: Trainual uses straightforward assessments into automated sequences to assess employees’ knowledge and expectations. It keeps track of user logins and progress.
  4. Retains talent: Ensuring talented workers don’t feel stagnant and underappreciated makes it easier for businesses to keep them.
  5. Effective SOP search: Trainual provides effective keyword searching for training materials and SOPs.

Trainual Reviews


  • Documents processes: It’s fun documenting processes on Trainual with exciting fonts, images, and videos.
  • Tracks progress for training: Trainual can be used to track training progress. You can visualize a trainee’s activity and help the trainer respond promptly in case of an issue.
  • Onboarding: It is an excellent tool for onboarding new employees. A new employee can get accustomed to relevant procedures and policies on trainual.     


Steep learning curve: This implies that it can take some time for users to become familiar with Trainual after onboarding.

Inability to add tags: The inability to add tags to files makes them challenging to find.

Cumbersome formatting: When you’re within a task, you must keep going back and forth, which is stressful and time-consuming. There should be a drop-down menu that one can click once.

Subject organization: The subject organization feature needs work as it is too disorganized and difficult to find files.

Pricing: How Much Does Trainual Cost?

trainual cost

The first plan is the Build plan, which costs $49/month; it allows two users with no additional seats. The second plan is the Train plan, which costs $99/month for ten seats; it allows additional seats with $3/month to be paid per seat. The final plan is called the Scale plan, which costs $199/month for 20 seats; it allows additional seats for $4/month per seat. It also offers a seven-day free trial.

3. Process Street

process street

Process Street is a modern team process management tool. It assists teams in sharing their fundamental procedures and then recycles them into effective no-code workflows. To set up new hires for success, begin with employee onboarding. Then, create several workflows for tenant screening, customer implementation, and content approval.

You may consider using Process Street as a Process Bliss alternative to streamline workflow.

process and workflow management

Process Street Core Features

  1. Customization: This allows users to create documents for business operations and offers a large selection of customizable templates.
  2. Collaboration: Ensures that the right personnel can easily share procedures with decision-makers.
  3. Process management: Gives the users a comprehensive view of all workflows so they can understand how all processes interact.
  4. Task tracking: Track activities, projects, and dependencies using Gantt charts or timeline views.
  5. Checklist options: This tool provides ready-made templates for particular processes and procedure types.
  6. Software availability: Integrates perfectly with other external software.

Process Street Reviews


  • Document and track business processes: With the help of Process Street’s simple interface, you can quickly create and assign workflows to your team in seconds. You can also track their activities from your dashboard and get notified when they are done with their tasks.
  • Automate tasks with schedules: Process Street allows you to utilize scheduled workflows and other automation features to automate your processes and save time. You can schedule your workflows into daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.
  • Assign and collaborate with team members: You will also be able to collaborate with your team on workflows to get tasks done and assign who edits documents and completes workflows. This will also afford you the chance to track their progress.


It is too pricey: Process Street is too expensive per user for unlimited workflows. Also, obtaining an ongoing audit trail of tasks completed in real-time is not naturally available. That requires using third-party paid integrations, which raises the cost of use.

The workflows are not flexible: It’s not possible to move a task from one procedure to another unless you create that task in another procedure. Furthermore, you cannot copy and paste tasks from one place to another.

Only supports the iOS platform: The Process Street app currently works only on iPhone and doesn’t support other platforms.

Pricing: How Much Does Process Street Cost?

process street cost

Process Street has a Free plan (forever plan). This plan only allows you to run one active workflow as a full member and then add unlimited members for pages. Its file capacity is limited to 5MB/file.

The Pro plan costs $25/month and allows you to create an unlimited workflow, workflow runs, unlimited free member pages, task permissions, role assignments, etc. It offers unlimited storage with a capacity of 100MB/file. Also, no credit cards are required.

The final pricing is the Enterprise Custom. Here, you can customize your plan by contacting Process Street directly. You can get access to everything in the Pro plan and more through this plan.

4. Kissflow


Kissflow is a cloud-based business process management and workflow management software that allows users to develop an unlimited number of automated business applications using an innovative, intuitive, and simple interface. You may consider using Kissflow as a Process Bliss alternative to streamline workflows.

kissflow workflow

Kissflow Core Features

  1. Interactive dashboards: It has real-time information on every process, presented in an easily understandable summary format.
  2. Dynamic reporting: You can get critical insights into processes with process metrics and custom reports.
  3. Dynamic routing: On this platform, items are automatically routed to the right team members based on SOPs.
  4. Intuitive user interface: With its simple, easy-to-understand interface, users get comfortable using Kissflow quickly.
  5. Automate: You can enjoy automated assignments, escalations, and notifications to increase speed and reduce error.
  6. Task management: You can exercise task-level control over every process: plan, control, execute, and analyze tasks
  7. Communication: It features process-based activity feeds that create a collaborative workplace.
  8. Social collaboration: The tool offers contextual information and alerts to work together seamlessly and simultaneously.

Kissflow Reviews


  • Simple interface and stable functionalities: The interface is easy to understand. The end-users enjoy a great experience while on the app as they can spot their tasks and items quickly.
  • Excellent software for process improvement: Kissflow allows you to upload data easily, thereby improving processes. It also connects nicely with a variety of tools.
  • No coding is required when setting it up: Kissflow is termed low-code no-code for a reason. You can set up your Kissflow without a single code.
  • Allows the processing of work in a paperless way: It drastically decreases the amount of paper required for menial operations. You can fully automate a process. 


It is too expensive: Kissflow can be a bit pricey, especially compared to other software with the same features.

Poor customer support: The customer support services aren’t effective

Difficulty exporting reports to personal email: You may experience some difficulty when exporting reports to your email.

Pricing: How Much Does Kissflow Cost?

kissflow cost

The first plan on Kissflow is the Small Business plan. It allows 50 users minimum and costs $10 per user per month, while $6,000 is billed annually.

The Corporate plan costs $20/month and allows 100 users a minimum of $24,000 annually.

The final pricing is the Enterprise. The custom plan is a specific plan for medium to large companies. They bill you based on your customized needs.

5. Tallyfy


Tallyfy is a workflow and process management platform that enables you to record and automate each process in your business without using complicated flowcharts, code, or flow diagrams. Tallyfy is another free alternative to Process Bliss which is perfect for small businesses. 

tallyfy features


Tallyfy Core Features

  1. Beautiful client experience: Tallyfy allows you to assign tasks and create forms for an unrestricted number of clients, with free data collection from external clients.
  2. Collaboration: Tallyfy offers excellent collaboration. Getting consensus shouldn’t need stressful back-and-forth emails and conversations.
  3. Reporting: Reporting on the tool is excellent. It has a great way of helping users find information.
  4. Structured fields: Tallyfy’s structured form fields formalize user input and create usable well-organized data.
  5. Approve/reject feature: Make simple choices that, moving forward, only requires one click. Avoid uncertainty and stress at work while saving a ton of time.

Tallyfy Reviews


  • User-friendly: Tallyfy is easy to use. Its user interface is skillfully made and offers users complete freedom and navigation.
  • Robust tool for storing multiple business processes: Excellent process-storing tool that can help speed up training and delegating tasks to team members.
  • Document SOPs: An excellent method of formalizing one’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Easily create forms: The software makes it easy to create forms for routing and collecting data via numerous workflow solutions.


Customization options on the user dashboard are few: Flexibility is a crucial concern for most users. Most businesses handle various jobs that could call for various workflow systems. Users of Tallyfy cannot alter the tools offered on their dashboard to better suit the work at hand.

Lacks pre-made templates: Tallyfy doesn’t have pre-made templates. This can be a problem if the person using this system doesn’t have the right tools to create their templates.

Pricing: How Much Does Tallyfy Cost?

tallyfy cost

Tallyfy Docs cost $5/month per member and allow a minimum of 10 members and unlimited guests.

Tallyfy Pro costs $30/month per member and allows a minimum of four members and unlimited guests.

6. MaintainX 


MaintainX simplifies your everyday maintenance tasks, eliminates too much paperwork, and helps you spend more time getting things done than on your clipboard. Choose MaintainX as a Process Bliss alternative to streamline workflow.

MaintainX Core Features

  1. Work orders: Maintain user-friendly software that allows you to quickly and conveniently create, assign, and track work orders for yourself or your team.
  2. Work requests: You can automatically create new work orders as you receive new requests. Then you can go on to accept and assign it to your team members with a complete digital audit trail to ensure everything goes as planned.
  3. Preventive maintenance: Your team can handle possible problems before they result in downtime for your assets or equipment. This will allow you to schedule recurring work orders.
  4. Parts inventory: Know how many parts are required to finish a work order and confirm that you have enough stock to handle the request.
  5. Reporting: This will help you track the most important things to you and your team.
  6. Checklists and inspections: MaintainX makes it simple to communicate standard operating procedures to your staff, from pre-operation checklists to safety and inspections.
  7. Communication and chats: With built-in chat and commenting options, you can simply communicate and work with your team.
maintainx features

MaintainX Reviews


  • Ease of use: MaintainX is easy to open and record, especially when you run into maintenance issues and want to submit your photos and observations. It’s also quick and user-friendly.
  • Excellent customer support: When you experience a jam and need technical support, they tend to your needs swiftly.
  • Seamless transition between desktop and mobile app: Another advantage of using MaintainX is the ability to filter, report, and schedule work orders.
  • Process automation: MaintainX saves you more time, and you can do some other tasks while it runs your task automatically.


Charges too high: Clients complain that the charges per user are too high and would love scaled pricing, where the more users you have, the less you pay.

Poor reporting feature: The reporting feature is non-dynamic and cannot be done on the mobile app. 

Inability to edit spreadsheets in bulk: Users cannot edit in spreadsheet format. Users have to use the worksheet, which is bulky and time-consuming.

Pricing: How Much Does MaintainX Cost?

maintainx cost

MaintainX has a Basic plan (for small teams). This plan costs $0/month. MaintainX Essential plan costs $8.33/month per user. The Essential plan is specifically for small businesses. 

A premium plan for small- and medium-sized businesses costs $32.50/month per member. The Enterprise plan is designed for multiple plants/sites and is a customized plan. You have to contact sales for pricing.

7. Dozuki


Dozuki will help you transform how you manage your company processes, work instruction, and training. To get started quickly and streamline processes, Dozuki will assist you in creating a digital strategy, an implementation plan, and roll-out activities. For an alternative to Process Bliss, you may choose Dozuki.

dozuki features

Dozuki Core Features

  1. Capture knowledge: Their user-friendly knowledge capture tools enable seasoned workers to offer their insight and experience from the shop floor swiftly.
  2. Improve communication: Real-time process modifications based on observations from the shop floor and current data can empower your staff.
  3. Upskill quickly: Their training modules turn standardized employee education across teams, shifts, and locations into a training program for recorded procedures.
  4. Enforce standards: The reinforcement of quality standards and waste elimination are aided by centralized document control and automatic revision history tracking.

Dozuki Reviews


  • Great customer service: If you need help, the customer service team is always available and ready to answer any questions. 
  • Great for managing work instruction: Dozuki’s clear catalog contributes hugely to sorting your work stations. It also makes your standard tooling for selection easy when you have new work instructions.
  • Tracks work progress: You can also track your employees or team work progress to ensure no one is lagging using Dozuki.
  • Great for training employees: With Dozuki, you can customize work instructions and create guides that will make it easier to train new employees.


No auto-save of work in progress: Many users will find auto-save useful because it will save time and stress of having to go through the rigor of saving or losing work if you forget to save.

Poor knowledge check/testing feature: Users cannot assign quizzes within Dozuki to test their employees’ knowledge of the course features.

Poor user interface: The user interface is inefficient, as the menus and buttons are not easy to find.

Pricing: How Much Does Dozuki Cost?

dozuki pricing

The basic plan costs $17 per user monthly. The support and training are not that great. This plan is ideal for organizations looking for “light” digital transformation. It allows a minimum of 50 users.

Essentials plan costs $14 per user monthly and allows a minimum of 120 users. Consumers enjoy hands-on support and planning for your software implementation.

On the Premium plan, you pay $12/month and accept a minimum of 250 users. This plan focuses on successful implementation and capitalization of investment.

The final plan is Enterprise+ and costs $10/month. You can experience end-to-end implementation support for your digital transformation journey.

8. Appian


Appian assists businesses in quickly creating apps and workflows. Appian may assist businesses in making the most of their resources and enhancing business outcomes by integrating people, technologies, and data in a single workflow. Appian is used by many of the biggest companies in the world. Appian is another great alternative to Process Bliss in streamlining workflow.

appian features

Appian Core Features

  1. Dynamic offline mobile: This allows users to go from online to offline effortlessly. Meanwhile, you will still enjoy the online UI functionality while offline.
  2. One-click reporting: To create a one-click experience with no code, Appian saves time by transferring application logic onto the Appian application design platform.
  3. Robotic process automation (RPA) design: An RPA system can be productive 100% of the time and is approximately 70% faster than a human. Building an RPA system is at the top of many developers’ to-do lists, which is understandable. They have improved the RPA features to support inexperienced and seasoned low-code developers.
  4. Seamless data sync failure resolution: The most recent version makes it simpler for you to monitor sync status, receive notifications, investigate any difficulties, and fix problems without disturbing your users.

Appian Reviews


  •  Ease of use: Appian is a very powerful tool yet simple to use with low code. It is easy to train people on the platform and delivers quality quickly.
  • Seamless integrations for connected systems: Connection to other apps is straightforward and without stress.
  •  Flexibility: Appian software allows you to build applications without using complicated programming languages such as Java or Python because it is a low-code language software. Everyone can use Appian.


Slow data processing: Appian is quite slow regarding large data reading or processing.

Poor UI design: One of its limitations is the poor user interface. You can flex around the app as there are predefined instructions you must follow.

 Limitations to grouping: Grouping people and granting them access to Appian in big numbers has significant drawbacks.

Pricing: How Much Does Appian Cost?

appian cost

Appian has four different plans, and they are: Free, Application (standard: $75, infrequent: $9, input-only: $2, user/month), Platform (custom price; priced per user with unlimited apps), and Unlimited (custom price; priced per development with unlimited apps) plans. Depending on your choice, you have to contact them directly for the prices.

9. ProcessPlan


ProcessPlan is a cloud-based tool that assists enterprises in automating processes for managing enterprise workflows and monitoring staff workloads. Users of the platform can accomplish work using comprehensive instructions and updates to plan future activities.

processplan features

ProcessPlan Core Features

  1. Visual process control: As individuals carry out their given activities, users can keep a visual eye on every step in real time. Your business won’t ever omit a step or make a mistake.
  2. No symbols or codes: You may create any process in the world with ProcessPlan by using only two plain boxes (tasks and responses). 
  3. Automatically assign tasks: Deliver tasks to the right people at the right time by automating the process.
  4. Knowledge management automation: Along with your processes and workflows, ProcessPlan includes a knowledge base where you can safely manage all of your business knowledge. 
  5. Improved process automation: ProcessPlan automatically executes machine learning (AI) recommendations to enhance outcomes and optimize your business without requiring human involvement.

ProcessPlan Reviews


  • Great automation: ProcessPlan has great functionality and can cater to automation on even the most complex of processes.
  • Tracks tasks: You can keep track of critical items and processes within your company. You can achieve this, especially if you have outside offices in different states where you need proper communications.
  • Great support system: they have a competent, helpful support system that responds quickly to complaints.      


Steep learning curve: ProcessPlan is challenging to understand, and the ambiguous manual steps make it more difficult when you encounter problems in implementing complex processes.

 Users can’t customize features: Its features are too limited and can’t be customized. Users need to be able to customize their tasks and processes, as this will allow them to get more out of their time.

Too many technical functions: This makes it more confusing sometimes, and you have to be involved in trial and error to get some functions right.

Pricing: How Much Does ProcessPlan Cost?

processplan cost

ProcessPlan pricing is straightforward, as seen above. There’s a free plan for trial with no time limits, and a flat price of $19 per user/month includes every feature.

Chapter 3: Which is the Best Alternative to Process Bliss?

best alternative to process bliss

SweetProcess is the best alternative to Process Bliss. SweetProcess, a tool designed to streamline workflow, is revolutionizing how businesses share and collaborate on projects. You can document processes and multiple procedures with SweetProcess.

With SweetProcess, you can easily manage all your files (images, text, and code) on one platform. You can also save time with live previews of your designs, allowing faster iterations for feedback and collaboration with other team members or clients.

SweetProcess has been designed to be accessible to everyone, from solo entrepreneurs looking for a tool to help them manage their entire business workflow to large teams of designers collaborating on multiple client projects.

SweetProcess uses data entry fields that match the process steps you’ve customized for your project. You select your process type, then start adding tasks and deadlines. When the deadline arrives, users get notified automatically. The process views show only what you need at any given time.

This chapter has some of our favorite SweetProcess overviews from real-world professionals.

When Rise25 wanted to overhaul its workflow, it turned to SweetProcess software. The team was amazed at how easily the software allowed them to create and manage processes. Dr. Jeremy Weiz, a co-founder at Rise25, attested that SweetProcess helped them manage their SOPs and that employees could easily find things.

The team found that they could easily create tasks and track their progress using the software. This made it easy for them to keep everyone on track and ensure they completed projects on time. “The game-changer was peace of mind…” said Jeremy. They no longer had to worry about someone who handles a particular process being absent from work. 

Thanks to SweetProcess, Rise25 now enjoys:

  • Effective documentation
  • Ease of referencing procedures
  • Automated document approvals
  • Seamless employee and client onboarding
  • Centralized knowledge base

Maxwell Counters, a leading company specializing in the fabrication, installation, and replacement of countertops in Illinois, US, is a model of consistency. The company has achieved this by organizing its workflow with SweetProcess.

SweetProcess enhanced Maxwell Counters’ employee efficiency by documenting processes. The general manager, Austin Maxwell, told SweetProcess, “It took too long to find things, and then at a point in time when you wanted to update the procedures, you never knew how many copies were flying around.”

In a business where consistency is no small feat, Maxwell Counters’ general manager worked to organize workflow using SweetProcess and achieve consistency in performance. And because SweetProcess is a cloud-based solution, it is available when and where it is needed most. The company now enjoys the following benefits:

  • Documenting and updating business processes
  • Employee training and learning
  • Reference guide for operations

Benchmark Wealth Management is a leading financial advising firm. The branch operation manager and certified financial planner Sarah Beech and Elian Levatino discuss how SweetProcess was utilized to document and streamline its operations

Benchmark Wealth Management was faced with inconsistency in how employees carried out tasks. This was from the company’s lack of a process documentation program where they could record their methods. The next logical thing to do was to have an effective system to scale up their business procedures.

They received several advantages by utilizing SweetProcess, including:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Document effective processes
  • Employee independence
  • Growing with purpose

Why You Should Get a Software to Document Processes

With the rise in digital transformation and social media, it is not easy to keep up with the ever-changing tasks of a business. Team members have many different tasks that need to be completed promptly. These can contribute to productivity, and avoid missing out on new opportunities. 

Determining what makes your business succeed starts with streamlining workflow for efficiency’s sake. This article discussed how businesses could strive to do just that by using software to document work processes and procedures.

Streamlining your company’s workflow allows team members more time to handle other pressing business needs. The benefits of streamlining include higher revenue and lower staff turnover. When employees are roped into unessential tasks, they lose energy and motivation. This makes them lazy, leading to less productivity and efficiency if not remedied as soon as possible. 

If you’re looking for a better way to streamline your workflow and document your processes, we’d love to show you how SweetProcess can help. Our free trial allows you to explore all of our features and see how they can make your team more productive. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and focus on things that matter!

sign up for a free trial

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