Top 6 Tallyfy Alternatives for Workflow Management

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Top 6 Tallyfy Alternatives for Workflow Management

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Tallyfy, a process management software, comes with limitations when documenting standard operating procedures (SOP) that you must have already encountered as a user. This setback can cost your business and result in dissatisfied clients. You may need a good Tallyfy alternative that improves the SOP documentation and helps you monitor your processes more effectively. A bad choice could reduce your productivity and result in wasted expenditure. We have outlined the best Tallyfy alternatives, their pricing, product features, pros and cons to help you make the best decision that will benefit you and your business.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction to Tallyfy

Chapter Two: Tallyfy Alternatives & Competitors

Chapter Three: How SweetProcess Can Make Your Workflow Management Seamless


Chapter One: Introduction to Tallyfy

Introduction to Tallyfy

Tallyfy has developed a workflow application that makes it easier for groups to work together more successfully. Unfortunately, many reviewers found the software failed to improve documentation of standard operating procedures as efficiently as needed. If you’re reading this, perhaps you’ve already tried Tallyfy and have become fed up with the continuous system delays and poor SOP documentation features. Keep reading to discover the Tallyfy alternatives you need to make a major transition for your company.

Cons of Tallyfy

  • No pre-built process automation templates.
  • Limited access to customization of the user dashboard.
  • Tallyfy doesn’t do a good job of streamlining corporate operations by eliminating time-wasting or ineffective procedures, and automating routine clerical duties. 
  • Failure to innovate and adapt to new processes
  • It doesn’t help you monitor and enhance the effectiveness of your processes regularly.
  • Lack of an Eastern European presence for help desk services. Clients who live around the Eastern European countries have subsequently complained of troubles reaching the software’s customer service. It is their belief that the software should make attempts at creating a help desk to attend to the issues of these users.

Tallyfy’s Setbacks

According to some users, customization on the user dashboard is limited. For most users, flexibility is a huge factor to put into consideration. Most organizations take on multiple tasks that may require a different workflow system. Tallyfy doesn’t allow users to customize the tools available on their dashboard to suit the task at hand. In addition, many users struggle with the fact that Tallyfly does not have pre-made templates.

It isn’t suitable for handling all process management problems. Due to the rigid nature of Tallyfy, many clients encounter trouble using it for dynamic business processes. They require something that can be flexible enough to accommodate new task additions to make process management easier.

Lack of Automation Templates

The workflows on Tallyfy need to be built internally. The software doesn’t have pre-built process automation templates for processes that will be used in different organizations. These issues mean more work overall.

Poor Process Management 

Although Tallyfy provides options to monitor the progress of your tasks and processes, these options are rigid for the type of dynamic projects businesses undertake today. 

With the help of a good Tallyfy alternative, you’ll be able to monitor and enhance the effectiveness of your processes regularly.

Correcting Process Errors 

Humans are prone to making mistakes. On Tallyfy, it is difficult to reverse and cover up mistakes created by team members and close-circle users. The dashboard is built to handle just one user per time.

With a good Tallyfy alternative, it’s easy to streamline processes, keep track of progress in real-time, protect sensitive data, and get insights that help you make better business choices. 

Chapter Two: Tallyfy Alternatives and Competitors

Tallyfy Alternatives and Competitors

Users who seek additional features, or like to experiment with various options, might look for Tallyfy alternatives. When looking for a replacement for Tallyfy, business owners want dependability and simplicity of use. Our reviews include the Tallyfy alternatives: SweetProcess, Kissflow, Way We Do, Kintone, Process Street, and ProcessKit. Keep reading to find the ideal Tallyfy alternative for your company.

1. SweetProcess

employee training software solution

SweetProcess is an employee training software solution that implements standard operating procedures (SOP) documentation to enhance daily processes for businesses. The system actively documents and stores process workflows enabling proper management and supervision of staff activities. 

Documentation is carried out using organized checklists. New workers can be brought up to speed on requirements of each process and follow suit. The software also monitors the compliance and progress of staff. Images and videos can be used to further explain tasks and processes. 


Displays all process tasks in a checklist format

Displays all process tasks in a checklist format

Users can deploy videos and images to help explain tasks

Users can deploy videos and images to help explain tasks

Standard operating procedures documentation

Standard operating procedures documentation

Designed to train new workers and track progress as a worker goes through a process

Designed to train new workers and track progress as a worker goes through a process

Comes with a mobile device user interface

Comes with a mobile device user interface

Identifies ways to streamline processes

Identifies ways to streamline processes


This SaaS software requires no additional hardware.

How to Use SweetProcess

How to Use SweetProcess
  1. Login and click the “Create Procedure” button.
  2. Enter the title of the procedure.
  3. Add the procedure to a team or multiple teams. Click on a checkbox to add the procedure to a team or on multiple checkboxes to add the procedure to multiple teams at the same time.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Click on the title of the procedure to add a description.
  6. Enter some tags. By making use of a tag, you will be assigning an index keyword/phrase/term to a procedure so that it can be quickly identified.
  7. Click on the “Add a Step” button to begin editing.
  8. Give the step a title and description.
  9. Add images to the step. Drag-and-drop images from your computer into the image-drop area.
  10. Click on “Finished Editing” to save the draft of the step.
  11. Click the “Add a Step” button to add a new step. Repeat steps 7, 8, 9 and 10 to enter and save the details of the new step.
  12. Repeat step 11 until you have added all the steps you need to document the procedure.
  13. Finished editing the draft of the procedure? Click the “Approve” button to make it the live version of the procedure.
  14. All done? Click on “Procedures.” This will take you back to the dashboard, where you can manage all of your procedures.
Documenting procedures
Image courtesy: SweetProcess 

Documenting procedures: SweetProcess makes process documentation easy and less bugging. The user interface is easy to navigate and simple to use. 

Master processes
Image courtesy: SweetProcess 

Master processes: With SweetProcess your organization can learn to develop and evolve its processes for better productivity.

Task management
Image courtesy: SweetProcess 

Task management: SweetProcess offers you tools that ensure each task or activity is managed and given the required attention.

Knowledge base
Image courtesy: SweetProcess 

Knowledge base: SweetProcesss helps you develop a knowledge base for activities and processes. It helps you monitor and implement existing processes for new employees.

Implement policies
Image courtesy: SweetProcess 

Implement policies: With SweetProcess, you share, create, and monitor each process so that all parties concerned follow the same procedure/policy.

Product Pricing

SweetProcess offers a 14-day free trial for new subscribers to get used to the benefits of the software.

Monthly: $99 per month for a team with up to 20 active members, and $5

per month for each additional active member.


  • Interface usability. 
  • Good document sharing options. 
  • Good notification features.
  • The SweetProcess layout is excellent.
  • It helps people follow up with interest promptly.
  • Excellent performance. 
  • SweetProcess has a great customer support system. 
  • It is capable of creating documents directly on the interface with useful and easy-to-use tools.
  • It provides tools that make training documents information-packed, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.
  • You can easily drag/drop items to rearrange them and add more steps to tasks and operations.

Customer Focus

SweetProcess aims to offer BPM solutions to companies, organizations, businesses, and mid-size, large, and multinational enterprises.

SweetProcess has worked with clients like Synergy Billing, VantageOne Credit Union, Implant & Periodontal Therapy, Sherman’s, King Law, and Kintec Footwear and orthotics.

2. Kissflow


Kissflow is an excellent workflow and business process management tool. It provides a simple and intelligent approach to automating business processes and tracking performance.

Product Review

While working on distinct projects, the displays are highly user-friendly and offer an extremely easy online environment for setting. It gives users the ability to interact with their computer systems. Kissflow also has a wiki that is spontaneous and quite helpful.

Although it’s a breeze to use, more features are required for full integration (like sync user, master). Long-term Kissflow users find it to be an excellent product with a wide range of customization options, and it has the ability to integrate with a variety of other applications, such as leave request, purchase request, and personal development request.

Unique Features

  • User management
  • Self assessment
  • Process/workflow automation
  • Goal setting/tracking
  • API
  • Access controls/permissions
  • Activity dashboard and tracking
  • Agile methodologies
  • Alerts/notifications
  • Approval process control
  • Approval workflow

How to Use Kissflow

A new process may be created depending on the permissions given by an account admin.

  • To create a new flow, click Create New on your homepage. Alternatively, you may explore all from the main navigation bar.
  • On the explore page, click Create New or Install a template to create or install a new document.
  • Click Create workflow, followed by Process under the Create From Scratch section. In the Install a Marketplace template section, you may also use one of the pre-made templates.
  • Provide the process’s name. Optionally, you may include a description and category to help you manage and locate your procedure in the future.
  • Click the Create button.
Kissflow items
Kissflow items, Image source: Kissflow 


Basic plan: This plan is suitable for small teams with a number of workflows and no-code digital transformations. It goes for a charge of $10 per user ($200/20 users) per month. Users are given a free trial version to see how well the plan suits them.

Advanced Plan: This plan is for businesses that aim at driving digital transformation with advanced workflow capabilities. It costs $9.90 per user ($495/50 users) monthly. Users are given a free trial version to see how well the plan suits them.

Fully Loaded Plan: This plan was developed for businesses in need of an integrated workflow that connects to customers, vendors, and partners. The plan goes for $19 per user ($1,900/100 users) every month.


  • Easy to use, quick to deploy, easy to generate apps and reports.
  • Personalized customization: You can design your own workflow by determining what information is required, who a ticket routes to, and who gives final approval.
  • Improved communication: You can interact with other concerned parties and teammates, easily answer questions, and deliver feedback throughout the entire process.
  • Access to lost files: With Kissflow, you can access your complete task history. If there’s a file that you need from a past process (that perhaps you can’t find on your own desktop), it’s easy to find in Kissflow.


  • Average performance: In terms of interface and user-friendliness, it’s somewhat average.
  • Return on investment: Somewhat expensive compared to other cheap (or free) task management alternatives. The ROI depends on the specific needs and the size of your organization.
  • Kissflow is primarily for internal purposes. A simple email thread could accomplish many of the same things, but with less efficiency.
  • The software is limited in aspects of functionality such as adding and clicking a hyperlink on a field.

User Satisfaction

Kissflow serves as a good Tallyfy alternative, helping you manage multiple business processes. 

3. Way We Do 

Way We Do 

This is a cloud-based standard operating procedure that makes rules and procedures a natural part of the day-to-day workflow with software that helps you build, manage, and actively utilize a business operations manual. Business process management, information management, and regulatory compliance are all seamlessly integrated into their practical products. Team members can utilize procedures and follow processes from any place since managers give assignments, make automated reminders, and keep tabs on workflow.

Pricing Plan

Plans start at $25 per month for the first user, plus $8/month for each additional user. Discounted plans are available for 10+ users.


  • Access controls/permissions
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Archiving and retention
  • Audit management
  • Business process control
  • Cataloging/categorization
  • Collaboration tools
  • Compliance management
  • Content management
  • Environmental compliance
  • Franchise intranet
  • Full text search
  • Job scheduling
  • Process change tracking
  • Process modeling & designing
  • Secure data storage
  • Self-service portal
  • Task management
  • Version control
Waywedo dashboard
Waywedo dashboard, Image source: waywedo 


  • Add policies, procedures, training materials, and work instructions for teams to access from any location, at any time.
  • It provides activated checklists to help organizations ensure strict compliance and efficient monitoring of team workflow and progress.
  • Way We Do provides a thorough approach to authoring, planning, and using policies, procedures and processes within every department in the organization.
  • Users can use and customize pre-written procedures to create their operations manual and insert their business name.
  • It is easy to use, can be set up quickly, and does a good job of keeping track of the individuals who have authorized rules and processes. 
  • Way We Do helps businesses build a strong structure by providing valuable protection, information, and instruction for all members involved in the company.


  • The SOPs available for sale don’t fit with most operations well enough for users to purchase them. 
  • No acceptance function available for checklists.

4. Kintone 


Using Kintone, your team’s data, processes, and interactions are consolidated in one location for a more efficient working environment.

In a powerful collaborative environment that enables automated workflows and comprehensive access restrictions, Kintone empowers and inspires anybody to design and deploy complex bespoke database apps quickly and frequently without any coding.

Pricing Plan

  • $24 seat/month
  • Minimum 5 users ($120/month)
  • No setup fee
  • Pay per additional user
  • Monthly or annual contract available


Kintone homepage
Kintone homepage, image source: Kintone
  • Access controls/permissions
  • Agile methodologies
  • Backup and recovery
  • Budget management
  • Business process automation
  • Calendar management
  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Change management
  • Client portal
  • Collaboration tools
  • Collaborative development
  • Compliance tracking
  • Cost-to-completion tracking
  • Create subtasks
  • Customizable dashboard


  • Ability to personalize without knowledge of coding.
  • The potential and possible capabilities of the platform.
  • The vast amount of applications available to use.
  • Flexibility.
  • Resource management tools.
  • Secure sharing of data.


  • The changing of previous records when changing forms in applications.
  • Inability to implement a barcode system within Kintone.
  • The linking of information is very difficult and not user-friendly.
Kintone features
Kintone features, image source: Kintone 

User Satisfaction 

Some customers reported their satisfaction with their ability to report data in many flexible ways using the software. They were able to use both Excel and database options when reporting. Other customers find the software easy to use even for technologically challenged users.

5. Process Street 

Process Street 
Process Street task
Process Street task, Image source:

Process Street is a reliable process management software for building teams and ensuring effective workflow. Team members can share details about their processes while ensuring strict compliance to already established company standards. The software is easy to use and doesn’t involve building code workflows; hence, those with no coding background can use this software. With this software you can build multiple workflows including tenant screening, client onboarding or employee onboarding.


Process Street offers a free 14-day trail with no credit card required. 

Free version: Process Street doesn’t charge anything for users under this package. Benefits of this package include:

  • Unlimited free members for pages
  • Unlimited pages
  • 1 workflow
  • 100 integration actions/month
  • 1 active workflow run
  • 1 full member
  • Unlimited storage (5MB/file)
  • Email & chat support

Pro plan: $25 (per user, per month), benefits include:

  • Unlimited free members for pages
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited workflow
  • Unlimited workflow runs 
  • 500 integration actions/month
  • Unlimited storage (100MB/file)
  • Form fields & rich media
  • Workflow run links
  • Recurring scheduled workflows
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams app
  • Slack, Google Sheets, and Jira automations
  • Thousands of other integrations
  • Enforced task order
  • Dynamic due dates
  • Task permissions
  • Role assignments
  • Priority support
  • Workflow strategy consultation

Enterprise plan: You should contact Process Street for this package pricing details. Benefits include:

  • Personalized team training
  • Workflow setup & integration services
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Slack App for Enterprise Grid
  • Salesforce, DocuSign, and Workday automations
  • Unlimited integration actions/month
  • Unlimited storage (custom file size limit)
  • Custom reporting & data visualization
  • API access
  • Active directory integration
  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • Custom integrations 
  • Fully-managed workflows 
  • SCIM user provisioning 
  • Bulk document import 
  • Enhanced sharing & content controls 


Process Street workflow
Process Street workflow, image source: 
  • Access controls/permissions
  • Action management
  • Activity dashboard and tracking 
  • Activity/news feed
  • Alerts/escalation
  • Approval process control
  • Archiving & retention
  • Assignment management
  • Business process automation and control 
  • CRM
  • Calendar management
  • Case management
  • Change management
  • Chat/messaging
  • Client management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Commenting/notes
  • Communications management
  • Complaint management
  • Conditional logic
  • Configurable workflow
  • Content management
  • Contract/license management
  • Create subtasks
  • Customizable branding dashboard and forms 


  • It is easy to use, resourceful and simple to understand the interface. It is perfect for several projects. 
  • It allows teams to keep track of their customers, noting the milestones needed to finish tasks while ensuring customer satisfaction. 
  • It is an excellent software for creating checklists and processes that interact with the user.
  • Fantastic and prompt customer service. 
  • The software not only captures the completion of tasks but also automates several parts of the process.
  • It allows you to create and follow simple processes while referencing several online media including pictures and videos.
  • Process Street has a drag-and-drop type of APIs for easy automation even with zero knowledge in programming.


  • It doesn’t have multiple add-ons when editing templates. No clarity on what each block does, no suggestions, or lack of templates to use.
  • The reporting tools on the software only show the checklist due date, not the subtasks.
  • Inability to set permissions on subfolders without affecting the main folder.
  • Inability to assign templates to members.

User Satisfaction

A good number of clients and users believe Process Street does well with process management. They, however, raised a few complaints which they believe would boost the user experience and improve productivity using the software.

6. ProcessKit 


As a process management tool, ProcessKit is process-oriented. It achieves more efficiency by automating and streamlining routine procedures. You can make your company more predictable, scalable, and efficient by using ProcessKit with Zapier to create sophisticated automation. It provides both done-for-you and self-serve deployment options, as well as pre-made templates and tutorials.

Pricing Plan 



ProcessKit task management
ProcessKit task management, Image source: ProcessKit 
  • Access controls/permissions
  • Alerts/notifications
  • Business process automation
  • Business process control
  • Client portal
  • Collaboration tools
  • Customizable templates
  • Kanban board
  • Milestone tracking
  • No-code
  • Process change tracking
  • Process modeling & designing
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Resource management
  • Templates


  • Makes productized service business easier and predictable.
  • It integrates documentation (how-to) with project management.
  • Reduced management and operational cost.
  • Increased company value.
  • Quality regulation.
  • Improved productivity.
ProcessKit task manager
ProcessKit task manager, image source: ProcessKit 


Setting it all up takes a bit of time. The software is easy to use, but you have to understand how your processes work and then start building them.

User Satisfaction 

ProcessKit has helped many users maximize profits from their business operations. Many clients felt satisfied with the improved productivity the software helped them achieve.

Chapter Three: How SweetProcess Can Make Your Workflow Management Seamless

How SweetProcess Can Make Your Workflow Management Seamless

Zac Cullen, CEO of Cullen Insurance Agency, had to deal with severe delays owing to inconsistencies in processes after acquiring other firms. That the issue had to be rectified before they could go forward was clear to Zac, who was aware of the necessity of having the same procedures in place across his company. He experimented with a number of methods, but none of them worked. 

Cullen Insurance Agency’s Background

The organization, which has been in business for over twenty years, specializes in vehicle insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, business insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and many other types of insurance.

The Breaking Point

Everyone was doing things in their own unique way at Cullen Insurance Agency. In their defense, they were working in accordance with how things had always been done. 

Zac knew that if he allowed his staff to continue doing things the way they had always done them, his firm would implode. He decided to subscribe to SweetProcess.

How Cullen Insurance Agency Got the Most Out of SweetProcess’s Special Features

SweetProcess is like playing a whole new game. As long as you know the name of the document, you can find it in a matter of seconds. When Zac first began using the system, this was one of the features he found most appealing.

Training and Learning May Be Done Quickly

An employee’s specialized position may need training beyond the basic abilities required by the job. Employees should learn their new roles promptly so that they may begin creating outcomes for your company rather than waste time and money. With SweetProcess, Cullen Insurance Agency was able to do this.

Remote Access Through the Internet Using a Cloud-Based Service

There is a shift away from on-premise workflow solutions because of their restricted access. By making procedures available through the internet, remote workers may be more productive.

Simplifying Operations: The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make

When it comes to procedures, Zac believes that one of the most common blunders made by firms is that they don’t implement them at all. SweetProcess helped Cullen Insurance Agency simplify the tasks they had to execute.

SweetProcess Achieves Major Goals

Using SweetProcess, Cullen Insurance Agency has been able to acquire the confidence of its consumers and achieve amazing success. In the end, it’s a $25 million agency.

Teamwork is the Key to Success

Due to operational issues, Zac bought out other firms in his field that were no longer able to compete. SweetProcess gave him a firm foundation on which to build this project. 

Start your 14-day free trial of SweetProcess right now.

A Look at’s Business Process Clutter and How SweetProcess Improved Performance

Adam Radulovic, CEO of, quickly learned that being effective in a company was not a matter of having too many procedures; rather, it was a matter of having the right processes in place. Adam discusses how SweetProcess helped the company get rid of the clutter and simplify their workflows.

About provides a realistic strategy to handle the technological demands of organizations from start to end with a team of skilled IT people and years of expertise under their belts.

When a customer informed them about SweetProcess, they realized that they had a gaping hole in their company that needed to be filled.

The Positive Impact SweetProcess Had on the Organization

SweetProcess’ adoption into their company was motivated by a desire to improve productivity. Was SweetProcess able to provide the efficiency they were looking for? Yes, and they did so in the following manners.

An Easy-to-Use System of Documentation

So many procedures on the ground left Mr. Radulovic and his staff feeling a little lost. They were able to end all of that confusion after using SweetProcess. Once the processes had been migrated into SweetProcess, they were able to simplify them in a manner that was easy to administer.

Maintaining High-Quality Standards

They continued to employ the same repeating processes that were set up when joining SweetProcess during their first round of testing. The project was executed in accordance with the client’s agreement. This used to be a big challenge.

Employee Empowerment and Learning

When everyone in the company is on the same page and follows the same processes and procedures, achieving organizational objectives becomes more attainable. The company now keeps papers in the system up-to-date regularly to keep everyone moving forward. Since then, it has been its primary source of work information.

Do you want to enhance the efficiency of your company’s activities? has transitioned from having a slew of dormant processes to ones that are truly functioning. Adopting SweetProcess was the turning point.

SweetProcess offers a 14-day free trial if you’re interested in seeing the same results for your company.


There are a plethora of solutions available for streamlining your processes. You may wish to use a solution that can be completely automated to manage your operations better.

You need a workflow tool that can visually represent your workflow and construct a powerful form with all of the data necessary to process it effectively.

Automation software that focuses on the most tedious and repetitive chores is a great thing to have. Finding a solution that can manage many processes from the same program is even better.

SweetProcess workflow software allows you to centrally organize and manage all of your processes rather than rely on disparate technologies.

Solve your business problems based on real data and focused on results!

Give SweetProcess a try and watch your business get revolutionized. We have a 14-day trial window to give you a taste of the benefits of service. 

Click here to get started.

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