Deliver Manufacturing Excellence With 10 Poka Alternatives

Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Owen McGab Enaohwo

Deliver Manufacturing Excellence With 10 Poka Alternatives

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In an ideal world, professionals in the manufacturing space would be using a solution that is built for the manufacturing business and has advanced capabilities, such as being able to easily track lists, and shift reports, old posts, and archives.

In this ideal world, the software would also be easy to set up, fast to function, and could be trusted with simple functions like video tagging.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and hence, Poka doesn’t fulfill the requirements of all the aspects mentioned above. It cannot be trusted with simple functions, nor is it easy to set up or has advanced capabilities.

However, worry not. There are still a few solutions out there that, although may not be entirely made for the manufacturing business, can still be trusted with the same functions that Poka delivers, such as empowering frontline workers, sharing knowledge, and creating a space for business management.

And they even go above and beyond to provide advanced capabilities.

In this article, we introduce the top ten solutions we consider to be the best Poka alternatives. The options mentioned in the list have been compared based on key features, pros, cons, user reviews, pricing, and other such factors.

So, if you’re planning to make a switch from Poka, read on!

Our Top Picks

  1. SweetProcess
  2. Axero
  3. MaintainX
  4. FactoryLogix MES
  5. Dozuki
  6. ShopVue
  8. Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform
  9. IFS Cloud
  10. M1 ERP

On a side note, if you wish to skip reading the entire blog and want to move forward with our preferred solution (we explore why SweetProcess is our favored solution at the end of this article), then sign-up for our 14-day free trial (no credit card required to sign up!).

Table of Contents

  1. A Quick Glance
  2. Pick #1: SweetProcess
  3. How to Shift to SweetProcess
  4. Pick #2: Axero
  5. Pick #3: MaintainX
  6. Pick #4: FactoryLogix MES
  7. Pick #5: Dozuki
  8. Pick #6: ShopVue
  9. Pick #7: SYSPRO
  10. Pick #8: Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform
  11. Pick #9: IFS Cloud
  12. Pick #10: M1 ERP
  13. Why We Pick SweetProcess as the Ideal Solution
  14. To Sum It Up

A Quick Glance

SoftwareKey FeaturesProsConsPricingUser Reviews
SweetProcessProcedure documentation; Task management; Multiple integrations; Team collaboration; Highly secureFree trial; Alerts and notifications; No learning curve; Cloud-based; AffordableNot specifically made for the manufacturing space, but can handle manufacturing tasksStarts at $99/monthRated 4.5/5 on G2
AxeroCompany intranet; Highly secure; Team collaboration; Plethora of integrationsExtensive resource library; Feature-rich; Excellent customer support; Easy to useNo offline view; Difficult to add media; GlitchesPricing for businesses is at $2,000/month. Enterprises will need to get in touch with the company.Rated 4.5/5 on GetApp
MaintainXIntegrations; Analysis and reporting; Management and maintenanceEasy to use; Multi-department communication; Excellent customer serviceUnimpressive reporting feature; Cannot bulk-edit files; Limited options on mobile appBasic ($0/month); Essential ($19/month; Premium ($49/month; Enterprise (custom quote)Rated 4.8/5 on G2
FactoryLogix MESStreamlined approach; Low-cost solution; Improved efficiencyEasy to use; Excellent customer support; Better core features than PokaSlow response time; Significant learning curveStarting price at $40,000 (according to Select Hub)Rated 4.8/5 on Software Advice
DozukiDigital communication and training; Accessible and analytical; Security and complianceMulti-language support; Excellent training guides; Feature-richUnimpressive customer support; Options like mobile app and media manager are lackingBasic package ($199/month); Enterprise package ($599/month according to 360 QuadrantRated 4.5/5 on G2
ShopVueManagement of manufacturing process; Reporting and optimization; Multiple integrationsExcellent customer support; Easy-to-use interface; Customizable solutionOutdated look and feel; Internal tweaking can be difficultBetween $80,000 and $180,000 (according to Software Connect)Rated 4.1/5 on Capterra
SYSPROSuited to many industries; Customizable and efficient; Highly secureExcellent customer service; Suited for distribution as well as manufacturing; Constant upgrades Difficult to navigate; Looks clunky if not upgraded$199 per user per month (according to PCMag)Rated 4.19/5 on Software Advice
Plex Smart Manufacturing PlatformProduction scheduling; Automated workflows; Managing processesFast response speed; Easy to use; Feature-richTerrible user interface; Heavy learning curveStarts at $3,000 per month (according to SourceForge)Rated 4.2/5 on GetApp
IFS CloudSuited to many needs; Extremely accessible; Security at the forefrontPowerful functionality; Multiple integrations; Feature-rich; Quick customer supportDifficult to set permissions and workflows; Creating reports takes timeIFS applications’s license costs between $1,000 and $4,999 per license (according to Select Hub)Rated 3.8/5 on GetApp
M1 ERPBird’s eye view; Advanced capabilities; Multiple integrationsHighly customizable; Shift between modules easily; Manage everything from dashboardsTerrible customer service; No alerts; Stolen code; Cannot multitaskStarting price at $30,000 (according to Slashdot)Rated 3.8/5 on Software Advice

Pick #1: SweetProcess

Pick #1: SweetProcess

Created by Jervis Whitley and Owen McGab Enaohwo, SweetProcess was developed with the idea of making admin work easier and creating a better system for repetitive tasks like procedure documentation. The solution encourages users to focus on work that matters and to leave the management of procedures, documentation, and tasks to SweetProcess.

Key Features

  1. Procedure documentation and task management

The solution allows users to manage all documents, policies, and tasks from a central location. This means no checking your emails constantly, or revisiting your calendar every chance you get. Users can also assign and track tasks to see their progress, and can find out who accessed and edited documents at all times. 

  1. Multiple integrations

You can connect SweetProcess through API or Zapier, and can create a synchronized workflow. For example, if users wish to pair SweetProcess with Slack or their mail, they can do so easily. View all app integrations of SweetProcess here.

  1. Suited for team collaboration

SweetProcess considers team collaboration the heart of its feature. With this solution, users can set permissions, create documents, and edit them with team members in real-time, assign tasks, restrict or not restrict the knowledge base, capture data on tasks, print documents, add files and media to steps, and do lots more.

  1. Highly secure

The product uses two-factor authentication to ensure all documents are protected. And since the solution is web-based, you avoid running into as many bugs or viruses. Besides, the data you upload is fully encrypted using SSL technology.


  1. SweetProcess offers a 14-day free trial without the need of adding your credit card information.
  1. Users love that it sends out friendly reminders and notifications about their pending tasks.
  1. SweetProcess is also visually appealing, easy to navigate, and you can manage all your tasks without cluttering space on your dashboard. Finally, there’s practically no learning curve you’ll have to go through.
  1. It’s completely cloud-based, thus ensuring that your files are protected at all times. This also means you can access the software from anywhere around the world and on any kind of device.
  1. It also is affordable, and has a simple pricing structure.


SweetProcess is priced at $99/month, and its fee increases by $5/member if you exceed 20 members. However, if you have less than 20 employees on your team, you can get a special price. The company also offers regional discounts (up to 80%), as well as 16% off if you opt for the annual plan.

How to Shift to SweetProcess

If you wish to switch operations to SweetProcess, then this section may be of help. To begin with, go on SweetProcess and select the button that says “Try it free.” Once there, it’ll ask you to share your email ID, password, and name.

The process shouldn’t take long, and once it’s done, your product walkthrough from SweetProcess begins.

product walkthrough

If you already know how the solution functions then select “Not now.” If not, go with the “Start the tour” option.

Once your tour begins, you’ll be able to see the SweetProcess dashboard, where everything is clearly labeled into the following categories:

  • Documents
  • Tasks
  • Team
  • Members
  • More (this section has procedures, policies, knowledge base, processes, and tags)

In the “Documents” section, you can view all uploaded documents, approval status of these docs, tags and members associated with the files, and the last edited date of the draft.

“Documents” section

Users can filter their dashboard based on tags or team members, find the file through keywords, or sift through the dashboard based on which files were recently edited, which were recently approved, which were reviewed, etc.

All files in this section can easily be edited, assigned, duplicated, exported, and shared.

If you go on the menu option that says “task,” you’ll find that you can review all tasks based on due dates. Same as before—all tasks you see on the dashboard can also be sorted through filters such as timelines, name of the document, or team member it was assigned to.

menu option that says “task,”

Users can also assign tasks to whomever they see fit.

The “Team” section is only visible if you’ve made any teams. This function may be useful if you have a large department that needs to work on a multitude of projects, and would require collaboration with limited team members assigned to those projects.

Moving on, we land onto the “Members” tab. Here you can view all members of your organization. Admins can invite team members and can manage their permission levels based on three different categories:

  • Regular member
  • Super teammate
  • Super manager
“Members” tab

Team members can be removed at any time. And as seems to be the running theme, users can also filter by teams, status, names, or can sort their dashboard based on the alphabetical or “recently joined” order.

Lastly, we come to the “More” section. Here you can simply view or upload policies, processes, and procedures, and create knowledge bases.

Pick #2: Axero

Pick #2: Axero

With over 14+ years of industry experience and more than six million loyal users, Axero is no underdog when it comes to managing team members. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of an underdog: It’s so good that it’s an award-winning solution.

Key Features

  1. Management of policies and workflows

Policies, procedures, and all kinds of announcements can be posted on Axero for your internal team members to view. You can even set the necessary permissions, create activity streams, set publishing dates, approve workflows, and create categories and hashtags.

  1. Team collaboration

Members can interact with their teams by sharing files, scheduling calendars, creating leadership hubs, organizing spaces for team members, creating a centralized repository for projects, managing permissions and data, tracking projects, sharing knowledge, etc.

You can also create a better workplace atmosphere through Axero, as it allows users to create personable profiles, publish company news, set up a help desk, plan projects, and more. Essentially, it helps managers greatly by ensuring that everyone is on the same page and are motivated.

  1. Intranet of the company

Axero’s intranet feature is one of the best services it offers for employee communication and team collaboration. With this feature, users can send messages and announcements to targeted employees, find out the status of communications and tasks, mark important dates and events, manage tasks, communicate in real time, and do lots more.

  1. Plethora of integrations

To ensure that everything is smooth flowing, the company also allows multiple options for integrations. You can connect this solution with platforms like Slack, Zoom, Vimeo, Microsoft 365, Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other popular services.

  1. Security at the forefront

As per Axero, it adheres to “the highest standards to reduce compliance burdens.”

What it means by this is that it hosts the solution on Amazon AWS Cloud and even provides on-premise deployment, with the guarantee of encrypted communication and security measures like biometric scanning in data centers, single-tenant architecture, and protection from malware attacks.

Aside from this, the solution is compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2 requirements, GDPR, ADA, Section 508, and other measures.


  1. Axero has an extensive library of resources you can use to get the hang of the solution and to brim up inspiration.
  1. The solution is feature-rich, easy to navigate, and has a great user interface.
  1. Users on major review sites like GetApp have been gushing about the company’s customer support which is always ready to help.


  1. The solution faces glitches which may cause some content to be lost.
  1. It’s difficult to add media like images or graphics to the solution. Users also face difficulty in syncing files and events to the integrations provided. 
  1. Unlike SweetProcess, which allows you to print documents for offline usage, you cannot export any files with Axero.

If you wish to explore SweetProcess’s services, sign up for a 14-day free trial.


Two options are available: Business and Enterprise. The Business option is priced at $2,000 per month and it includes 200 users. The Enterprise option requires a custom quote from the Axero team.

Pick #3: MaintainX

Pick #3: MaintainX

Trusted by teams from McDonalds, Volvo, Marriott, USDA, DHL, and more, MaintainX is one of the popular solutions in the market for team management and collaboration.

Teams operating in asset management, facility maintenance, parts inventory management, preventative maintenance, and work order management spaces may particularly benefit from this solution.

Key Features

  1. Manage and assign requests

Just like SweetProcess, with MaintainX you can manage workflows—-that’s to say, any order requests you receive can be added to the “to-do” list or assigned to team members (the progress of these requests can also be viewed and managed from your dashboard).

  1. Integrations

MaintainX allows its users to add custom integrations at an additional cost. You can also sync all your MaintainX data with system records and business intelligence tools, create workflow triggers on a multitude of supported apps, and avail the benefits of IoT center integrations.

  1. Analysis and reporting

With MaintainX, you get real-time insights, can track performance, create reports, filter out analytics, and get insights on multiple key performance indicators including work orders, mean time between failure, asset, locations, time spent, parts used, etc.

  1. Maintenance and prevention

You can keep track of parts, inventory, orders, and vendors, create alerts, scan assets, add hierarchies to data, create protocols, set protective measures, maintain meter readings, and create and track work orders, procedures, and messages.


  1. Customer support has received many positive reviews.
  1. It also has advanced capabilities for multi-department communication. For example, a user noted how the maintenance and non-maintenance staff were able to communicate with each other to create efficient workflows.
  1. Many users noted that the solution was extremely easy to use and did not require much training to get the hang of it.


  1. Users cannot mass edit worksheets and templates. Editing, even when not doing it in bulk, turns out to be a difficult task.
  1. Compared to the web version, the mobile app has selected features.
  1. The reporting functionality is not very complex. For context, you cannot customize report lists or create reports for multiple items.)


Four pricing plans available — Basic ($0/month), Essential ($19/month), Premium ($49/month), and Enterprise (requires custom quote). If you opt for annual plans, you can avail a 16% discount.

Pick #4: FactoryLogix MES

Pick #4: FactoryLogix MES

Created specifically for the manufacturing industry, FactoryLogix MES, also known as FactoryLogix Manufacturing Execution System, is a solution created by Aegis. This solution has over 20 years of experience in the industry, over 2,000 installations, and is trusted by global companies like Intel, K2 Energy, Stryker, Honeywell, and more.

Key Features

  1. Keep track of processes

Users can easily keep track of processes and production plans, as well as keep a pulse on scheduled projects, production status, process descriptions, process revisions, process flows, work instructions, activities, and other such factors.

  1. Streamlined approach

FactoryLogix provides manufacturing excellence through two verticals:

  • Business systems
  • Factory production machines

Through the former, you can manage quality and workflows, create plans to adapt, regulate policies, and comply with customers’ requirements. Through the latter, you can manage materials, returns, and overhauls, and execute processes.

  1. Low-cost solution

Compared to other services in the market, FactoryLogix is a highly configurable, low-cost and low-risk option that can be applied to various industries. In fact, it’s got more than 2,000 global clients as part of its roster.

  1. Increased efficiency

You can easily get FactoryLogix up and running through its simple onboarding process, can easily update your assets and workflows, and can track performance across various groups in an efficient manner. The system works great for large teams as it provides features for team collaboration and traceability.


  1. The solution has been considered extremely easy to use by many users (as stated on major review sites like Software Advice, GetApp, and Capterra).
  1. The customer support team received many positive reviews, too. Customers said that any complaint was handled with care and efficiency.
  1. As far as core features are considered, FactoryLogix ranks better than Poka, according to Capterra (Poka got a score of 2/11 for core features on Capterra, whereas FactoryLogix got 7/11).


  1. If there is one complaint, it is that the solution has a considerable response time.
  1. It can take some time to get accustomed to the way the solution works.


While no pricing was available on the website, we found from SelectHub that you’ll need to shell out at least $40,000 to use the solution. 

Pick #5: Dozuki

Pick #5: Dozuki

Created with the aim of digitally transforming how frontline workers function, Dozuki provides custom-made solutions to fit the needs of their customers. And it knows what it’s doing, considering users of Dozuki reduced their changeover time by 63%, documentation time by 50%, employee onboarding time by 41%, and rework labor costs by 30%.

Key Features

  1. Digital communication and training

You can avail benefits of features like content libraries, instant translation in 100+ languages, offline availability, quick search, notifications, digital forms, approved document updates, training history, quick search, media uploads, role-based permissions, markup tools, instant feedback, FAQ forums, and more to create a one-stop destination for all employee training, development, and communication.

  1. Security and compliance

To ensure that the solution is compliant with workplace rules, the company has provided security-related features such as role-based permissions, authenticating user access, being able to view the document’s history and versions, ability to control files, and having access to training history.

  1. Accessible and analytical

To make the solution more accessible, the company allows options for integrations. You can also download the product on mobile, get access offline, and quickly search through filters. Additionally, you can track multiple key performance indicators such as goal hits, average cycle times, and trends through your dashboard.


  1. The solution supports a wide variety of languages and hence can be used by customers from around the globe.
  1. The solution provides excellent training guides and walkthroughs, which helps you to understand how to use the software.
  1. Dozuki is extremely feature-rich, which allows you to manage team members efficiently and without more effort than just clicking a few buttons.


  1. Their customer support team doesn’t have the best rep (especially considering how much users shell out on the service).
  1. Users cannot rely on the knowledge testing feature, or the media manager, or the mobile app, as their capabilities are lacking. (You can read our full review on why to shift from Dozuki and top Dozuki alternatives here).


Pricing available upon request. However, according to 360 Quadrant, the Basic package starts at $199/month, and the Enterprise package can cost up to $599/month.

Pick #6: ShopVue

Pick #6: ShopVue

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, ShopVue is a product acquired by CAI Software, a company that deals with manufacturing execution, document management, supplier collaboration, process automation, and more. ShopVue MES is specifically created for manufacturing execution systems.

Key Features

  1. Paper-free process

Once users get ShopVue in their organization, they can create a personalized dashboard where they can get a bird’s eye view of how the tasks are doing and to which status their work has progressed. Aside from this, they can also track processes and get real-time insights on people, machines, and work orders.

  1. Management of manufacturing process

With this solution, users can easily manage people, processes, orders, and machines. You can track the performance of floor workers, create a centralized hub for all policies, receive real-time data on production, and be up-to-date with the status of your machinery and its controls.

  1. Reporting and optimization

Since all data is available at the fingertips of its users, you can make informed decisions that are backed by information, not guesstimates. Hence, it also allows you to optimize your processes, audit your work, and trace your orders.

  1. Multiple integrations

ShopVue has multiple integrations with payrolls as well as ERP (enterprise resource planning), APS (advanced planning and scheduling), and PLM (product lifecycle management) systems. The solution promises to work well with existing critical systems in your organization.


  1. The customer support team has received a multitude of praises from many users on Capterra and Software Advice.
  1. The solution also has an easy-to-use interface, and users noted that they got the hang of the service without having to go through a huge learning curve.
  1. ShopVue is also extremely customizable, making it a perfect fit for each team no matter how complex their business model.


  1. The solution’s user interface looks a bit outdated. ShopVue also has a mix of reporting technologies and GUI systems (some of which are new and some of which are old). Thus, it can be confusing to navigate.
  1. Internal tweaking can be difficult. If you need changes to the solution, you’ll need to get in touch with the ShopVue team.


Pricing is available upon request. However, Software Connect provides an estimate between $80,000 and $180,000, depending on the complexity of features and implementation.

Pick #7: SYSPRO

Pick #7: SYSPRO

Developed by Phil Duff in 1978, SYSPRO is now headed by Jaco Maritz and Rob Stummer. Aside from providing enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) services, the company also provides solutions for workflow management, materials requirement planning, customer relationship management, business process modeling, and more.

Key Features

  1. Review and update processes

In its own words, SYSPRO provides users with a “structured view of how your company’s processes, systems, data and people are designed, so you can identify ways to get leaner.” Additionally, you can keep track of your processes, and can constantly review and update it as you expand your business.

  1. Suited to many industries

The solution can be customized for various industries in the manufacturing and distribution space, such as electronics, food and beverages, packaging, medical devices, automotive parts, chemical fertilizers, etc. 

  1. Highly secure

With SYSPRO, you can avoid unauthorized access, provide team members role-based permissions, protect your files with passwords or electronic signatures, get a bird’s eye view of all tasks through your monitor, and get access to version history of files. 

  1. Customizable and efficient

SYSPRO ensures that your solution is industry-specific, and hence allows you to do all tasks without any hiccups. You can also change the layout of your application so that it matches your aesthetics.

The SYSPRO application can also:

  • Integrates with multiple applications
  • Deploys fast
  • Is flexible
  • Embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Provides insights
  • Scales with ease

This all allows you to make better decisions more quickly.


  1. SYSPRO’s customer support is extremely helpful (albeit a little slow in their response time).
  1. The company constantly offers upgrades after finding out what their customers’ wants and needs for inventory management are.
  1. You can manage manufacturing as well as distribution from the same solution, and it provides excellent support, features, and ease of use for both parts of the business.


  1. The solution is a little difficult to navigate (especially for users with less data on hand). Users on TrustRadius also stated that the learning channel, which shows users how to navigate the application, could use some improvement.
  1. The software appears a little clunky if not upgraded. However, installations and upgrades don’t go as smoothly as users hope (as per common review themes on TrustRadius).


Although pricing wasn’t available on SYSPRO’s website, PCMag states that the product’s price starts at $199/user/month, and might require on-premise installations (the price of which starts at $12,000).

Pick #8: Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

Pick #8: Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

Not to be confused with Plex TV, the streaming media service, Plex is a smart manufacturing platform that provides users with assistance on various forefronts. To cater to the same, it has a slew of solutions such as MES (manufacturing execution system), ERP (enterprise resource planning), SCP (supply chain planning), and QMS (quality management system).

Key Features

  1. Uploading documents and policies

To connect all team members to a single source of truth, you can now upload all documents, policies, and standards on your dashboard with Plex’s quality management system (QMS). Additionally, if required, these documents can be viewed across the enterprise.

  1. Managing processes

With Plex, users can manage quality, inventory, people, and production. That’s to say, you can maintain processes to keep quality at par, track inventory in real time, track your products from start to finish, and bring in supplies based on the data of previous orders. Combined, these features will help you optimize your processes and work orders.

  1. Automating workflows

Instead of relying on paper to set up schedules or track orders and machinery, all tasks (repetitive or otherwise) can be done through Plex. Users can also automate workflows, transactions, data captures, and manual tasks to get insights and to set up systems in place.

  1. Production scheduling

Using Plex’s scheduling engine, users can easily determine which job to assign to which schedule. Plex also allows users to determine where to allocate their time and resources, and how to approach “what if” scheduling scenarios to ensure that no money or time is wasted.


  1. The solution has a fast response speed and it can handle a multitude of tasks (that’s to say, it’ll scale with your business).
  1. The product is extremely easy to use, intuitive, and can be accessed from a number of devices.
  1. It’s extremely feature-rich, and its features can be applied to various industries and modules.


  1. Although many users agreed on GetApp and Software Advice that the solution was easy to use and could scale with their business, the remaining majority of users said that it has a terrible user interface, it could not scale with ease, and it has a host of technical problems and bugs.
  1. It could take users some time to understand how Plex works.


No data on pricing was available on Plex’s website, but according to SourceForge, the starting price of this product is $3,000 per month.

Pick #9: IFS Cloud

Pick #9: IFS Cloud

Developed by IFS, a private company dealing in the enterprise software space, IFS Cloud was developed with the idea of helping customers attain sustainable success. They specially crafted this product with the idea of establishing themselves for their excellent service, as opposed to being known for their feature list or pricing. (However, their feature list is phenomenal too.)

Key Features

  1. Great for management

Just like other solutions on this list, users can manage workflows, permissions, people, jobs, reports, data, and lots more from a single platform. Additionally, if any documentation is needed to onboard talent or to keep track of policies and processes, then it allows for document uploads too.

  1. Suitable for many needs

Although IFS Cloud can be used for manufacturing needs, it can also be implemented for projects, customer relationship management, finance, commerce, procurement, supply chain management, service management, and more. For the manufacturing folks, it can provide services like material, resource, sales, and operations planning, batch-processing manufacturing, quality control, etc.

  1. Extremely accessible

The solution is extremely responsive and easy to use. Additionally, it has all the necessary core features. The best part, however, is that you can use the solution online or offline, can customize it to your business’s needs, use artificial intelligence to your advantage, be connected with multiple stakeholders, etc.

  1. Security at the forefront

The company regularly updates its security features (and even updates its feature list twice a year to ensure users get the maximum advantage). These regular updates ensure that all (if any) system errors, bugs, and viruses are caught early, and they don’t create much havoc to your existing workflows.


  1. The product has powerful functionality with a great user interface. Hence, it’s extremely user-friendly. 
  1. Customers on major review sites like Software Advice, Capterra, and GetApp gushed about its features and integrations.
  1. IFS Cloud’s customer support is relatively quick (plus, the application provides excellent training so the need to get in touch with customer support is low).


  1. Searching for past data or creating new reports is a time-consuming process.
  1. Setting up permissions and workflows can be a little difficult, according to a few users on Software Advice.


There’s no mention of pricing on IFS’s website or any other review sites. However, Select Hub’s “ERP Price Guide” report stated that IFS applications cost between $1,000 and $4,999 per user for a one-time license. For larger companies, the price may be between $300,000 and $2M for 40 to 5000 users.

Pick #10: M1 ERP

Pick #10: M1 ERP

M1 ERP is an award-winning–solution that’s suited to the needs of small and medium manufacturing businesses. The company has a subscription model, and provides users with the ability to get all information about their tasks, workflows, and processes from a centralized hub.

Key Features

  1. Bird’s eye view on all processes

Easily keep track of all tasks from your dashboard and get real-time data on schedules, materials, tasks, machinery, people, projects, finances, and more. Additionally, you can schedule projects, get estimates, manage work orders, and create quality control, all from one place.

  1. Advanced capabilities

M1 proves to have excellent advanced capabilities due to its features such as bills of materials function, inventory management, warehouse management, real-time insights, multi-currency function, personalized dashboards, etc.

  1. Multiple integrations

Easily integrate M1 with solutions like QuickBooks, Avalara, NET1, CADlink, Microsoft Excel, KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring software, electronic data interchange applications, and more. SweetProcess is another solution that has multiple integrations. Learn more about it here.


  1. Users noted that M1 ERP switches between modules seamlessly. The product is also extremely easy to navigate.
  1. The solution is highly customizable and works well for many industries.
  1. M1 ERP allows users to manage multiple departments, tasks, and processes extremely easily.


  1. Many users complained that the solution has terrible customer service (especially in New Zealand and Australia).
  1. The solution doesn’t provide any alerts.
  1. The makers of this solution allegedly stole the code from another company, and have a lawsuit against them.
  1. Only one order can be opened at a time, thus reducing your ability to multitask on projects.


No data on pricing was available on the website, but Slashdot suggested that the product’s starting price was $30,000.

Why We Pick SweetProcess as the Ideal Solution

Why We Pick SweetProcess as the Ideal Solution

While all solutions mentioned on the list have impressive capabilities, SweetProcess still takes the cake for us (and we’re not being biased here). The solution is fit for a number of businesses, has excellent capabilities, and has shown impressive results time and again.

In fact, we’ve got a few customer success stories to back up our claims.

1.   CFO Services Group Benefited From Effective Documentation

CFO Services Group, a company that specializes in providing accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses, came to SweetProcess because they were facing issues with transferring knowledge from vetted experts to new hires.

So, to create a system where they could provide standardized service to all clients, they welcomed our solution to their team to manage workflows and train employees.

We were able to help them by:

  • Providing efficient onboarding for new employees and customers alike.
  • Delegating tasks and information to team members based on the projects to which they were assigned.
  • Allowing them to share step-by-step processes to improve their workflows.
  • Create a bird’s eye view for all systems and policies.

Here’s what Manny Cosme, CEO of CFO Services Group, has to say: “It’s so much easier. We can actually train a new employee within two weeks now, from the time that they start day one. It’s just them shadowing and looking at what we’re doing and then week two is them doing it on their own using SweetProcess as a guide. By the end of week two, everyone has been trained.”

Read more about how we were able to help CFO Services Group here.

2.   Rise25 Organized Its Workflows With SweetProcess

Rise25, a B2B podcast for referrals, was facing a critical problem: there were many moving pieces and unstructured files in their business.

Combine this issue with the rise in demand they were facing, and the company didn’t know what to do to add structure to their business (especially since the document management solution they were using didn’t help them).

That’s until they got SweetProcess. Our solution helped Rise25’s team to improve operations and add structure to their workflow through effective documentation, flexible referencing procedures, friction-free client and employee onboarding, automated approvals, notifications and alerts, and a centralized hub of knowledge.

SweetProcess also helped Rise25 scale business operations with ease.

Here’s what Dr. Jeremy Weisz, Rise25’s co-founder, has to say about us: “Now it’s like, let’s get everything out of everyone’s head into SweetProcess. So, we could rest assured. We just had someone whose mom went to the hospital. We don’t have to be concerned like, ‘Oh my God, that person handles XYZ. They are the ones who know how to do that.’ We have a process for it.”

Read more about the case study here.

To Sum It Up

Well, that wraps up our list! Now, if you’re planning to switch from Poka, you know what the best solutions in the market have to offer. While we’re sure all these solutions have excellent features and were able to revolutionize how clients conducted their businesses, the only solution we can guarantee is our own.

We’re not exaggerating when we say our systems will help you streamline your workflows and processes, create better onboarding, help manage tasks efficiently, and create opportunities where you can optimize the time spent on management and admin tasks.

In fact, why don’t you take our product for a spin? See if what we’re saying is true. Sign up for our 14-day free trial, and (hopefully) never look back! You don’t need to add any credit card information either.

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