ComplianceBridge Alternatives: 16 Better Solutions for Your Business

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ComplianceBridge Alternatives: 16 Better Solutions for Your Business

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Did you try ComplianceBridge and find that it didn’t give your business the solutions you needed to properly manage your processes, policies, and SOPs? You are not the only one who’s experiencing this. Other users have also expressed their dissatisfaction.

Many users found the interface difficult to use. Others found customer service unreliable and had to learn to use it from the manual alone. One individual struggled with the fact that the formatting was complex and that updates were often pushed during business hours, rendering work hours useless. Still, others stated that the overall experience was not very user-friendly and relied too much on technical terms and design.

How do you get something better?

If you carry out a thorough search, you will find over 100 ComplianceBridge alternatives. We understand how frustrating it is to try software after software without getting the solution you need.

But you don’t have to go through that stressful process. We have compiled a list of better solutions for you. Whatever it is you are looking for—something cheaper, easier to use, more functional, or has better support—you will find one that suits your business perfectly.

Without wasting time, let’s get you a ComplianceBridge alternative that suits your business needs.

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16 ComplianceBridge Alternatives For Your Busines – Full Guide Index

Part 1: Top 16 ComplianceBridge Alternatives for Your Business

  1. SweetProcess
  2. Qualio
  3. PowerDMS
  4. DocTract
  5. PolicyTech by Navex
  6. MCN Policy Manager
  7. DynamicPolicy
  8. Staff.Wiki
  9. PolicyHub
  10. MetaCompliance
  11. ComplyALIGN
  12. myPolicies
  13. ProcedureRock
  14. Sword Policy Manager
  15. AcceleratorKMS
  16. policyIQ

Part 2: The Best ComplianceBridge Alternative for Your Business

Chapter 1: Top 16 ComplianceBridge Alternatives for Your Business

Top 16 ComplianceBridge Alternatives for Your Business

This chapter contains the top 16 ComplianceBridge alternatives for your business. With this list, you will be able to choose a better policy and procedure management solution for you and your organization.

Let’s get started.

1.   SweetProcess

Available on: Web app, Windows, iOs, and Android

Pricing: You get a free 14-day trial, and you don’t have to input your card details to access. Paid pricing starts at $99 per month for 20 active members per month. Claim your free trial.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess
ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 2

It is not surprising that SweetProcess is the first on the list.

When you think of a reliable alternative to ComplianceBridge, your first option should be SweetProcess. SweetProcess is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) software that helps businesses seamlessly create, document, and track standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies all in one place.

It provides the systemization you need to grow and scale your business.

With SweetProcess you can:

  • Empower all your team members with the right information to carry out their jobs properly.
  • Turn your existing policies and procedures into a knowledge base with built-in features like feedback forms, search functions, tracking, and so much more.
  • Create, share, and ensure the correct adoption of your organization’s policies in line with your organization’s standards.
  • Manage the individual tasks of your team members, track their progress, and check the history of any tasks.
  • Collaborate with team members, assign tasks, update procedures, and make changes and approvals.
  • Add files, videos, and images to your policies and procedures. You can also edit them.
  • Import existing policies and procedures into the software.
  • Combine several procedures to create an overarching workflow.
  • Integrate with over 1,000 apps.
  • Transform your procedures and policies into an offline manual and export them as a PDF or Word document.

You get access to all of these and more in one place. This is more than a policy management tool. It covers project management, employee onboarding, training, and workflow management.

Let’s explore how easily you can perform all these functions on SweetProcess.

Click here to claim your free trial. You don’t need a credit card and you can cancel anytime.

Create Procedures/Policies

  • Click on “Create Procedure.”
ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 3

Insert the title of your procedure.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 4

Go ahead to create your procedure step-by-step. You can easily insert videos, images, and links (including links to other policies and procedures) while creating.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 5

SweetProcess gives you the option to request approval, approve the procedure and notify other team members, or approve and request sign-off. Once you approve your procedure, it goes live.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 6

Your procedure is now live.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 7

Turn Your Procedures/Policies Into Existing Knowledge Base

Click on “More” and choose“Knowledge Bases” from the drop-down menu.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 8

Click on “Create Knowledge Base.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 9

Input the title of your knowledge base.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 10

Create a category.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 11

Click on “Add New Article” to upload your preferred policy, document, or procedure into the knowledge base.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 12

Now you have a knowledge base with as many categories and documents as you want.

Note: You can control who has access to the knowledge base: the general public or just members of your team.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 13

Transform Your Procedures and Policies Into an Offline Manual and Export Them as a PDF or Word Document

Click on “Actions” and choose “Export” from the drop-down menu.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 14

Choose the format you want to export in and click on “Export.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 15

Download document.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 16

Assign Tasks

Click on “Assign Task.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 17

Choose a procedure and click on “Select Teammate.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 18

Fill in the necessary details and click on “Assign Task.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 19

Combine Several Procedures to Create an Overarching Workflow

Click on “Processes” and “Create Process.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 20

Input name of process.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 21

Click on “Add Step” and add as many procedures as you want to the process.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 22

When you are done, click on “End Step.”

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 23

Insert the last stage of the process and approve.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - SweetProcess 24

You have successfully created a possess.

These are just a few functions on the software. Have you noticed just how easy these processes are? In a few steps, you can complete everything you need to create and manage your policies and procedures.

Don’t just take our word for it

Preferred Home Services, a company featured on the Inc 5000 for over three years, was finally able to scale up by streamlining its operations with SweetProcess.

Thanks to the centralized knowledge base and employee onboarding and training features, employees, especially new ones, became more proficient in executing their roles. This made it easier for them to communicate and better serve their customers.

Also, thanks to SweetProcess’s effective documentation process, Independent Retirement was able to improve its operations and achieve its five-year growth plan. With SweetProcess, they were able to manage tasks effectively, train and onboard new employees seamlessly, and manage multiple versions of documents.

Read more about how companies like yours have automatized their processes with SweetProcess.

  • SweetProcess requires almost no learning curve. You can start creating procedures and policies immediately.
  • You can easily create visually appealing training documents and organize them into a knowledge base.
  • It constantly reminds you of where a project is, who has it, and who needs it.
  • It automatically sends out email reminders to whoever is holding up the project.
  • It is affordable compared to other policy management software.
  • Their support team is always ready to help, either via email or phone calls.
  • It is accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • It has a free trial available.

2. Qualio

Available on: Web app and Android

Pricing: Available on request for the different plans.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - Qualio
ComplianceBridge alternatives - Qualio 2

Qualio is an all-in-one cloud-based quality management software for companies in life sciences that unites teams, processes, and data in one place. It allows users to create, review, and comment on documents and records in a collaborative environment. It helps you create quality management documents like SOPs, work instructions, and policies.

You can review your workflows, send documents for approvals, and automate email notifications sent to other team members. You can also create training assessments with multiple-choice questions.


  • It is a great manager, especially for transitioning from paper to electronic record keeping.
  • It makes it easy to view and collaborate on documents.
  • It is quick to onboard and implement.
  • It has built-in grammar and semantic checks.
  • It allows for the organization and tracking of quality events.


  • It has some limitations in search functionality.
  • It doesn’t allow you to track changes when editing a document.
  • It doesn’t offer electronic batch record functionalities at the moment.
  • There is a maximum limit on the number of users.
  • It is limited to just life sciences.

3.   PowerDMS

Available on: Web app and Windows

Pricing: You have to speak to a team member to get a quote.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - PowerDMS
ComplianceBridge alternatives - PowerDMS 2

PowerDMS is another software to look for. It is a cloud-based compliance and policy management software that enables employees’ adherence to the company’s rules through training, policy, and accreditation management solutions.

It helps you manage procedures and policy documents throughout their entire lifecycle. You can create, review, approve, distribute, and track policies and procedures confidently. With PowerDMS, only one version of your policy exists. The old ones are archived, and the recent ones are up-to-date. This provides you with a single source for all your policies.


  • It allows you to capture the signatures of policies under review.
  • It is a fully-automated policy management system.
  • It streamlines communication between staff and policy review.
  • It allows the creation and management of department-required training.


  • It doesn’t allow bulk uploading and archiving of documents.
  • It does not allow individual emails notifying users of specific tasks.
  • It does not let you reassign a document or policy to an individual without republishing an already signed-off document.

4.   DocTract

Available on: Web app and Windows

Pricing: You have to contact directly for pricing details.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - DocTract
ComplianceBridge alternatives - DocTract 2

Image credit:

DocTract is a policy management cloud solution that manages the complete policies and procedures lifecycle. It allows you to automate every step in the policy management process, from creation, versioning, approval, collaboration, and attestation to training. Apart from policy management, DocTract contains features such as contract management, SOP management, and compliance management.

It also provides compliance solutions like version control, full audit trails, access security, and electronic signatures. The software strikes the balance between compliance, automation, and cost, which makes it suitable for all kinds of organizations.


  • It has multiple layers of security for documents and a great document recovery system.
  • It can be used to manage complex editing processes easily.
  • It sends reminders for renewing contracts and reviews.


  • Its reporting capabilities could be expanded.
  • A user complained that the product can be overwhelming sometimes.
  • You have to request pricing, which makes it longer to decide if it is the right fit.

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Android

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - PolicyTech
ComplianceBridge alternatives - PolicyTech 2

Let’s talk about PolicyTech by Navex, another policy and procedure management solution. It helps businesses build, centralize, and simplify their policy and procedure workflows. The software also provides you with necessary tools such as document creation and review, workflow automation, versioning, remote access, and employee assessments.

With PolicyTech, your policies are always up-to-date through document versioning, a feature that allows users to create different versions of the same document. Updated versions are automatically routed to employees with attestation tracking and reports to aid understanding. You can also generate audit-ready reports and risk reports based on feedback relating to policy breaches and misconduct.


  • It has excellent collaboration and sharing features.
  • It keeps everything in one place in an organized manner, which makes policies and procedures easily accessible.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It allows you to assign documents to users to make a policy review more job-specific.


  • It is no longer compatible with Safari.
  • It doesn’t allow you to tag documents to make them more searchable.
  • It doesn’t allow you to embed videos within a procedure or policy.
  • A user complained that when a procedure is “in progress” it is very difficult to determine who has the procedure, what has been done to it, and in which step it is.

6. MCN Policy Manager

Available on: Web app

Pricing: It is available on request.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - MCN healthcare
ComplianceBridge alternatives - MCN healthcare 2

MCN Policy Manager is a cloud-based workflow management and document control solution that helps medical organizations automate policy access, approval, review, and attestation. Its automation system helps these organizations comply with auditing and accreditation standards.

Some of its features include version control, auto-archiving, a real-time audit trail, and reporting. With MCN Policy Manager, your staff members can search the inbuilt database for updated procedures and policies.

It is HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant, and it integrates with Active Directory to aid user authentication.


  • It is very easy to use and implement.
  • It is hosted on a secured cloud platform so all policies and workflows are safe and properly secured.
  • It allows users to carry out effective policy and workflow management.
  • Some users commended the software’s customer service and support.


  • It is limited to only businesses in the healthcare industry.
  • Some users reported that they were unable to create custom alphabetical indexes without help.
  • A user complained that it takes a while to upload documents on the software.

7. DynamicPolicy

Available on: Web app, Windows, and Android

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - dynamicpolicy
ComplianceBridge alternatives - dynamicpolicy 2

DynamicPolicy is a web-based policy and procedure management software that helps businesses create, distribute, collaborate on, and assign corporate policies. Your organization can automate regulatory compliance because it manages the complete cycle of policy development. It has features such as version control, quiz creator, audit trails, and much more.

With DynamicPolicy, you can either create your policies and procedures on the platform or import the documents into the centralized repository. Its version control allows you to view the content history of documents and track changes when necessary. You can also assign documents to team members with automatic notifications for review.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It allows for easy management of workflows and SOPs.
  • It can be used as a policy repository, and uploading documents is easy.


  • Some users complained that adding attachments is cumbersome and a mass upload feature is needed.
  • A user complained that the manual is not so clear. It needs simpler and more detailed instructions.
  • Another user complained about the inability to make customizations to suit a company’s needs. 

8. Staff.Wiki

Available on: Web app

Pricing: It has a free trial. The paid version starts at $65 per month.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - staffwiki
ComplianceBridge alternatives - staffwiki 2

Staff.Wiki is yet another policy and procedure management software that lets you create and implement a centralized, secure, and interactive knowledge base for your organization. Its knowledge base works like a Wikipedia system where you can organize information and articles related to your organization’s policies and SOPs.

Not only can you create, change, and update certain sections and pages of the wiki, but you also get notifications and approvals. It also enables you to include interactive checklists that instruct employees on how to carry out specific workflows and policies.


  • It is an easy way to communicate policies to staff members.
  • Staff members can sign off on every revision of a policy.
  • It allows unlimited end-users.


  • There’s room for the on-premise installation to be smoother.
  • It is not available as a mobile app.

9. PolicyHub

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Android

Pricing: Pricing is available on request.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - policyhub
ComplianceBridge alternatives - policyhub

PolicyHub is a policy and procedure management solution that was built to help both medium-sized and large businesses manage and streamline their processes, from creating policies to distributing and reporting them. It also allows you to manage approval pipelines for each policy and manage communication among employees through attestation.

Its features include automated knowledge assessments, policy approvals, and thorough reporting. It gives room for integration with third-party human resource systems, which enables managers to receive automatic status notifications about employee compliance.


  • It lets you maintain a constantly updated central repository and governance library.
  • It can be easily configured to control who views what, especially when it is used by the entire team.
  • Its keyword search feature is time-saving when searching for documentation.


  • Some users complained that it is quite awkward to change a question on a questionnaire.
  • The process of issuing policies and tests to staff is quite long-winded.
  • You have to request pricing, which makes it longer to decide if it is the right fit.

10. MetaCompliance

Available on: Web app, Windows, and Mac

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - MetaCompliance
ComplianceBridge alternatives - MetaCompliance 2

MetaCompliance is a policy management software that enables organizations to manage and automate their policy management lifecycle and key tasks connected with user awareness and engagement for information assurance.

This cloud-based solution increases policy participation from creation to management to publishing. It also gets employee attestation to key policies easily and protects organizations from reputational threats and brand degradation.


  • It allows the tracking of policy acceptance and the completion of training.
  • It lets you easily schedule training with automatic delivery to the concerned personnel.
  • The onboarding process is seamless and can be easily worked into a busy schedule.
  • It contains engaging content that can be used for training. For example, interactive quizzes, videos, etc.


  • Reports are all prebuilt. It is not possible to create a custom report.
  • A user complained about not being able to find where things are located in the administrative interface.
  • It might take a while to understand how to issue a policy for the first time, but it becomes straightforward.
  • You cannot remove old users from the system or the auditing functionality.

11. ComplyALIGN

Available on: Web app and Android

Pricing: It offers a free trial. Pricing starts at $299 per month.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - ComplyALIGN
ComplianceBridge alternatives - ComplyALIGN 2

Looking for a policy and procedure management solution that will help your business manage workforce policy in compliance with regulatory requirements? Then ComplyALIGN is your pick. It gives you access to and allows you to maintain a centralized repository of procedures, policies, and contracts. This gives everyone in the organization quick document access.

Some of its main features include security, contract management, workflow automation, version control, etc. It also has an in-built ticket management system that allows organizations to manage tickets, work orders, and issues related to compliance and send them to the appropriate team to be resolved.

Note: ComplyALIGN was acquired by HealthStream in 2021.


  • You can easily organize documents into different stages of the workflow.
  • You can track where all your documents are.
  • It is fairly easy to learn and utilize for non-technical users.
  • It allows each department to control its own pages.


  • It is limited to the healthcare industry.
  • Some users said they would like more flexibility with what the user sees on the home page design.
  • It would create a better experience if users could choose multiple folders to run in one report.

12. myPolicies

Available on: Web app, Windows, and Android

Pricing: myPolicies pricing starts at $1,999 per feature, per year.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - myPolicies
ComplianceBridge alternatives - myPolicies 2

myPolicies is a web-based solution that is built to streamline the creation, distribution, approval, and monitoring of policies, forms, and procedures. It provides you with the tools you need to reduce the administrative burden of policy management and mitigate the risk of sanctions.

You can control your documents with automated assignment distribution, incident exemption tracking, complete version history, and audit-ready reports. Employees can easily locate relevant policies through advanced document filtering and full-text search features.

It provides your organization with a central repository system that gives all users access to up-to-date policies along with policy templates for best practices.


  • It is easy to use by both admins and employees.
  • It is easy to share policies and documents across organizations and automate the acknowledgment of the documents.
  • It provides access controls alongside departmental compatibility.


  • Some users complained that they could not create policy manuals related to specific areas.
  • It doesn’t allow users to play videos or hyperlink to other documents within a policy.
  • There is room for improvement, especially with providing more options while editing documents.
  • Comprehensive training materials should be provided.

13. ProcedureRock

Available on: Web app, Android, and iOS

Pricing: Billing starts at $59 per month for a basic plan.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - ProcedureRock
ComplianceBridge alternatives - ProcedureRock 2

ProcedureRock is a cloud-based procedure and management solution that enables users to collaborate on improving procedures. It has pre-designed procedure templates that help users easily create procedures. You can also import your word documents into the system in bulk.

Its search functions let you find documents easily. Automatic notifications are sent in real-time to inform users of any new updates or documents. Old documents are archived automatically, making them easy to reference or compare with newer documents when needed.


  • It is cloud-based, so it can be accessed at any time and anywhere by both you and your employees.
  • It provides you with pre-designed procedure templates that you can use to create your own procedures.
  • It has security measures to keep your content protected and safe.


  • It does not support integration with third-party apps.
  • It does not have a free version to help you decide if it is a good fit before payment.

14. Sword Policy Manager

Available on: Web app, Mac and Windows.

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - Sword Policy Achiever
ComplianceBridge alternatives - Sword Policy Achiever 2

Sword Policy Manager is a cloud-based, end-to-end policy management and compliance platform that lets companies create, update, and manage their procedures and policies, disseminate them to their staff, and record the entire process with the software’s audit and reporting functionalities.

It enables the control and monitoring of the whole policy and procedure lifecycle. You can also review and test written policies to ensure good compliance and governance. With this solution, your organization can go paperless thanks to its automated document distribution feature and the automatic approval collection and readership tracking.


  • You can manage a significant number of policies and procedures simultaneously in the software.
  • It allows for all kinds of training—documentation, webinars, in-person, and live online.
  • It offers a free trial.


  • You have to request pricing, which makes it longer to decide if it is the right fit.
  • It is not available as a mobile app.
  • It does not support integration with third-party tools.

15. AcceleratorKMS

Available on: Web app, Windows, iOS, and Android

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - AcceleratorKMS
ComplianceBridge alternatives - AcceleratorKMS 2

AcceleratorKMS is a fully-featured knowledge management software that is designed to digitally transform your organization’s processes for success. It offers audit trails, full-text search, process change tracking, automated reviews, and approvals—all in one place.

The software provides an integrated digital content ecosystem in an easy-to-use package that is targeted at simplifying complex processes. It provides employees with access to digital policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training content. With AcceleratorKMS, frontline workers can easily find the information they need, thereby making operations easier.


  • It works offline in the field for carrying out procedures, which get uploaded automatically once you are back online.
  • It has a mobile app for Android, iPad, and iPhone.
  • A user said that the requested application enhancements suggested by users are actually implemented, and quickly too.
  • Procedures can be easily translated from one language to another.


  • You have to request pricing, which makes it longer to decide if it is the right fit.
  • It supports integration with just one third-party tool, Sharepoint.
  • It has no free trial version to help you decide if it is a good fit before payment.

16. policyIQ

Available on: Web app, Android, and iOS

Pricing: You have to request pricing.

ComplianceBridge alternatives - policyIQ
ComplianceBridge alternatives - policyIQ 2

policyIQ is a cloud-based governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution designed to help businesses track several GRC processes including internal audits, anti-corruption policies, and so on. It allows you to streamline your organization’s policy management process from creating to publishing, testing, revising, and communicating policies.

You can also assign and edit approval rights for different policies and procedures through role-based permissions. Its custom dashboard enables you to send emails for updates and track the status of requests sent.


  • You have access to a custom dashboard for your business.
  • It gives you the opportunity to get approval for various procedures via role-based permissions.
  • It has a free trial option.


  • You have to request pricing, which makes it longer to decide if it is the right fit.
  • It does not support integration with third-party tools.

Now you have several alternatives to choose from, and if you read through each alternative, you should have your favorite picked out already.

It’s time to start trying your best picks. But before you do, let’s make the process simpler for you.

Want the best ComplianceBridge alternative that will truly help you grow and scale your business?

Keep on reading.

Chapter 2: The Best ComplianceBridge Alternative for Your Business

The Best ComplianceBridge Alternative for Your Business

SweetProcess is the best ComplianceBridge alternative for your business.

It is more than just a policy and procedure management platform. It also covers project management, employee onboarding and training, compliance management, and workflow management—all in one place.  

It is also very easy to use. Even if you or your employees have no prior technical knowledge, you will still be able to navigate the software easily.

Not only does it do much more than most policy and procedure management solutions, but it is also more affordable. Its 14-day free trial feature gives you and up to 20 employees the opportunity to test it out for FREE before you make a decision.

It can accommodate as many employees as necessary to get the job done, even if you are a large-sized organization.

You also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any improvement, and you get a free one-hour phone consultation to brainstorm proven strategies to grow your business.

Let’s take a look at how businesses are crushing it with SweetProcess.

Rise25 organized and enhanced workflow with SweetProcess effective documentation process. With SweetProcess, Rise25 can easily document and reference processes, send out automated document approvals, seamlessly onboard new clients and employees, and streamline its operations.

Stone & Wood improved its business performance and achieved quality assurance by structuring its operation. SweetProcess simplified the company’s employee onboarding and training, improved its work process with easy access, and helped to prove that its operations and training meets regulatory standards.

Whether it is resolving growth pains by streamlining processes as it did with ShipCalm or it is supercharging employee efficiency by creating seamless business processes for Turkstra Lumber, SweetProcess fosters growth in every business. 

Check out how other companies are growing their businesses with SweetProcess.

You too can finally get started on growing and scaling your business with reliable software to help you manage your policies, processes, and SOPs. Click here to begin your 14-day free trial.


It is time to go shopping for an alternative to ComplianceBridge. You have all the information you need to choose a better solution for your business. While you choose, remember that the best ComplianceBridge alternative you will find for your business is SweetProcess.

Experience an improved and seamless way to document and manage your policies and standard operating procedures with SweetProcess. But don’t just take our word for it. Signup for the 14-day free trial to experience this firsthand.

Click here to get started.

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