Top 7 Process Management Alternatives to ScreenSteps

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screensteps alternatives article

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Table Of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Cons of ScreenSteps: Why Are Users Looking for Other Process Plan Alternatives?

Chapter Three: 7 Alternatives to ScreenSteps for Documenting Systems of Operating Procedures

Chapter Four: Why SweetProcess?

Chapter Five: How SweetProcess Can Make Your Workflow Management Seamless


Chapter One: Introduction

It is nerve-racking to have a process management software that cuts back on your documentation expectations. ScreenSteps doesn’t always grant you that user satisfaction, especially with the documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for process mapping, user experience, and automating business processes. You don’t have to go through the stress that comes with the software product when you can opt for other effective tools for SOP documentation.

If you’re looking for better ScreenSteps alternatives that can serve your needs, you’ve found the right article. We’ll show you the essential features, pricing and user details of each alternative to help you make the best choice.

Before we proceed:

We’d like you to sign up for a 14-day trial with SweetProcess. Our product has been specially designed for businesses that want the perfect system for documentation of processes and procedures, keeping tasks in an easy to find and assign format. That way you can keep real-time track of your team’s progress and evaluate the success of each activity. Signing up will afford you the opportunity to get first-hand experience of how it works.

Chapter Two: Cons of ScreenSteps: Why Are Users Looking for Other Process Plan Alternatives?

cons of screensteps

ScreenSteps users like you face a number of challenges and limitations. Many of these issues are reasons why they need a better alternative. Here are some of the challenges of using ScreenSteps.

Switching Content

Users are stuck with copying content into ScreenSteps in small bits and chunks. In cases where the content to be pasted is quite long, the user ends up wasting more time on one task. One of the users cited this struggle.

Bulky Updates

Due to the system of creating content, it is more difficult for users who have to update information on several pages. There is no simple or effective way of doing the updates across all documents without having to edit the small chunks. This is time-consuming and can lead to several human-induced errors.

Unsatisfactory Desktop Version

Some users complain about the lack of efficiency of the ScreenSteps desktop version. Although built to make usage easier, its functions are limited as compared to other process management software. Users who need to take screenshots may need to outsource that function to other tools like SnagIt which helps them upload to the online editor.

No Self-Service Option

Unlike many other process management software, ScreenSteps doesn’t have a self-service option. This means users don’t have a way of quickly resolving complaints and getting quick responses. The customer care service of the software takes time to respond to queries and complaints.

Rigid Interface

The addition of more personalization options would have helped the ScreenSteps interface. However, users struggle with adding and customizing templates to suittheir process requirements.  This makes it more complicated to use. In making changes to designs, you might spend long hours trying to figure out how to use the tool. It becomes even more difficult trying to integrate other tools like Zendesk.


The tool is quite expensive for small businesses hoping to manage and document processes. Small businesses are charged about $2,500 yearly which is not a good option if your business is still in its early years. Adding more users or personnel costs more as you’ll need to increase the subscription rate. Since not many screenshots are taken on the software, you’ll need to add key staff as members of the team to monitor activities.

Difficult Transition Process

It doesn’t favor smooth transitions in documentation. People in a hurry tend to default to whichever method of doing the task at hand that seems most natural and easy for them. The complicated UI of ScreenSteps makes it tiring to switch documentation especially for departments that don’t have a standard documentation process. Even after transition, users still experience occasional glitches while working.

Chapter Three: 7 Alternatives to ScreenSteps for Documenting Systems of Operating Procedures

The troubles users go through while using ScreenSteps makes them experiment with other alternatives for documentation. When looking for a replacement for ScreenSteps, business owners want dependability, simplicity of use and an effective process management system. In this section of the article, we review the following software: SweetProcess, Confluence, Process Street, Bettermode, Dokit, Notion and ClickUp. Keep reading to find the ideal ScreenSteps alternative for your business.



SweetProcess is a cloud-based business process management tool that implements standard operating procedures (SOP) documentation to enhance daily processes for businesses. It allows users to document repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your company. With the SOP tool, you can easily carry out progress reporting, employee onboarding, documenting SOPs, tasks tracking, and offer prompt customer support. The system actively documents and stores process workflows enabling proper management and supervision of staff activities.

All the information you need is accessible online, making it simple to teach new and current personnel about SweetProcess, task assignments to specific people and monitor their progress to see what they’re working on and when it will be finished. The software is inexpensive and straightforward, with clear documentation and instructions.

When you sign up for SweetProcess, you can see how it works in real time. Simply sign up for a free 14-day trial with no credit card required.

Pros of SweetProcess

  1. Document the company’s procedures into processes: With SweetProcess, documentation of procedures is easyand stress-free. The ease with documentation here beats what other process management systems claim to have. SweetProcess makes everything accessible over theclick of a button. Irrespective of the technical background of theuser, the tool is user-friendly and manages procedures for your employees with either Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  1. Employee management system: SweetProcess helps your business and company stay ahead of the competition by developing a balanced workflow and tracking employees’ work periods and attendance. You also have alert system settings to detect the exit and entrance of staff. It also enhances real-time collaboration. You can have multiple staff working on the same document without having a conflict of interest. Users can leave comments, give suggestions, and get feedback to ensure better compliance.
  1. SOP creation: Businesses that have many processes and procedures seek an option that builds all SOPs on a single platform. This makes it easy to ensure standard compliance and trainnew staff. Process automation becomes easier when all SOPs are organized and regulated.
  1. Export procedures and processes: The tool has easy-to-share options for documents and PDFs. You don’t need to add new members to your workspace before sharing sensitive information. You can always share procedures in Word or PDF formats through your mail. SweetProcess helps you secure and export vital information without restructuring your entire workflow balance. You can also add security options for SOPs you don’t wish to share with others without your permission. These documents will not be available for team members to view, edit or export.
  1. Time and project tracking: The success of your business depends on your ability to keep track of how much time is spent on tasks. Your observation will help you advise how best the tasks should be executed to save time. Your focus can be geared toward reducing downtime while achieving the goals set for each process.
  1. Business process mapping: SweetProcess provides visual tools such as flowchart diagrams, graphs and images to aid the interpretation of data and analysis. The graphic view of information helps users grasp what the end result will look like. This helps to carry both visual learners and reading/writing learners among your employees. All you need to do is add relevant images and videos to procedures. This will helpmembers of the team visualize tasks and their results without using words.
  1. Centralized knowledge base: A knowledge base is essential in bringing new employees up to speed on activities and processes and business tasks. It avoids confusion and answers the basic questions they may have. This should consist of FAQs about areas that need discussions. It is alsoan effective way of handling the complaints and enquiries of clients. Customers get to learn more about your product and services without having direct conversations with customer service.
  1. Easy navigation: SweetProcess prides itself in having a simple and easy-to-use dashboard and interface. You don’t have to go through the stress of trying to understand complex settings. There are several tabs for creating documents, policies, procedures, and processes. 
  1. 1,000+ apps integration: SweetProcess offers over 1,000 app integrations to avoid logging you out of the system in order to perform other tasks on other software. This increases your productivity and ease of operation.
  1. Prompt customer support: What’s a great process management software without a good customer support service? SweetProcess provides reliable service support for users with inquiries. You can also expect quick replies when you send emails or place calls.

SweetProcess Pricing

SweetProcess pricing is transparent, without any hidden fees or extra charges for employees who don’t use the software.

Pricing begins with a $99 plan which allows 20 active members. Additional active team members require an extra $5 per month. You can subscribe to SweetProcess’ 14-day free trial to get a feel of the platform. Users are able to enjoy a one-hour free consultation with the SweetProcess team to brainstorm ideas to help scale your business.



Confluence functions as a shared workspace where you create, document and share files and processes in an open environment. It builds team collaboration by helping all members of the team access and work on essential aspects of a task. It is an excellent tool for process management giving value to teams and businesses.


  1. Ease of access: Everything related to your projects, from finances to timelines, is easily accessible in one central location using Confluence. On this workspace, you may store files and access company-wide news and updates. Information is separated using spaces and pages.
  1. Collaborative teamwork: Teams have their rooms, while larger groups can share rooms for collaborative efforts. All members of each team have equal access to information and data shared on the group. This way, tasks are assigned quicker and monitored effectively.
  1. Privacy of workspace: Every user also gets their own private space where they can doodle and make notes. If you want to keep anything private until you’re ready to share it, you can limit access to it, or make the space or page private.
  1. Work interactions: Web pages are a living, breathing environment where real work gets done via interaction and change. You can save time and get more done by having conversations and collaborating on documents online rather than in person.
  1. Integrations: When your team’s roadmaps, Jira, and Trello boards are integrated with pages and automatically updated, you’ll have a centralized hub for all your team’s work. You can incorporate easy-to-use macros and robust connectors with other well-liked collaboration tools to take your page to the next level.
  1. Easy navigation: Quickly locate any page in your organization by searching for it globally or browsing the page tree, which organizes your projects and pages into a tree structure. You can get alerts when your page has new comments.


  • The formatting option on Confluence can be frustrating and may not give your desired output. It also reduces your productive time while you correct mistakes.
  • There is no way to link documents on the platform for easy identification and recall. It also performs poorly with managing permissions.
  • The platform is slow, thus reducing optimum performance and process management.
  • Confluence has a difficult and confusing creation process for new pages.

Process Street

process street

Process Street is an effective process management platform for teams, businesses and organizations. It helps teams share their standard processes, and monitor activities even without any technical background.


  1. Easy-to-use interface: The interface is made simple to help process design and documentation structure. You candocument both simple and complex processes using tools available on the dashboard.
  1. It is an excellent tool for creating processes and checklists that interact with the user.
  1. It provides options for keeping track of employees and customers. You can also monitor the individual steps that are takento complete the assigned task.
  1. It allows you to add pictures, videos and other online media references to tasks and processes.
  1. Reliable customer service: Process Street provides customer service support that can be accessed through emails and call lines. Customers are free to make inquiries and complaints and expect prompt feedback.
  1. The software not only captures the completion of tasks but promotes the automation of several processes. Process Street provides simple drag-and-drop APIs for easy automation even with no  programming knowledge.


  • Process Street reporting tools don’t show subtasks and hence it is difficult monitoring the overall staff efficiency.
  • You cannot assign permissions to some folders without affecting the security of the main folders.
  • Users are unable to assign specific templates to teammates without affecting the structure of the working template.
  • It doesn’t have multiple add-ons when editing templates. You also have no clarity on what each block does, no suggestions, and there is a lack of templates to use if you are not a member of the team.


Startup ($100/month or $1,000/yr)


  • Unlimited storage (5MB/file)
  • Form fields and rich media
  • Conditional logic
  • Approvals
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited pages
  • 5,000 data set records
  • 5 members
  • 10 guests
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Enforced task order
  • Dynamic due dates
  • Task permissions
  • Role assignments
  • Workflow run links
  • Scheduled workflows
  • Restore workflow revision

Pro ($415/month; $5,000 billed annually)


  • Conditional logic
  • Approvals
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Enforced task order
  • Dynamic due dates
  • Task permissions
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited pages
  • 12,500 data set records
  • Custom number of members
  • Custom number of guests
  • Unlimited storage (100MB/file)
  • Form fields and rich media
  • Role assignments
  • Workflow run links
  • Scheduled workflows
  • Restore workflow revision

Enterprise ($1,660/month; $20,000 billed annually)


  • Dynamic due dates
  • Task permissions
  • Role assignments
  • Workflow run links
  • Approvals
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Enforced task order
  • Scheduled workflows
  • Restore workflow revision
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Unlimited pages
  • Custom number of data set records
  • Custom number of members
  • Custom number of guests
  • Unlimited storage (custom limit)
  • Form fields and rich media
  • Conditional logic



Bettermode is a powerful community-based platform designed to facilitate close process communication and customer inclusion. With Bettermode, users can ask questions, start discussions, explore, upvote, comment, and share multiple types of content. It can be used for process documentation, organization and implementation.


  1. With Bettermode, you can centralize your FAQs (answers to frequently asked questions) and other resources all in one location, increasing your chances of retaining and delighting existing customers.
  1. Its adaptability, pre-built community layouts, applications, and embeddable widgets make it a favorite.
  1. It facilitates customer support by encouraging interaction within a brand community and providing access to relevant material.
  1. It enhances consumer interaction, gathers valuable data, provides in-depth product training, and motivates widespread adoption.


  • There is no default messaging option and hence cuts off essential communication with workers.
  • It doesn’t support many app integrations.
  • It doesn’t support mobile app usage and must be used on approved channels.
  • There are limited user signups.
  • It fails to provide exceptional documentation experience.

Pricing: The tool can be subscribed at $599 per month for both plans. These plans include:

Advanced: This package is designed for  growing brands and companies.


  • Staging environment
  • Fully white label
  • Customer success manager
  • Advanced apps
  • API and webhooks
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Enterprise: This suits large businesses and regulated industries.


  • Data residency
  • Master service agreement
  • Audit and activity log
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Uptime service-level agreement
  • Security assertion markup language (SAML)  authentication



Dokit is a software as a service (SaaS) platform which enables you to share, create, and build user guides, step-by-step instructions, and product manuals on several devices. This software makes your documentation easy and accessible by all users on the team. The platform is suited to enable visual additions and customization. Itenables single sign-on to make it easier for your users to log in.


  1. It is easy to use and helps you structure content, collect and share user feedback between clients and workers effectively.
  1. Simplified creation of guides and manuals. It is one of the most effective tools for creating guides and manuals.
  1. Enhanced content (photos, videos, 3D): Adding visual and audio options helps users grasp a better understanding of tasks and activities.
  1. Instant distribution of updates: With Dokit, everyone gets a real-time update on what is happening. You can also see what aspects of a task have been left unattended. You don’t have to go through the stress of reviewing steps from scratch to see what areas need urgent attention.
  1. Quick accessibility on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Most of the activities on Dokit can be monitored on several gadgets making it a good option for mobility. You can make use of the software at your leisure and not have to worry about app restrictions.
  1. Standardization of work instructions: Dokit allows you to record and create documents that guide the operation of key team members. Every activity and instruction is made public so the entire team can work with a defined goal.


  • It doesn’t help you create seamless workflow procedures.
  • Lack of multiple integration, unlike other process management software.
  • Rigid customization interface.
  • Limited template options for documenting processes and procedures.


Starter (60€/month): This package is suited for small businesses.


  • Unlimited number of content entries
  • Single author
  • Unlimited number of readers
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Standard features included

Enterprise (300€/month): This is the most popular package and can support documentation for bigger businesses.


Standard features plus:

  • Collaborative features
  • Version control
  • Workflow validation
  • Multilingual
  • 5 authors included
  • 50 GB of storage
  • User management

Tailor-Made: This option is only available based on the specific need of the user.


Enterprise features plus:

  • Mobile application
  • Advanced customization
  • Offline access
  • Dedicated domain name
  • Hosting on servers possible



Notion provides clarity and order with documentation and access at any time. It ensures all essential information is kept within the reach of workers. It can be used as a process tab, document editor or even a process management hub. Notion is a central hub where you may store and organize all the information and tasks you need in whatever format you like. It provides a clear, clutter-free workspace where you can organize your thoughts and make concrete plans.


  1. It is easy to use and customize even with other media, like films and photographs.
  1. It makes your pages look exactly as you design. If you change your mind, you can use the drag-and-drop tools to move them to a new location.
  1. If you need more pages, you can design custom web pages. You may use these pages to map out your plans for the future, inserting pages inside other pages.
  1. It allows you to utilize a wiki for anything related to your team’s work, whether it’s a product roadmap, meeting notes, or your to-do list.
  1. The software maintains consistency of team data. Everyone uses the same shared workspace and refers to the same authoritative data. Team members can work on the same document simultaneously, or on separate tasks in different time zones.
  1. You can create databases to manage team-wide initiatives, monitor deals, onboard new staff, and publish to the web.


  • The documentation options don’t support complex signs and symbols like equations, variables and symbols used by engineers.
  • Users may experience glitches while using the product and suffer content loss.
  • Setting up recurring reminders for project subtasks stands as a challenge. Some notifications appear inaccurate and distressing.


Free plan: Provides unlimited blocks for individuals and limited block trials for teams.


  • Integration with Slack, GitHub, and more
  • Collaborative workspace
  • 7-day page history
  • Ability to invite 10 guests

Plus plan ($8 per user/month billed annually, $10 billed monthly): This is good for small groups and businesses to plan and get organized.


Everything in free, plus:

  • 30-day page history
  • Ability to invite 100 guests
  • Unlimited blocks for teams
  • Unlimited file uploads

Business ($15 per user/month billed annually, $18 billed monthly): Best for connecting companies with several teams and tools.


Everything in Plus, as well as:

  • Bulk PDF export
  • 90-day page history
  • Private teamspaces
  • Ability to invite 250 guests

Enterprise: This is an advanced plan and helps you support, control and run your entire organization.


Everything in the Business plan plus:

  • Audit log
  • Customer success manager
  • Unlimited page history
  • User provisioning (SCIM)
  • Advanced security and controls
  • Ability to invite 500 guests



ClickUp is an all-in-one process management platform that eliminates work isolation. It helps teams plan, organize, and collaborate on work using tasks, docs, chat, goals, whiteboards, and more. Teams divide projects by assigning tasks to one another according to their respective departments with ClickUp.


  1. Depending on your personal preference, you can set dedicated areas for different teams, tasks, or even projects.
  1. You can create checklists for organizing tasks according to their order of priority and urgency.  All of your work and processes can be organized based on the checklist criterias you create.
  1. Documents may be stored alone or in sets to facilitate easy retrieval. You have the option of dividing your data into several hierarchical layers, each with its preferences and configurations.
  1. Multiple signatories, time monitoring, and setting priorities are possible for toggling workflow statuses for lists and folders, custom fields, and spaces, as well as additional functionality, known as click applications.
  1. You can organize tasks into lists, assign them to team members, give due dates and start times, and personalize additional information fields.
  1. The software allows real-time collaboration for individual tasks by adding descriptions, files, subtasks, checklists, and comments. Once you publish your work, anyone will be able to view even without a ClickUp account.
  1. ClickUp facilitates more efficient and effective productivity by consolidating your many tasks into one central location.


  • The safety of works published is a major concern to users. Since viewers don’t need a ClickUp account to view your work, it renders such files unsafe and prone to information theft.
  • The platform is too complex for people with no basic technical background. Some respondes and prompts may be considered illogical.
  • Users get confused with the space/folder/list/task hierarchy. Using the wrong term means the document location will be unavailable.
  • Users experience loss of data and saved documentation with few glitches.



  • Unlimited users
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 100 MB storage
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Collaborative docs

Unlimited ($5 per user/per month):

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Guests with permissions
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Gantt charts

Business ($12 per user/per month)

Everything in Unlimited plus:

  • Custom exporting
  • Advanced public sharing
  • Google SSO
  • Unlimited teams
  • Advanced automations

Business Plus ($19 per user/per month)

Everything in Business and:

  • Custom role creation
  • Custom permissions
  • Custom capacity in workload
  • Team sharing
  • Subtasks in multiple lists

Chapter Four: Why Should You Subscribe to SweetProcess?

subscribe to sweetprocess

SweetProcess is a valuable tool that facilitates the effective management of routine workflows. It supports excellent documentation of SOPs and is flexible enough to accept routine changes. The tools available on SweetProcess helps your team work together efficiently and cohesively by continually training one another on best practices. This is particularly helpful when inducting new workers or when teams need to exchange specialized knowledge.

For instance, if a member of the marketing department figures out how to make the most of a newly added feature in Salesforce, they may share their findings with the sales department and the intake staff by documenting their methodology in SweetProcess. With a tool like SweetProcess, we can constantly stay ahead of the competition by sharing current knowledge.

Why SweetProcess?

When you consider standard process and procedure documentation, SweetProcess is your go-to tool. Despite the documentation features available on ScreenSteps, SweetProcess possesses unique features that make it stand out. The benefits of SweetProcess over ScreenSteps will be discussed below.

Simple and Easy to Operate

Users and administrators alike can quickly get up and running with SweetProcess. You’ll find everything you need to get to work after you’ve signed into the platform on the dashboard.

The software does not need any special knowledge or guidance to use. Are you in need of documenting anything? To continue, choose the “Documents” tab. It’s the same step when developing new processes, procedures, etc.

Keep Track of Your Policies, Processes, and Other Docs

Use SweetProcess to easily record your company’s rules, procedures, and processes. Ensure your staff has everything they need to accomplish their jobs effectively by documenting everything they do.

The organization will benefit from the time savings that results from having all of the information needed to complete routine activities in one central location, accessible without the need for a chain of command. For instance, if you record the many points of contact that workers must account for while doing a job, those workers will have ready access to the corresponding checklists at all times.

Helps Keep Track of Paperwork, and Locates It Quickly

With SweetProcess, you can effortlessly file and retrieve any document. You may search for information in a repository by name, relevancy, and tags. You may also narrow your search by the approval status and the number of times your contributions have been documented.

In an emergency where you need to locate a file for quick action, you can easily search and recall those documents. Teams that deal with multiple processes and procedures won’t have clashes of file names and location.

How to Import a Procedure or Process into SweetProcess

Click on the “Procedures” tab, and find the down-arrow button to the right of the “Create Procedure” tab. Then select “Upload document.”

create procedure

Upon selection, a dialogue box will appear which allows you to add the procedure to a team. Upload your document after browsing your computer. The file will be imported into SweetProcess.

Keep an eye on the work people have been given to do

Have you ever given assignments to your team, only to have them claim at the last minute that they were unaware of it? This is an inconvenient scenario.

Working with a team that is on a different page is frustrating for you and your consumers. With SweetProcess, you can keep tabs on who is working on what at any given time by seeing their names and other identifying information alongside their activities on a given job or process.

You may check whether the colleagues you delegated work to have begun completing their portions of the project.

Assigning Tasks With SweetProcess

choose from existing processes

First, click on “Tasks” and the “Assign Task” button. Next, click on “Select Teammate” to assign a suitable task with a set deadline for the project submission.

How to Track and Monitor Tasks Assigned With SweetProcess

track and monitor tasks

When you assign a task to a member of your team, click on the “Tasks” tab to see what has been done, the deadlines, and the unfinished activities.

SweetProcess simplifies translating policies and procedures into workable checklists that teams can follow, and lets you monitor each employee’s progress toward a goal until it is achieved.

SweetProcess tracks who is responsible for which tasks, who assigned them, and whether or not they have been completed. The date the work is supposed to be completed is also highlighted.

Implement Pre-Existing Practices and Regulations

Incorporate your current business rules and processes without any hassle with SweetProcess. When migrating from one SOP platform to another, many companies rely on virtual assistants and subject matter experts to help them manually write and input their current procedures and processes. With SweetProcess, it’s easy to import your already-established practices and guidelines with no hassle.

Method Maps and Flowcharts Can Be Made Mechanically

method maps and flowcharts

SweetProcess is helpful if you or your team members learn best via images. Make your processes come to life with attractive diagrams and flowcharts you can make with this tool. In a way never previously possible, you may visually investigate each option and procedure.

This is crucial to comprehend the actions and steps without reading a long manual.

Format Conversion When Exporting Documents

You may print papers from SweetProcess and read them later. By exporting to PDF, DOCX, or HTML, you can make your SweetProcess rules and procedures available even when you don’t have internet access.

Make a Database of Information for Your Staff and Clients

With SweetProcess, you can easily create an attractive knowledge base for your staff or customers based on your current rules and processes.

A new employee eager to assist customers may wonder, “How do I update my server information?” You may provide the details to the customer face-to-face. Thanks to this, you may save the expense of hiring a new employee and supporting an additional division.

All questions posed by customers may be recorded in a central database that they can access at any time using SweetProcess. Search, feedback forms, and tracking are just a few features now included in the SweetProcess platform for managing knowledge bases. It makes attractive knowledge bases, which piques the user’s interest.

Creating a Knowledge Base With SweetProcess

To create a knowledge base (FAQs segment) for your customers, log in to your account. Select the “More” tab, then select “Knowledge Base.”

creating knowledge base

Now select “Create Knowledge Base” and add a title.

create knowledge base

Add the title you want for the knowledge base and click continue. Your progress saves automatically.

knowledge base title

You can also put in the public URL for your knowledge base and control the access of users who can view.

public page URL

Backs up Document Revisions

With the help of version history, you may find out who last modified a specific file. It aids in establishing responsibility, fostering confidence, and encouraging vigilance among workers.

Every policy, procedure, and process may have its version history seen in SweetProcess so you can keep tabs on any noteworthy changes. Additionally, it allows you to revert to a previous version at any time.

The number of drafts, when they were made, who made changes, and who gave final approval are all details that may be seen in the platform.

Chapter Five: How SweetProcess Can Make Your Workflow Management Seamlessrv

how sweetprocess can make your workflow management seamless

SweetProcess has had amazing testimonials from users in different industries. These testimonials have proven that the software generates results when deployed. Don Houk, the president at Next7 IT, shared how SweetProcess improved the productivity and security of the business.

Next7 IT specializes in helping businesses improve their productivity through IT security and technology planning. They also provide IT consulting services for both medium- and large-scale businesses.

Before subscribing to SweetProcess, Next7 IT suffered serious losses and incompetence dealing with several documents and processes for different companies. It was a serious headache that didn’t go away but kept getting complicated with every client they managed.

SweetProcess helped Next7 IT build a better system for identifying and searching for documents. Without their subscription, it was impossible to see who was currently working on a task or what progress they made on any activity. There were no checklists to guide the systematic implantation of goals and targets.

Even with the thorough evaluation to see what products would solve their challenge, SweetProcess was the best option for the job.

Another beautiful success story with SweetProcess was recorded with Thimbleberry Financial. Thimbleberry Financial is a financial planning and wealth management institution based in Portland, OR. They provide valuable financial advice to individuals, businesses and organizations. Amy Walls, the president and financial advisor at Thimbleberry Financial, explained that SweetProcess was pivotal to the success of the organization.

Prior to their encounter with SweetProcess, Amy Walls achieved success outlining things in Microsoft Word documents. It was safe for her to assume it would be smooth for other staff who were joining her team. Unfortunately things didn’t go the way she planned. The reality of it was that as the organization grew, it was difficult to keep track of what was done or not. Team members started losing focus and were ineffective with certain tasks.

Amy’s subscription with SweetProcess showed the issue was with documentation. While solving this challenge, she soon discovered that her initial processes weren’t as effective as she thought. SweetProcess helped Thimbleberry Financial achieve success with documentation, employee onboarding, team collaboration and seamless process management.


If you’re looking for an effective way of documenting your company policies, procedures and SOPs, then SweetProcess is your answer. Your business process needs the best process management tool that cuts back on complexity, guarantees safety of files and processes, and grants team members access to essential information.

While there may be several alternatives for ScreenSteps, most of these alternatives still don’t provide excellent customer service, knowledge base, easy documentation and customizable templates.

Start your 14-day free trial to get first-hand experience of the SweetProcess interface. It will help you see the answers you need yourself. Don’t forget to sign up and get started.

sign up for a 14 day free trial

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